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How To Do A Powerful Online Personal Branding

online branding

The online branding is important especially for a person who is running online home business. You should either do personal online branding or business online branding. Today I’m going to share with you how you can do a powerful online personal branding.

Before that, let me share with you some of my own examples:

Keyword: Mompreneur (First page – 5 out of 10)


Keyword: Singapore Mompreneur (First page – 8 out of 10)

singapore mompreneur

Keyword: Mompreneur in Internet Business (First page – 6 out of 10)

mompreneur in internet business

Keyword: Mompreneur in Internet Network Marketing

(First page – 5 out of 10)

mompreneur in internet network marketing

Keyword: Mompreneur Coach in Internet Marketing (First page – 4 out of 10)

mompreneur coach in internet network marketing

Keyword: Mompreneur Coach in Network Marketing (First page – 5 out of 10)

mompreneur coach in network marketing

Keyword: Mompreneur Coach in Internet Network Marketing

(First page – 6 out of 10)

mompreneur coach in internet network marketing

To do a online personal branding, first you must be very clear what you want to brand yourself as. In other words, who you want to become. This is a very hard to answer question especially when you are still new and have no idea what brand name you want to use. Basically it is just like when you were in primary school, your teacher asked you what is your ideal occupation when you grow up. We normally studied all and when up to a certain level only we know what is the most suitable occupation for us. Personal branding is also the same.

When you still have no idea what brand name to use, I suggest you do more study and learning. It will help you and give you a clearer mind who you want to become one day. And personal online branding will turn you from nobody to somebody if you handle it well.

So, after you have decided your brand name, it’s time for you to work. First, the most important is to have a personal blog and it should look professional. If you are too new to blogging, no rush, you can always improve from time to time. The key here is to have your brand name put under the All In One SEO plugin (Read more for All In One SEO Plugin).

Of course you should not be lazy but to consistently update posts for your blog. Other than that, you should also submit articles to different authority articles sites such as Ezinearticles, Hubpages etc. Those are the good sites that will also help to rank your brand name at the front page of Google.

When talk about ranking at the top of Google Organic Search, SEO is an important topic. If you want to find out more about SEO Topic, this is a post with some good information for you – Search Engine Optimization(SEO) – Google Webmaster Help Center. You may also find some of my personal findings and sharing about SEO at my other blog posts.

There are also many other online marketing you can do to boost your ranking and build your brand name. One powerful technique I should not forgotten to share with you is Social Media Marketing. Click here to read some of the  important information about Social Media Marketing (This is just the very basic).

Of course to build a online brand name it takes time and you need to also put in a lot of effort. My sharing  here are some of the  basic elements you need to have in order to get started. Only when you start to do it, you will know what is the next step that follows.

Lastly, do always remember, to successfully build your personal brand online, self improvement and development is very important. These are some of my personal collection of self improvement ebooks that you may get it for free.

Click here to download 13 Self Development Ebooks

Click here to download 12 Self Improvement Ebooks

born to fly

I wish you success and I see you in First Page of Google! :)



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Rank First Page of Google in 6 Minutes

Good and best page rank

Just a very quick sharing here. After the earlier post, I simply done a googling online and quite surprise to find that my new post “New Home Business-The Million Dollar Mom” was indexed so fast and get rank #6 in first page of Google.

The screenshot is not so clear but if see carefully still can see the wording of “6 minutes ago”. :)

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Google Alert for “Mompreneur”

1 Comment

Just want to do a quick post to share with you about my post of “Launch my program – Mompreneur Hub”. This was the post I published on 17th May and surprisingly I found this post appear in my email inbox for “Google Alert – mompreneur”. That is on the next day 18th May.

*Click to enlarge

I subscribed to Google Alert for the word “mompreneur” since I started my website – MompreneurAsia.com and this is totally not the keyword for this blog – MoonLoh.com. So, from here, I can conclude that even though this is not the keyword for my blog, Google still “see” it as something relevant and as long as you follow the SEO in your post, they will reward you in some way.

This is definitely a way to drive traffic to the blogs and I believe we should always follow the basic we need to do instead of purposely do something.

The last time I saw my post appeared at Google Alert was In March, that was the post about my Sharing on Womanhood Fiesta at Suntec City, Singapore. If you miss the post, you may take a look here, with some photos attached. ;)

My Mompreneur Sharing on Womanhood Fiesta

Enjoy and hope we gain knowledge from this experience. :)

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Use Google Alerts To Get Latest Relevant Google Results


I have been using Google Alerts since few months ago and I keep receiving latest relevant google results for the topics I wish to monitor.

Google Alerts is very user friendly and it is kind of email updates based on your choice of query or topic. From the form, you just need to key in the search terms that you would like to receive email updates. For example, you want to know the latest relevant Google results for SEO. So, you just need to key in SEO or Search Engine Optimization in the Search terms . “SEO” and “Search Engine Optimization” would give you totally different email updates from Google.

There are few types for you to choose from. The choices included News, Blogs, Web, Comprehensive, Video and Groups. You may wish to choose the type of information you like to get based on the search term and your niche. Also, you could receive the mails on daily or weekly basis.

I’ve read an article by Saikat Basu about “10 Uses of Google Alerts For A Freelancer”. He has very good points about why we should use Google Alerts and also some tips to manage Google Alerts.

Make Google Alerts your virtual research assistant

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What is Google SearchWiki?


Today I discover something different when I’m using Google Search. Besides the search results, there are a “Up arrow” and a “Delete” boxes. Out of my curious, I click on the “Up arrow” and there is a pop-up as below:

So, what does this mean? I could customize my search results with the rankings I want? I could put my own website to the rank of #1? If it can simply change the ranking, how about the effort of doing all the SEO and LSI? Many questions just appear in my mind. I then found a video that explain more about Google SearchWiki.

And also a post on Google SearchWiki Kill SEO Ranking? – It says that the changing only affect the particular computer and only if he log on to his google account.

I do a test by myself for the keyword “how to do social bookmarking”. My website rank #6 originally but after my “adjustment”, it ranks #1.

Before Using SearchWiki

After Using SearchWiki – This result only effective when I log on to my google account.

So, what do you think about Google SearchWiki? Any advantages and disadvantages of boosting the websites’ ranking and it can only be viewed by ourselves?

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How’s Your Google Organic Search Results?


Recently I’ve spent more time with my new Mompreneur website and hardly update blog post here. I’ve checked my Google Analytics for this website today and surprise to find that I still have the constant traffic and some traffic are from the google organic search results.

I’m actually quite surprise to see my website get rank at the first page and even the #1 for some keywords. Let’s share with you some keywords that rank my site in the first page of SERP.

Keyword-Important things of the media, Rank-#1

Keyword-How to do social bookmarking, Rank-#6

Keyword-”Content sharing site” seo, Rank-#1 & #2

Keyword-Google webmaster help center seo, Rank-#3

Keyword-Lsi site creator, Rank-#5

These are the results of 19.01.09 and my Page Rank=2, Alexa Ranking=684,881

If you ask me whether a website with Page Rank 0 can get rank in the first page of SERP, let me show you the following:

My Mompreneur website only launched last month and the PR=0 but still get rank in first page #1 and #2 of the Google Organic Search Results. Therefore, try to focus on your website’s SEO and LSI to attract more free traffic and don’t worry about your Page Rank.

You can read more about my posting of SEO and LSI here.

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Have You Joined Google Friend Connect?


Google Friend Connect is a social networking that I just joined. As we know, social network is a great tool for our exposure and also to grow our site’s traffic, so I get the widget at my sidebar and hope to connect with you all.

Google Friend Connect is very user friendly and it allows you to sign in with your Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account. You can interact with other visitors by making friends, sharing media, posting comments, playing games, and more. Another great thing is you may invite friends from other social networks and contact lists to join your site or blog.

Here is the video by Google


If you have joined this social site,  I would like to connect with you too. Just leave me a message here and I will join yours.

Happy Connection!

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