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Archive for the ‘ Google ’ Category

Google penalize duplicate content?


Today I found out something mean very important to me.

“Does Google penalize duplicate content?”

Well, it’s very important to me because I’m doing my articles marketing and I’ve submitted my same articles to different articles directories and I even share these articles in my blog. So.. when I found this topic I’m quite excited and worried because of what I’ve done.

The answer of the question is “When determines that content is duplicated somewhere else , Google penalize the page rank of the website”. Google like fresh content and we should not just copy and paste our articles or content to other website without any amendment. Gosh.. I’ve made mistake for my past articles marketing.

I hope to share this with you all if you are doing articles marketing or planning to do the articles marketing. Pls bear in mind and don’t let Google penalize your page rank since you already have this information. For me, I would definitely won’t repeat the mistake again.

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How to deal with PPC Advertising


Pay per click advertising is definitely not a new word for those who involved themselves in internet marketing. This advertising method is just so common like companies advertise in newspapers, magazine, television and radio to get sales for their companies. Many pay per click providers exist in the market, however the largest network operators are Google Adwords and Yahoo!Search Marketing.

Advertisers who interested in Google Adwords pay per click advertising are advisable to sharpen their Adwords knowledge  at the learning center. Google adwords learning center provides lesson so that advertisers have better idea and knowledge when posting an advertisement.

Keyword targeting is a tricky one. Good keywords lead to good quality score and hence reduce the bid cost. But how google adwords determine the quality score? They will actually base on the click through rate, the relevance of keywords, ad text and landing page and other additional factors to determine it. However, the quality score might change from time to time. Hence, monitoring accounts and continuously improve the quality score is needed.

Many people do not understand the system of google adwords. They simply ignore the importance of keyword targeting and finally they lost money doing pay per click advertising in google adwords.

There are some programs that help in keyword targeting. For example, keyword elite and affiliate elite are good paid programs in helping the building of keywords list. Free keywords programs could also be found easily.

It is definitely worth to spend time and effort in keyword targeting as pay per click advertising bring immediate effect and hence lead to immediate sales generating.

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Google Adwords Learning Center

1 Comment
These few days I am busy hanging around the Google Adwords Learning Center.
There are so many topics to cover and I just can’t complete training in one sitting. They offer both multimedia and text lessons which you can choose your preferred learning style. Initially I was choosing the test lessons but later I found that multimedia lessons would make things easier for me.
For some topics, I really read more than once and do my own notes. It is not easy when want to target for the good keywords & Ad Text. That involved lots of brainstorming and patients. And times needed for the monitoring of the results.
Sometimes I need to refer back to the topics when implementing because ideas keeping come out and I need to make sure I follow the right way in the lessons. There is no right or wrong but the results might determine how good your work is.
I think for the few following days I will still hang around the learning center!
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