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8 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for a great list of guidelines. These will be very helpful for people who are new to Social Media Marketing :)

  2. Moon says:

    Hi Matt,
    I think Social Media Marketing is crucial for anyone who involve in Business. Companies, home business owners and also individual who wants to make money online need it. It’s a knowledge and skill that grow our business.
    You have a great site and look forward to learn more from you. :)

  3. Kian Ann says:

    Great List Moon Loh,

    I think ultimately, we need to be focused on building a relationship and building a following, rather than just going in to promote and promote.

    The downside of this that it takes up a lot of time though… but with and average of one advertising message coming in every 20 seconds, I guess we have no choice eh?

  4. Moon says:

    I agree with you Kian Ann. I notice there are lots of tinyURL in certain social sites and it’s has became a “culture”. We can choose to follow or we have our own ways to keep in touch and build relationship with friends. It really depends.. no right or wrong.. :)

  5. Lob Eng says:

    I agreed, a enlightening list. I agree something good contents doesn’t mean good traffic. But I think hard work do matter and it will shown in matter of times…

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