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Have You Joined Google Friend Connect?

Google Friend Connect is a social networking that I just joined. As we know, social network is a great tool for our exposure and also to grow our site’s traffic, so I get the widget at my sidebar and hope to connect with you all.

Google Friend Connect is very user friendly and it allows you to sign in with your Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account. You can interact with other visitors by making friends, sharing media, posting comments, playing games, and more. Another great thing is you may invite friends from other social networks and contact lists to join your site or blog.

Here is the video by Google


If you have joined this social site,  I would like to connect with you too. Just leave me a message here and I will join yours.

Happy Connection!

10 Responses

  1. Pheak Tol says:

    Google is taking over. Google connect is like mybloglog sort of. i think they’re trying to monopolize the entire WWW.

  2. Moon says:

    Google is trying to improve their service from time to time and this time round they are targeting at the social networking. Very hard to say they are trying to monopolize, they still facing very fierce competition in internet world. However, they have very strong influence power which this is their added advantages.
    Just follow you at twitter. ;)

  3. Asher says:

    Hey Moon,
    Yeah, Google IS taking over haha… One day, Google might have it’s own nation and the people will be called Googlites or Googlers!

    It’s cool how Google’s connecting everything but has anyone ever wondered if for some reason, there’s a unique Google-related-only-virus… how many people will be in danger? My gosh. That’s scary!


  4. Moon says:

    Haa Asher, I would say that if got such Google-related-only-virus, almost everyone will get affected! Oppss..

  5. Viv;=) says:

    Google Friend Connect? I’ll have a peek at it soon, thanks for the info! Cheers^~^

  6. Moon says:

    Hey Viv, do inform me when you have the widget.. Would like to connect with you ;)

  7. found your site through MLM Absolute …. great blog…. just added to your Google connect… !

  8. Moon says:

    Hey Bad Blogger, thanks for the added. I’ve just visited your site and yours is interesting! Also joined your Google connect. :)

  9. Marvin Lee says:

    There’s a possibility many useful applications will come with Google Friend Connect.
    I’ve join your site :)

  10. Moon says:

    Hi Marvin,

    Just dropped by your site and also joined yours! hee..