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What Is Your Purpose of Blogging?

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So, if you have a blog now, what is your purpose of blogging?

Some may say I just want to do casual blogging and share with my own friends. Then, this is fine because basically that is just casual blogging without any “business elements”. However, many people open a blog because they want to earn money online.

“I read that I can make money online from blogging, but I didn’t see money”

“My upline says I need to have a blog, so I set up a blog but I don’t know what to blog”

“I’ve blog for months and even years, I didn’t see good results” etc etc

And you could really see many people didn’t really earn much from blogging. Now, it’s really the time to ask yourself why you blog. This is very important question so that you can really earn from blogging.

I want to profit from blogging, How?

People who earn big money blogging are Problogger. They treat blogging as a business. From their blog, you could see there are many ways for them to earn, including advertisement space, affiliate or own programs/products etc. Those are the most basic earning elements. And if you notice, they blog about something they have passion or some topics they have knowledge in – They provide good and valuable content. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to provide good content in your blog. Secondly, learn how to drive traffic to your blog. This is the same concept as open a new restaurant and getting lots of customers to your restaurant.

I listen to my upline and set up a blog for Network Marketing business, How it works?

Blogging is one of the online marketing to reach out to the public. People get to know you or your business via your blog. Therefore, you must know clearly the purpose of your blog. Your purpose can be branding for yourself  (personal blog) or your business (business blog). Again, good content is needed so that visitors will back to your blog again for information. Your blog also plays a role in building relationship with your readers and then lead them to your business. One very important thing is, don’t follow blindly what your upline says, but try to understand what is the purpose of doing that. Once you understand the reason of blogging for business, you have no problem in blogging anymore and hence achieve the results you want.

If you still don’t have a clear objective on blogging, I suggest you take some time to list down your objectives and then only back to your blogging again.

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