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Vemma and Vemmabuilder A Big Scam

VB is No_Scam

It is always good to do some own researches about the background of the company, product and compensation plan before involving yourself in any Network Marketing opportunity. So, if you are “investigate” about Vemma and Vemmabuilder, let me share with you my experience. And the answer of “Is Vemma and Vemmabuilder a big scam?”“No! They are 100% legitimate Network Marketing opportunity”.

Now, you may want me to show you some proof or why I say so. You probably read from some other websites or forum discussing about vemma or vemmabuilder a big scam. Well, it is totally up to you whether you want to listen and make final decision just based on some comments by those who totally don’t understand what is the power of “system” or who don’t understand what is “network marketing”. If you are open minded to find out more, below are some important information for you.

First, I’m not going to discuss about company, product and compensation plan or Vemma here. I’ve done a quite detail sharing in my earlier post – My Experience with Vemma.  You can proceed to read the post there.

So, what I’m going to share here?


Do you know in total how many countries in the world? Answer: 195
Do you know how many countries Vemma in? Answer: 56
Do you think if Vemma is a scam the company can operate in 1/3 of the world?

The founder of Vemma, BK Boreyko has created 40 millionaire. One of the Millionaire in Vemma is in Malaysia – Norsalehin. Do you think a scam company would create so many millionaire to show that they are scam?

vemma malaysia millionaire - norsalehin

Moon Loh and Norsalehin in Vemma

Me & my hubby with Norsalehin

Thousands of Products and Business Testimonials are received and if all the testimonials are lies, do you think we still receiving the testimonials everyday after so many years?

Uncle Sng and Aunty Siew Sahi – They are health and happy now!


You want to work from home online? How? Do you know you can do it if you have a system to help you?

If you don’t know how powerful is Vemmabuilder system, see below:

vemma builder

Again, do you think without a good system, these leaders can enroll 48 new members within a month and consistently get it every month?

Residual Income

I’m not sure you really understand what is Passive Income (Residual Income), but here is the definition:

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

With the combination of Vemma and Vemmabuilder, you are going to earn Passive Income (Residual Income) working from home Online.

vemma team alpha

Leaders in Vemma Team Alpha – Committed to your success

If your answers for the questions above are positive, you may fill in the form below to experience the power of the vemmabuilder system. By filling the form below, you are my team member who I’ve committed myself to give my full support and personal coaching to work with you in Vemma.

First Name:
Last Name:
Confirm E-Mail:
I would like to generate an extra:

By taking the free tour of this incredible system you will lock in your spot to secure an online income. We will email you every time we place another person in your SuccessLine. Details on next page…
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Is NuSkin A Scam Or Great Opportunity?

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Most of the MLM companies are faced with the question of whether they are a great opportunity to make money or just scams, which fade away rather quickly. NuSkin is one MLM company which has a great scope to make extra money with extra effort. Founded in 1984, NuSkin Company is now a very large diversified company, which has given way to other divisions as well, such as Photo Max, Big Planet and Pharmanex.

As the name suggests, NuSkin manufactures skin care products, in addition to other products in nutrition. It has made a great bounce and has achieved a one billion dollar mark of revenue, with more than 55,000 distributors.  It has also touched the Chinese market in January 2008, with a steady growth.

NuSkin International emerged in 1996 and became publicly traded, which is a clear indication that they are not scam.


NuSkin Company makes great effort in offering the necessary training to their representatives, as much as possible, to the extent that a program called NuSkin University is established for the benefit of business owners. They also have an e- learning system that focuses on the products of NuSkin and has been claimed to be one of the best in the field. But the success of marketing does not indicate the efforts put in, as only three percent of people who join this network, are really successful.

The advantage of NuSkin MLM is that the product is a well known one, especially the Galvanic Spa, which helps to remove wrinkles. Since it provides only health and wellness products, there is always a market for these products, which makes it a viable business opportunity. You can also promote business by becoming a distributor of NuSkin products and sell them and also find new distributors. The benefits of the products are guaranteed and therefore, there is a great opportunity for the business to grow.

The disadvantage of NuSkin MLM mainly lies in the methods and techniques adopted to market the product, which is used by almost every MLM company in the fray. NuSkin mainly targets the warm market, that is, talking to friends and family and close relatives and grow the business in this way.

This is the cause of the 95 percent failure in marketing for NuSkin products. They also have a great faith on the quality of their products and the distributors are told to give samples to people, so that they can try it and the product will sell itself. This is absolutely wrong, since no product will sell on its own. There should be a well planned marketing technique and method to sell even the best product. If emphasis is made on this aspect, and steps are taken to improve, NuSkin MLM can reach great heights.


Compensation plan

One type of plan in NuSkin MLM is the executive qualification, in which a specific monthly volume is required in a period of three months. Throughout this period, a level one bonus doubler of 12 percent can be earned, with one grace month, if necessary. If that grace period is used, you are liable to lose your bonus.

If you are an executive leader, it is possible to earn 9 percent to 15 percent commission on the entire executive circle group. A five percent commission on the GSV of each of the new executives down six levels will be offered to the executive builder. Again, if there is a break away, the people down line may outsell you. In order to generate a substantial income, it is essential to sell the products to hundreds of people. For online home based business, thousands of people have to be contacted, to achieve the desired results.

To learn more on how to recruit people for NuSkin business online, simply get more info by login to the Training Center below.

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My Experience with Vemma


Vemma stands for Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen, Aloe. As the composition suggests, Vemma is a company that produces health products. You can read any Vemma review on the net and learn about Vemma. These days there is a lot of demand for health based products and millions of people are willing to purchase nutritional food products. As the demand is high, BK Boreyko founded Vemma in 2004 as an MLM company, meaning unlike other methods, Vemma is sold directly by representatives of Vemma, providing them a big opportunity to earn.

A few weeks ago, one of my friend from UK who is a medical doctor suggested Vemma to me. He’s an excellent network marketer too. He told me apart from Vemma’s health benefits, the market for nutritional drinks was big and if I put effort, I would successfully be able to do the MLM business and earn good money.  He also told me about Vemma Builder system and Vemma’s product mangosteen juice. This juice is made from natural mangosteen fruit with lots of anti-oxidants. According to a recent research, they help keeping the body healthy and slow down the effects of aging.

At first I was quite skeptical about Vemma and its MLM system as there are many similar systems that promise big money but in the end, people only lose money, waste time and energy. The biggest problem in selling a product in market is there should be a demand for that. Many people fail to see that and utterly fail. But if there is something that can never go out of demand is something that promises to improve your health. Historically, health products have always been in vogue. After a lot of research and reading Vemma review, I could see how big the demand is for health supplements all over the world.

So I thought I should join and try Vemma Builder marketing system. In the end, the system really impressed me. It saved a lot of effort, time and energy. I found Vemma Builder system is more effective and helpful in doing online business and generating more leads than any other MLMs. I’ve seen some declare Vemma a scam. The main reason for this declaration Vemma scam is that they don’t know how to market the business opportunity. They simply concentrate on selling the products to friends, family and little “marketing” in social networking sites.

No business is easy and if you are in marketing, you are going to have to meet as much people as you can, explain about your business opportunity and products. Moreover, if you want some good money, you have to enroll more people under you and that needs patience and perseverance. I was able to market Vemma opportunity to many people and I found the system saves lots of hard work in following up.

As I found Vemma is good to market, I thought I should study more products from Vemma. Other products from Vemma are Vemma Verve and Vemma Next. Verve is an excellent energy drink with lots of nutritional values. Unlike other energy shots, Vemma is actually good for your health as it contains nutrition. Vemma Next is mostly targeted at children. I really wish to get Vemma Next for my kids but unfortunately it is not available in Singapore for this moment. Vemma has a good support system and training program so that you can learn how to market their products effectively and the online marketing tools they provide help grow your business.

Compensation Plan
The most attractive aspect of Vemma is its compensation structure and other bonuses schemes. The compensation structure is what is known as “binary” or dual line compensation plan which builds two teams, your right and left team. Once you register you get full access to Vemma’s business center with two marketing websites. You get paid on a weekly basis for your team building efforts. The larger the enrollees under you, the more you get paid. Some people call Verma scam, but it is certainly not. It is only those who have not been able to build their own team and market the opportunity and products are calling it a scam. Vemma is an excellent and successful upcoming MLM company that offers attractive plans to foster growth.

Binary compensation plan provides excellent opportunity for the representatives to earn. As it’s a dual line structure, you not only earn for your members’ sales, but also for enrolling new members and their sales which ensure steady stream of monthly income. Many people are successfully able to balance these two legs in Vemma compensation plan and earn well.

The next thing I like about Vemma’s model is there is no restriction on how you do business. Many think when doing business, you have to follow certain principles and practices. Though it’s applicable for most of the businesses, Vemma lets you work anytime and anywhere. There is no physical boundary where you can market products and make your team. You can do Vemma business at your desired time from home. You might know that most of the MLM don’t provide you the option to advertise your product or share online. I truly believe that if you want to do a business, there should be no boundaries and restrictions. Vemma doesn’t restrict you in any way so that you can follow your own business model and be convenient with that.

For anybody’s success, there would be a person, a leader behind. Vemma facilitates just that. Once you register, you have access to lots of marketing tools and resources which enable efficient business from your part. Even if you are not very good at marketing, you are going to have a good team leader from whom you can learn many things. The training and guidance provided by Vemma is enough for you to learn marketing.

If you want to experience how Vemma Builder works, simply follow this link: Free Tour @ Vemma

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Don’t Join Herbalife Until You Read This

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Based in Los Angeles, California, Herbalife produces products related to weight management including weight loss accelerators, appetite suppressors and meal replacements, nutritional supplement and personal care including moisturizers, shampoos, lotions and conditioners.

Herbalife offers home business opportunity through MLM, which claims to possess one and a half million distributors throughout the world, spanning sixty five companies including Singapore and Malaysia.

Since the products are related to health, fitness and nutritional supplements, they have great demand throughout the year. In addition, Herbalife products have been testified and proven to be very effective in increasing stamina and energy, weight loss, arthritis and other inflammation related symptoms.

Compensation plan

There are many types of strategies in MLM marketing but Herbalife follows the stair step- break away compensation plan. In this method, when the distributor reaches a particular qualifying point called stair steps, he or she breaks away from the original sponsor; the sponsor gets only a small percentage of the distributor’s group total volume.

Experts point out that there are two downsides in this type of compensation plan. The first is, it is very hard to explain and convince a new recruiter of this kind of strategy. The second downside is that it leads to inventory loading by some distributors. The distributors compel their agents and retailers to purchase inventory in large quantities so that they can sustain their agency status or get qualified for volume bonuses.

If this kind of practice is monitored by Herbalife, it can be prevented to a great extent.   This kind of strategy is seen as a totally unfair prospect which has earned disrepute to the whole scheme. Though the industry average points out that it is a good plan, it does not seem so, for an individual.

But there are frequent bonuses based on the sales volume performance and the number of prospects who are signed up in to the team. The success of Herbalife MLM business can be measured through the 2.4 billion dollars paid as commissions, discounts, bonuses and royalties to their distributors in 2007, which is the highest for any network marketing company.

Training system

The usual method of three feet rule is still followed by Herbalife network marketing business and has proved to be very effective. But, through the internet, if you brand yourself as the leader with the right skills in the art of marketing, it can turn out to be successful since the product is very useful for many people. Herbalife offers training to grow the business through distributor calls and events, in addition to advanced marketing materials and tools. This includes a distributor website too that would be easy to use and very helpful. They also offer a simple and easy to duplicate business programs which they claim to redevelop and refine, continuously.


Though there are rumors and claims surrounding the effects of the products, Herbalife is a successful product worldwide, overcoming all the controversies and hurdles. There are certain hiccups, when it comes to marketing the product through MLM, as majorities of the people are aware of the product and the business. They are, in one way or another, connected to it. Weighing the pros and cons, it is left to the individual to decide the success of MLM Herbalife.

With so many business opportunities in network marketing, there is a real challenge but with a little effort and study, it is possible to expand the prospects through internet which is the biggest market place in the world, with more than 1.6 billion people surfing the net everyday and is constantly growing, every second.

To learn more about how to leverage on the power of internet, simply login to the Training Center below.

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Is Avon Legitimate MLM Company?

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In making a sincere attempt to write a review on MLM companies, Avon is the first name that strikes the mind. Avon is one of the giants in MLM business and has an experience for more than a century.

History of the company

Started way back in 1886 by David H McConnell, with the name California Perfume Company, the headquarters is located in New York which has a turn over of 9.9 billion dollars, annually. The senior executive unit leader earns around 1, 34,000 dollars per year. Avon is a company dealing with cosmetic and make up products and MLM is based on home business marketing, which has proved to be a popular choice for many people around the globe.

Avon is synonymous with great values like trust, integrity and belief and is totally committed to economic empowerment and full responsibility towards their product. There are many branded products with the trademark of Avon such as skin care, hair care, fragrance, bath and body. For men too, there are colognes, shaving creams, deodorant and NFL watch. Their products have remained in top spot for more than a century and have stood the test of time. Therefore, it is not surprising that Avon is the leader in MLM business and remains a good opportunity to make some extra money, as well as new friends.

Starting as a salesman, a person has to meet a minimum allotment of sales to acquire commissions and obviously, when more products are sold, the commissions received will be higher. The supervisor hires the salesperson, who offers the orders and supplies as also the guidance. Apart from cosmetics, Avon deals with sunshades, jewelry, cards, bags and many more and it needs a lot of commitment to emerge successful.

Prospects of Avon MLM business

The MLM opportunity has improved many folds with the internet, as many entrepreneurial women are able to make decent income, out of this opportunity. It is easier to reach a lot of people through the net and make 500 dollars per month in Avon MLM business. You need to be positioned as a leader online and make your presence well known on the internet gaining leads. There are training camps that help you in becoming a successful leader and generate leads, by just leaving your information on the net.

Avon is a legitimate MLM business opportunity which offers great scope to make money, only if there is a commitment to it. It is not easy if you just try to make friends by talking to them or buying leads. Therefore, it needs better marketing tool like the internet to explode into the real world of business and enhance the sales volume to thrive successfully. If this is achieved, Avon MLM can turn out to be a great business opportunity.

To learn more about how to attract people to your Avon business, simply login to the Training Center below.

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SkyQuestCom Review – Read Before You Join

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Skyquestcom is a pioneer in the field of launching e-learning systems that provides learning resources and training programs. Based on MLM business platform, SkyQuestCom has grown in leaps and bounds, since its inception in 2002. In 2007, a pre enroller marketing system was launched, thus introducing to the internet marketing and thence, thousands of potential members have joined in this system.

SkyQuestCom is a Singapore based company with multi-million dollar turn over and has spread its tentacles in more than 54 countries around the globe. It now has offices all over the world, including Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, Taiwan, India and Indonesia.

SkyQuestCom makes a positive impact by making a sincere attempt to improve the quality of education through leading internet technology and professional entrepreneurship. It provides leading self improvement products through online video seminars, live seminars through online, interactive online video seminars and so on.

It offers more than 200 online video seminars from world wide famous gurus and speakers in all aspects like writers, business entrepreneurs, best salesman in the world in the Guinness book of world records , world no 1 marketing giant and many more

The various categories that appear in the video are personal development, corporate learning, to develop meaningful relationship in the family and enhance the lifestyle and so on and thus, penetrating into every home and business.

It has won major awards in all areas of business including, the golden brand award at the 2006 international brand summit, international company of the year by multilevel marketing international association in 2005, and also ranked as one of the top auditors of the world by Deloitte and the 7th fastest growing it company in Asia pacific.

The range of products by SkyQuestCom includes:

  • Live seminars
  • Language mastery
  • Kids and youth programs
  • Entertainment
  • Resource library
  • A shopping mail
  • Online video seminars
  • 66000 videos on computer learning

Compensation plan

As for the compensation plan is concerned, sky quest com is a business program that enables a great earning potential. Once you register as an independent distributor, you will be a given a self replicating business website, to act as your business center.

All the commissions calculated under the compensation plan will be based on bonus value (BV) for a period of one year. The commission is purely based on sales of products and members of the sales team.

Each member under you will be placed on the right or left side of your business center. This will grow as legs or down lines, with no limitation. When more subscription sales accumulate, you get more commissions. It is applicable to the first 1 phase, every phase consists of a pair of sales in the 1:1 ratio, and for every phase achieved, there will be bonus . There are no commission caps and direct sales, and qualify for commissions as long as the subscription is renewed.

Leverage bonuses are calculated when there are 3 sales on the left and 5 sales on the right or vice versa. Direct sales qualify for leverage bonuses for lifetime. Cycle bonuses reward IDs with 5 % of sky quest com’s total monthly sales divided among qualifying IDs. A cycle bonus is calculated per calendar month.. An ID has to complete 1 cycle to qualify for a cycle bonus.

The various testimonials offered by learned and successful entrepreneurs and the various awards received are the clear testimony for the genuine and sincere attempts of SkyQuestCom. The compensation plans are lucrative and are attractive enough to offer a huge earning potential that is behind the success of this MLM Company.

Skyquestcom is definitely a good company with great products. However, you should know how to promote this program effectively so that to maximize your earning. Simply get more information via the Training Center below to find out how top producers in this industry promote programs like Skyquestcom online.

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DubLi Review – Is DubLi Good Business Opportunity or Just A Scam?


I’ve attended DubLi presentation in Singapore last month with a friend’s invitation. Frankly, DubLi is interesting especially the “reverse auction” concept. They are doing prelaunch in Asia and will be launching in few months time.

Let me share with you a little bit on how it works. Dubli lets people buy credits and each time you want to check on the price of a particular product, it costs you $0.80. So, for example if you want to buy a camera with the value $2000, you may check the current price by give it a click. The hidden price will definitely lower than $2000 because the price reduce $0.25 every time when a person click on it. If the current price is $1800, then you may decide whether you want to buy or check again for the next time. Let’s say you want to take the current price and buy at $1800, you save $200 for a brand new camera. In this case, you just spend $0.80 but your cost saving is $200.

How about earn money from DubLi? Take a look below:


Therefore, DubLi is an online MLM program.

I’ve done some researches about DubLi and read lots of reviews online. There are good and bad comments and you really have to make your own decision either join or not to join this business opportunity. However, one very important thing I want to remind you is, make sure you know how to effectively promote your DubLi business before you join. If you are doing in the wrong way, high percentage you will fail in the business even if this is a 100% solid genuine online business.

To find out the strategy that are using by top earner in MLM industry to generate 7 figure income, make sure you put in your name and email to the form below and access to the training center.

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Is Xango Scam? Xango Review – Don’t Join Until You Read This

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Xango is a valid business opportunity that promotes and sells mangosteen fruit juice through the MLM business theory. Xango is definitely not a scam and in fact they have great xango testimonials. If you are the consumer and just like their mangosteen fruit juice, then you may continue to enjoy their good products. However, if you are with Xango simply because you want to join their business opportunity, then don’t join xango until you read this.

I believe there are lots of distributors of Xango in Singapore and Malaysia. Not only in these two countries, but you may find them in other countries such as Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. I have friend who share with me about Xango website at facebook but it doesn’t draw much attention of mine. Recently I came across Xango site again and hence I did some research about their juice. I get some good reviews about xango mangosteen from some sites and people posted about pros and cons of Xango.

Here are some reviews from Xango Juice Reviews – Epinions.com

Xango Mangosteen: Xango Does Work On My Knee and Back
Pros: Reduced the inflammation on my Knee and Reduced pain on my Knee and Back.
Cons: The cost and process of buying it, selling it requires dedication.  Silly rules.

I change my mind, I LOVE it!
Pros: Taste good,it keeps cold and Flu at bay,Great for inflammation and intestinal cleansing.
Cons: Cost, but what would you pay to have a positive change in your health?

Great Product – Xango
Pros: Antibiotic, anti-inflammitory, pain relief, antihistimine and many other health benefits
Cons: Pricey, but referring others brings a financial return you can put towards it.

Well, it is possible to promote Xango business and if you are a offline person and love to share about great products, you may go ahead to have home parties or hold hotel meeting to grow your business. However, most of the people may not be able to duplicate this and I would say most of the Xango distributors are struggling in getting leads and recruit people into their business.

amoxil generic justify;”>So, make sure you find out how to get free quality leads into your business before you really go into Xango business opportunity! Login to Online Biz Strategy Training Center below to find out how to success in your Xango home business!

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Read This Before You Promote Elken Spirulina


I saw this headline when google about Elken – “Top MLM company in Asia-Pacific for health, wealth & social opportunities”. Just to share with you more, I’m the member of Elken since 10 years ago and the story started by… My best friend’s sister came to my house one day and introduced me about Elken Spirulina. She shared with me the business opportunity and also the main signature product – Elken Spirulina. I immediately attracted by the business opportunity and that was my first direct sales experience. Yes, Elken has great products such as Spirulina, Ester C, EPA DHA, Win Calrich, Bio Pure Water Purification System (based on reverse osmosis) and many more.

The Elken Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) make sense for me and this is the 4 steps:
1. Balanced Nutrition
2. Increase Oxygen Intake
3. Detoxification
4. Health Regulation

I was so excited when I first into direct sales business and therefore I did all my upline told me to do. I listed down all my friends, relatives and other contacts name and phone number. I even targeted to my sisters’ friends and their teachers. I organized home parties and get my upline to help me for the presentation. Guess what, I saw the results and also have relatives and friends to join me in Elken. However, very soon I run out of friends to talk too. I didn’t know where to get more people to share about the business opportunity and the good products we have. Other than that, I also didn’t have any more money to further invest in the products and I was so tired to go out everyday met up with some strangers which some of them totally have no interest in the products and opportunity. **Sound familiar for yourself? :)

At last, I didn’t continue the business in Elken but further my degree studies. And from the experience, I told myself I’m actually not suitable for MLM business. Not that I’m not good in products sharing or business opportunity sharing, but because I don’t know where to find right people to talk to and I don’t have enough money to invest in business. Normally we jump into a business opportunity because we want to have extra income. But if we have problems in these two areas and yet to have any solution, we would soon question about our decision into the business opportunity.

Now, I no longer feel that I’m not suitable in MLM business but I want to share with you the truth! IF you can solve the problem of:

1) Lack of leads
2) Lack of money

You can easily make extra income and achieve that kind of success in your MLM business either in Elken or other company.

All you need to know is how to find the right people to talk to and how to solve the problem of your money investment in your MLM business. I wonder why I didn’t have people tell me how to solve my problems 10 years ago. ;) However, it’s still not late to find out now and just go ahead to do it.

To find out how to get more quality leads and solve your money problem, make sure you login my Online Biz Strategy Training Center below. I see you there!

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