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XSitePro Website Builder Review


I always recommend my friends a very user friendly Website Builder – XSitePro when they come to me that they need to build a website but don’t have any knowledge on creating website.

Creating your own website is not a difficult task if you find the correct Website Builder to help you. I never think or dream to create my own website until I met the software – XSitePro. Therefore whenever my friends ask me where they can get their own website with a fair quote, I always share with them that they can create their own website and have full control with the website design and setting.

This is a review and sharing by Monique Yoyo. She is using XSitePro for her website – LadyCollection.net. Let’s see what she said about this Website Builder.

Managing Page
XSitePro has a very simple and clear managing page. I can master it very quickly even though I was a beginner 2 months ago.

Web site template (provide option)
XSitePro provides 5 types of web site template. There are blank web site template, sales letter template, graphical template, plain template and stylish template. This is for the advantage of beginner like me. The template is good enough no matter you use what kind of website you are going to create. For me at the age of 20, I like to have a colourful web site especially when I decided to own a website related to fashion so I choose the stylish template at the beginning.

Web site template (manual)
Day by day, the template I have chosen before can’t satisfy me. I tend to adjust the width and length of the header panel, info bar, left panel, main panel header, main panel, main panel footer, right panel, page footer and page margin. I was quite happy when I notice that what I need to do is just enter my ideal information on the page layout setting. I don’t even need to understand those html codes that always make the website beginner anxious.

Web site information
In order to create my ideal web site, I have take note some important points that must be included in the web site. For me as an absent minded person, I can easily forget and throw the paper notes. Fortunately, this software allows me to enter the details (eg. title, keywords, description and some other important notes) on the specific page. This page is just for my reference and will not be published. I can refer to it and make some changes to it later.

Web page
One of the benefits creating website page by using XSitePro is we can preview the webpage before publishing. Hence, I can make some amendments in order to publish my ideal website.

Advance Source (html code)
Before using XSitePro, I hosted my blog at free hosting site. I manage the blog for quite a long time. There are quite a number of templates and page layouts for me to choose. Those of the template are beautiful and good enough for me (I just blogging as my diary that time). When I come to create a website that fit my ideal layout, I met with trouble in the blog hosting website. The biggest problem is I couldn’t change their default setting. For example, the setting of the padding and spacing width between the picture and words. In XSitePro, the setting is changeable. For advance website creator, this is one of the benefits.

Advance Page analysis
Other than my own idea on create my website, I also refer some advice that appear on the page analysis in XSitePro. Each of the web page will have individual page analysis. This kind of advice is profitable for me. I absorb the suggestion mainly on readability, accessibility and search engine optimization summary. As no-income student, I am unable to pay for tutor to help improving my website. So the page analysis function appears as my website tutor.

Breadcrumb, link page, search engine sitemap, resource manager, import page, pop up wizard, navigation menu, robot, redirected page, mobile site wizard, siloing, multi page creation, web site clean-up
I haven’t use this advance functions yet but as a 2-month-old website beginner, I will keep on improving my website by utilizing all the facilities.

So far, I find XSitePro is good enough for a beginner and advance website creator. To create own website, a good website designer software is indispensable. I strongly recommend XSitePro.

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Google Alert for “Mompreneur”

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Just want to do a quick post to share with you about my post of “Launch my program – Mompreneur Hub”. This was the post I published on 17th May and surprisingly I found this post appear in my email inbox for “Google Alert – mompreneur”. That is on the next day 18th May.

*Click to enlarge

I subscribed to Google Alert for the word “mompreneur” since I started my website – MompreneurAsia.com and this is totally not the keyword for this blog – MoonLoh.com. So, from here, I can conclude that even though this is not the keyword for my blog, Google still “see” it as something relevant and as long as you follow the SEO in your post, they will reward you in some way.

This is definitely a way to drive traffic to the blogs and I believe we should always follow the basic we need to do instead of purposely do something.

The last time I saw my post appeared at Google Alert was In March, that was the post about my Sharing on Womanhood Fiesta at Suntec City, Singapore. If you miss the post, you may take a look here, with some photos attached. ;)

My Mompreneur Sharing on Womanhood Fiesta

Enjoy and hope we gain knowledge from this experience. :)

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Launch My Program – Mompreneur Hub

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Finally! I launch my own membership site – Mompreneur Hub! Have been working for this program since last month and most of my time was concentrate on getting all the things done. Well, that’s why I didn’t update my blog for the whole month. So sorry for my readers here! ;)

This blog always in my mind and I always tell myself not to neglect it as there are visitors everyday! I feel bad when they drop by and find nothing new, no update! Therefore, no matter how I must sit down and think how I’m going to take care of my 3 blogs and 1 membership site carefully.

Today I launch my LEARN and EARN program – 17th May 2009. Why I choose this date to launch the program? Nothing special actually, I just go by the schedule. Since everything is in order, I just let it launches by this date. Let me share with you about the program name. Mompreneur Hub is the name of my program and why I use the name “Hub”? Haa.. That’s because when I was thinking what name should I use for the program, I walked passed a StarHub Shop and the word “Hub” come to my mind! Oh, I “steal” the word! Shhh… The word “Hub” just go coincide with what I want. I want to gather moms in business together, I want to make it as a learning center and I want to have a place where we can share things and learn things together. Also, I want us to earn together! So, I think the word “Hub” just so suitable. Without much hesitate, I buy the domain name of mompreneurhub.com and so lucky this domain name is available! :)

This program is actually from the many enquiries I received from friends, especially moms. They asked me how I start my internet business, how they get started and what things should they do first etc..This program is therefore aims to help moms gain knowledge in internet marketing and hence start the internet business.

To avoid repeat things that might bore you, I invite you to drop by my membership site and take a look:

Mompreneur Internet Marketing Hub

See you there! ;)

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My Study on Niche BluePrint


I’ve finally finished all the 9 modules of Niche BluePrint. :)

I thought I would do my own notes and even considered to get a new note book for that. However, the truth is I didn’t write a single word inside my note book for the study of Niche BluePrint. Why? The reason is very simple, they have compiled all the important points into PDF files and I can just refer to the files in future.

Ok, just some quick share with you what I have learned. I feel that this is a must learn if you want to have your own home business selling products online. The most powerful is the niche finding and market research! They show the great way to find the profitable niche market and I must agree that this is the most important step that an online businessman must do. :)

They really have shown the whole process in a detailed procedure. You just won’t fail set up the e commerce site by follow their step by step guide. Like my earlier sharing about the modules, they also include the ways to generate traffic with free methods.

This is really a great course and it definitely helps in my online business. :)

Education is a powerful tool in any field of the career or business. :)

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The 9 Niche BluePrint Modules

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I’m going to learn something new – Niche BluePrint, which is a video series teaching you how you can setup your own niche ecommerce store and make a profit out of it. This is a topic which I’m not familiar or good with. I always happy to learn new thing and it’s time for me to sit down seriously and do my own notes again.

Frankly, I just finish downloading the videos and not start any yet, so this is definitely not a review for Niche BluePrint.

Just share with you what I’m going to learn. There are totally 9 Modules:

Module 1
A full overview of the Niche Blueprint Course, how it will work and where to get started.

Module 2
How to brainstorm, research and identify suitable niches that have potential for huge profits!

Module 3
Search for and identify products that’ll generate the highest level of of income and where to find suppliers who will stock and ship them.

Module 4
A detailed procedure on how to find a domain name that’ll boost your search engine rankings and deliver highly targeted buyers.

Module 5
How to set your E-commerce websites up for maximum conversions and sales.

Module 6
How to generate visitors, customers and cash with our step by step free traffic plan.

Module 7
This section will show you how to keep your E-Commerce websites operating both smoothly AND profitably for on going success.

Module 8
How to outsource the day-to-day operations so you can have autopilot income and make money while you relax!

Module 9
How to flip your website for 12 - 18 times monthly profit. This is one option for quick cash rather than operating your websites.

I think I need some time to finish the videos and will do my own notes.
*May show you my notes and hopefully there are great tips to share with you too ;)

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WordPress Plugin – All in One SEO Pack


All in one SEO pack is a wordpress plugin you definitely needed if you are using self hosting wordpress blog. As stated in the title “all in one SEO”, the plugin helps in Seach Engine Optimization. Here’s are some features of the plugin:

  • Automatically optimizes your titles for search engines
  • Generates META tags automatically
  • Avoids the typical duplicate content found on WordPress blogs
  • For WordPress 2.7.1 you don’t even have to look at the options, it works out-of-the-box. Just install.
  • You can override any title and set any META description and any META keywords you want.
  • You can fine-tune everything
  • Backward-Compatibility with many other plugins, like Auto Meta, Ultimate Tag Warrior and others.

Step by step installation:

  1. Download the All in One SEO Pack at WordPress Plugin Directory.
  2. Upzip the file and upload into /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  4. Go to the “Settings” menu in WordPress and fill in the details as below.

That is the main setting for your blog and for each single post, you need to fill in the details as below.

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Do You Have My Permission To Email Me?

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Permission Marketing – is a term used in marketing in general and e-marketing specifically. Marketers will ask permission before advancing to the next step in the purchasing process. For example, they ask permission to send advertisements to prospective customers. It is used by some internet marketers, email marketers and telephone marketers. It requires that people first “opt-in”, rather than allowing people to “opt-out” only after the advertisements have been sent.

So, now you have an idea about permission marketing and I believe most internet marketers will use the “opt-in” strategy instead of sending out emails without permission. I guess most of you have the experience of receiving advertising emails and you have no ideas how they get your email address. I have these experience and what I did to those emails is to treat them as spam mails. They are simply spammers!

Permission Guru, Seth Godin has a very good saying -

  • permission marketing is about building an ongoing relationship of increasing depth with customers
  • turning strangers into friends, and friends into customers

If you have your own home based business, either internet business or online blogshop, I suggest you adopt permission marketing and don’t simply send out your advertising emails to your friends or strangers. You may be treated as a spammer!

Some useful readings about Permission Marketing:

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Basic Ways To Build a High Traffic Website


I believe everyone of us who has a blog or website would like to have many visitors or readers to our sites and build a high traffic website is almost everyone’s wish or dream. Yes, I am one of them and if you are telling me you are not one of us who wants to have lots of visitors to the blog, I will believe you.

I’ve talked to my sis once and I knew that some of them only want to share their blog to few of the close friends and they are not intend to “market” their site. In this case, I recommend you don’t read the following suggestions for building a high traffic website. In fact, I believe when the time they saw my title of “build a high traffic website”, they don’t even click on this post. :)

Recently, I have some friends ask me about how to attract more traffic to the website. Remember, build a site for your business is only the very first step. After you have a website for your online business, the process won’t just stop there but now is just the beginning. I still remember why I want to learn about internet marketing. When the time I joined some programs, I thought everything was just so simple like stated in their site that I don’t need any experiences or knowledge. But after I’ve explored more, I found that many things I needed to learn about and one of the thing I needed to know is how to build a high traffic website or blog.

Here are my 3 simple basic suggestions to attract more traffic to our sites.

1. Create valuable content
Strong content is universally valued. It’s always hard work to create it, but in the long run it generates lots of long term referral traffic. It’s not easy for me to understand the sentence of “create valuable content” when I was just get started. It seems so easy yet so difficult. I don’t know what content should I write about for this blog. I have then decided to share my learning experiences on internet marketing and hope others may gain some ideas from my blog.

Every time I write my content, I would assume that I’m writing for my friends who are interested to know what have I learned in internet marketing. Assuming they are reading my blog and they will get something from the reading. It’s very important when I have this in my mind. It’s kind of motivation and also my way to have better content articles.

I believe when you focus on providing real value content, your readers will notice.

2. Create timeless content
It is always better for us to write about something still providing real value and may still be read by people after many years. Unless your site is doing about news or current events, otherwise you should try to write content that is intended to be timeless.

I always try to have content that may be readable in future and at least when people read about my post one year later they still feel that it’s useful.

3. Know why you want a high traffic site
Only knowing the way to attract traffic to your site is not enough and it’s only a bridge to your main purpose. What is your main purpose of having the high traffic? You must know very clearly what kind of traffic you want and what the traffic can bring you.

If you have a business website that offer some products or services at your site, you should know that once you get the high traffic, the traffic must be able to bring you sales. Otherwise the high traffic would means nothing. Therefore, if you succeed in building high traffic website, you must respect this position and serve the best.

Of course there are many other factors to take into consideration for website traffic. However, I think the above are the most important and basic rules that we should take care of. If we could consistently apply the above to our sites or blogs, I believe it helps in long run.

I would like to share with you the two videos about website traffic that I find them very useful.


For more about website traffic, you can read my posts at Website Traffic at Mompreneur Asia.

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Use Google Alerts To Get Latest Relevant Google Results


I have been using Google Alerts since few months ago and I keep receiving latest relevant google results for the topics I wish to monitor.

Google Alerts is very user friendly and it is kind of email updates based on your choice of query or topic. From the form, you just need to key in the search terms that you would like to receive email updates. For example, you want to know the latest relevant Google results for SEO. So, you just need to key in SEO or Search Engine Optimization in the Search terms . “SEO” and “Search Engine Optimization” would give you totally different email updates from Google.

There are few types for you to choose from. The choices included News, Blogs, Web, Comprehensive, Video and Groups. You may wish to choose the type of information you like to get based on the search term and your niche. Also, you could receive the mails on daily or weekly basis.

I’ve read an article by Saikat Basu about “10 Uses of Google Alerts For A Freelancer”. He has very good points about why we should use Google Alerts and also some tips to manage Google Alerts.

Make Google Alerts your virtual research assistant

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