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11 Responses

  1. adelina says:

    Very Nice and informative article . All this about social bookmarking is true and the best of all is that is free.

  2. Felix Makmur says:

    Great job Moon. This actually shows how powerful Social Bookmarking is in attracting free and organic traffic. Nice Youtube video btw (Baby Moon rocks :-)) Good luck for your Babymoon guide as well.

  3. Moon says:

    Hi Adelina,
    You are right about the free traffic. I like the free traffic that social bookmarketing gave. =)

    Hi Felix,
    This Baby Moon photo is at her 4 mths old and now she is 2 yrs old. Time flies and baby grows up very fast. =)

  4. NIX74 says:

    Moon, got your message. Thanks.. BTW do you optimize your keyword for this site ?

  5. NIX74 says:

    Moon, how silly of me for not checking my Blog search ranking. I found that by title search of my blog, it was ranked first also. Guess all the social book marking effort does help improve ranking..

  6. Moon says:

    Hi Nix,

    I think keywords targeting is also an important part for the ranking too. =)

  7. eunice says:

    hmm.. I thought it’s google’s update on that? I think we should optimize keywords that most people will search for that are related to what your blog has to offer and rank high in those keywords instead. All the best!

  8. Moon says:

    Well, for the website’s page rank, we should emphasis on keyword targeting and also LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). Google would also take into consideration of other factors like how often we update our website or blog and also the volume of visitors etc.
    However, to rank at first page of google search, the keywords targeting only play a minor role and what we should do is try to get indexed by google. That’s why my “one page only” website could get indexed and rank #1 in certain keywords without any page rank.

  9. NIX74 says:

    @ Eunice

    Well I agree with you and Moon to optimize your keyword if you have a niche blog.

    However it will be difficult to have an optimized keyword for a personal blog cause there’s basically no particular relevant topic.

    What I did was try to write my post with optimized keyword, same method I do for my Squidoo lens. Hope this works.

    But I personally feel that for blogs, backlinks are the most important factor that determined your ranking.

  10. eunice says:

    I thought site will get index naturally. Also, PR 0 is a rank, unless it’s unrank, and being #1 is not necessary highly rank too. Anyway, it’s an interesting topic, cos no one knows exactly how their algorithm works, as it keeps changing. Interesting :)

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