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Affsphere Article Marketing


I heard about Affsphere Article Marketing through the email from Yaro Starak and Patric Chan. This is a new article marketing directory that released by Anik Singal on 12th August 2008. Affsphere not just a purely articles submission website for driving traffic, it also allows you to accumulate credits through your submission of articles or refer people into Affsphere. It is the first article directory that pay authors and referrers.

This video shows the 8 ways you make money from Affshpere and the summary of 8 ways are: -

  1. Traffic generation
  2. Trade “Ad Credits” For Banners
  3. Trade “Ad Credits” For Adsense
  4. 5-Tier Downline
  5. Viral Affsphere Recruiting
  6. Affiliate Classroom Commissions
  7. Affiliate Links In Your Articles
  8. Commissions On AffSphere Sales
  9. Find out more about AffSphere, please visit AffSphere.

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Is webpage and website related to feng shui?!


In this 21st century, everyone know what the webpage and website are. If I were to explain on what is webpage and website you think I’m crazy or I’m telling people what they have already known.

Yes, I’m going to relate the webpage and website to internet marketing. So, what is the connection between them? For internet marketer, all they need is a webpage or website for them to run the business. Webpage or website is a “location” for them to advertise and market their products, just like a traditional business man needs a shophouse for selling.

Many chinese believe in feng shui especially chinese business man. They would choose a good location, decorate the shop with good layout which they believe can boost their business and bring them huge profit. Now, how about the internet marketer? In the world of internet, we cannot find the feng shui teacher to help boost the business, but I found that it has a small relationship there.

I would treat the layout, structure and content of a webpage and website are the feng shui of the business. Google will give high rank for a webpage or website with good layout, well structure and info rich content. High ranking by Google is important where the amount of visitors to a website would increase because normally internet users will visit the first few websites in the search results of a search engine (theory of SEO-Search Engine Optimization). In other word, the higher a website ranks in the search results, the greater the chance that the website will be visited by a user.

What is the factors for a good webpage or website?
According to Wikipedia, a Webpage is a resource of information that is suitable for the World Wide Web and can be accessed through a web browser. This information is usually in HTML or XHTML format, and may provide navigation to other web pages via hypertext links. While, a website is a collection of Web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that is hosted on one or more web servers, usually accessible via the Internet.

*a screenshot of web page


Since the information in a website is in HTML format, we need to ensure the pages have the basic HTML components and tagging. There are 3 HTML tags that every page should have at the top of the page.

  1. Title Tag
  2. Meta Description Tag
  3. Meta Keywords Tag

The example of the opening HTML code may look like this if we are trying to optimize a page for the phrase “drive traffic”: -

<title>Tips to Drive Traffic to Website</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”How to drive traffic to a website”>
<meat name=”keywords” content=”drive traffic, page rank, search engine”>

The above 3 components are essential for a search engine like google, yahoo and msn. Although there is no feng shui in internet marketing, you can set your own feng shui by using this 3 powerful HTML tags for your website to rank well in search engine.

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Story behind Internet Marketing


Before we talk about internet marketing, let trace back to Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) & Electronic Business (e-business). Early in the year of 2000, Electronic (e) is widely used for the activities engaging in the internet.

E-commerce is more on macro environment. It is the buying and selling of products, services and information on internet. It is about doing business electronically and it can also be defined as where the business transactions take place via internet.

E-business is more on micro environment. It is also about conducting business in the internet, but it includes servicing customers and collaborating with business partner.

The development of E-commerce and E-business has brought to the change in several aspects. The changes include Finance & Accounting, Production & Operations, Computer Sciences, Economics and Marketing. To support the rapid change of environment, there is a fast space of development at computer technology and network. Human capital needs to equip themselves with knowledge about new business model and issues of accounting, transaction costs, and auditing implications. The online processing has reduced the process time, it takes only seconds to deliver the digital products and services electronically. It hence brings to a great impact on local and global economies when there is no barrier of trade between countries.

E-business is a new channel for direct sales and promotion. The E has soon been dropped and nowadays people more recognize it as Internet business. The change from traditional business to internet business has brings to the change of the marketing strategies. Door to door, mail order using catalogues or leaflets are no longer applicable for internet business.

Here, we come back to internet marketing. Internet marketing can be defined as the process of identifying prospective customers, tracking and collecting data on these potential customers and then targeting them. It is the technique that leverages the internet for driving the traffic to the business.
Internet marketing comprises of the followings: -

  • Affiliate programs
  • Article marketing
  • Banner & link exchange
  • Branding
  • Email marketing
  • Pay per click
  • Social bookmarking
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Website development
  • Web directories
  • Website traffic / ranking

The above marketing strategies are widely used to boost the internet business substantially. Quality internet marketing thus result in the growth of customer base, improve the sales and products branding. By attracting quality traffic to the website, advertising costs can be reduced but increase the global brand exposure.

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What is SEO?


By looking on the word of SEO itself always difficult for a newbie to understand what is SEO means. SEO is the process where website builders emphasize on the designing on the web pages to improve the volumn of traffic. Designing on the webpages does not mean the design of the theme but it mainly focus on the content of the website. The website must be in good structure and content so that the chance of it will be picked up by search engines tend to be higher. In other word, the search engine would give rank based on the website which have good content and structure well with related keywords.

When someone searches for specific phrases on search engines like google, yahoo, msn etc, the chance of click the first few websites tend to be high and almost 100%. These websites are so called high ranking website. Their websites always structure well, have relevant content and informative. As the website is rank high in the search engine, the chance of generate traffic is very high.

SEO is definitely a technical part of web marketing. It sounds easy but in fact even you follow all the rules, you are not guaranteed to have the top ranking. Search engine works in the ways that they crawl your website to see what is your content. After pages are crawled, they index its content. Search engine then store the indexed page in a giant database. When people search for a certain keyword, the search engine starts to processes it. They calculating the relevancy and retrieving the results. The end, people will find the most relevant to the least relevant sites. In summary, search engine performs the activities of crawling, indexing, processing, calculating relevancy and retrieving.

There are many consultants and agencies provide services for website owners. However if you are the owner of the website and do not wish to spend money on SEO, Google Webmaster Help Center is a good place for you.

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Google penalize duplicate content?


Today I found out something mean very important to me.

“Does Google penalize duplicate content?”

Well, it’s very important to me because I’m doing my articles marketing and I’ve submitted my same articles to different articles directories and I even share these articles in my blog. So.. when I found this topic I’m quite excited and worried because of what I’ve done.

The answer of the question is “When determines that content is duplicated somewhere else , Google penalize the page rank of the website”. Google like fresh content and we should not just copy and paste our articles or content to other website without any amendment. Gosh.. I’ve made mistake for my past articles marketing.

I hope to share this with you all if you are doing articles marketing or planning to do the articles marketing. Pls bear in mind and don’t let Google penalize your page rank since you already have this information. For me, I would definitely won’t repeat the mistake again.

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How to deal with PPC Advertising


Pay per click advertising is definitely not a new word for those who involved themselves in internet marketing. This advertising method is just so common like companies advertise in newspapers, magazine, television and radio to get sales for their companies. Many pay per click providers exist in the market, however the largest network operators are Google Adwords and Yahoo!Search Marketing.

Advertisers who interested in Google Adwords pay per click advertising are advisable to sharpen their Adwords knowledge  at the learning center. Google adwords learning center provides lesson so that advertisers have better idea and knowledge when posting an advertisement.

Keyword targeting is a tricky one. Good keywords lead to good quality score and hence reduce the bid cost. But how google adwords determine the quality score? They will actually base on the click through rate, the relevance of keywords, ad text and landing page and other additional factors to determine it. However, the quality score might change from time to time. Hence, monitoring accounts and continuously improve the quality score is needed.

Many people do not understand the system of google adwords. They simply ignore the importance of keyword targeting and finally they lost money doing pay per click advertising in google adwords.

There are some programs that help in keyword targeting. For example, keyword elite and affiliate elite are good paid programs in helping the building of keywords list. Free keywords programs could also be found easily.

It is definitely worth to spend time and effort in keyword targeting as pay per click advertising bring immediate effect and hence lead to immediate sales generating.

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Drive Traffic to Website


Many people fail in affiliate programs because they simply do not have traffic to their websites. Try to think if you are to purchase or rent a shop to run a business, what is the most important factor that you might take into consideration? Yes, LOCATION. Location is so important to be the first factor to consider because good location means more people to come into your shop. More people to visit your shop lead to more sales. The chance of generate more sales all depends on TRAFFIC.

Today, if you have the best product and the best website but you do not expose it to your prospects, the chance of your sales is very low or even zero.

Social Bookmarking is a good way for our website exposure. We can submit our own website or favourite websites to social bookmarking websites for easy viewing and sharing. Nowadays we can easily find 200 social bookmarking websites. Examples of social bookmarking websites are delicious, digg, propeller, technorati etc.

Since these sites are very popular destinations, if we social bookmark our website periodically, we have high chances to get high traffic. Bookmark links are also provided for our websites or blogs make it easy for the visitors to save and share the content.

Social bookmarking is powerful, however many people still do not have idea or do not know how to do it. Videos about social bookmarking could be get from youtube and it just takes few minutes of your time. Watch it and do it. You will see the results by your own eyes.

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Key of Success in Internet Marketing

When people talk about affiliate marketing, blogging and various types of business model for making money online, the question people ask most is “how do I make money online?”
There are many ways, techniques or strategies we might get from our own researches and from those “guru”. However, there is a most important thing people might easily forget about is MINDSET!
Mindset is the most important things a person need to have before he/she wants to start an online business. From the day one, a right mindset might determine the success or failure the person is for online business.
The right mindset would also needed from the beginning till no end.
What is the right mindset?
First, we must treat the online business as a real business. Many people do not treat online business as a real business but have a “try try” mindset. “I TRY whether I can make money online like those people” “I TRY whether I can success or not”. This is a wrong mindset because this is not a WINNING MINDSET!
Winning mindset is a mindset that “I MUST success!” “I CAN success!” and follow by asking “how to make it?”
Winning mindset is not one day work, but as mentioned earlier, it is from the beginning till no end.
Secondly, we must believe that multiple source of income is always better than just one. Double up the income by selling or promoting various types of products and services.
Many people do not success in internet marketing simple because right after they joined an affiliate or after they started a blog, they just put it there and “hope” to sit back and receive money. This is too sorry to tell that they will never success because education is needed. We could never stop reading and learning in internet marketing. Everyday we have to learn new things and this is the learning curve in order to have achievement. Education is definitely one of the most important mindset we should have.
Lastly, always remember “Right Mindset is the key of success in internet marketing”.
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My First Article @ EzineArticles

Today is just happy when receive the email from EzineArticles inform me that my article has been accepted and added to the directory!
In fact, this is not my first try of article submission to them. My first article to EzineArticles about one month ago has been rejected based on their Editorial Guidelines. I promise myself that I would make my articles successfully submitted. And today, I really make it!
Many people do not know that actually an article writing is not easy for me. As a chinese educated, my composition is just good for my examination only. I like to read, but only like to read chinese articles, english actually make me feel asleep!
Today, I blog in english and even make articles submission. Why? Very simple! Because 10 Online Advertising Tools say so! I truly believe that I need to change if I want to hit my target. For what I don’t know I can learn. For what I’m not good in I can improve. If the first article take me half an hour to write, I improve myself to do it within 20 minutes for my next one.
I took my step and how about you?
Visit me @ EzineArticles


This is the banner that only available for authors accepted into the directory.

As Featured On Ezine Articles

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Google Adwords Learning Center

1 Comment
These few days I am busy hanging around the Google Adwords Learning Center.
There are so many topics to cover and I just can’t complete training in one sitting. They offer both multimedia and text lessons which you can choose your preferred learning style. Initially I was choosing the test lessons but later I found that multimedia lessons would make things easier for me.
For some topics, I really read more than once and do my own notes. It is not easy when want to target for the good keywords & Ad Text. That involved lots of brainstorming and patients. And times needed for the monitoring of the results.
Sometimes I need to refer back to the topics when implementing because ideas keeping come out and I need to make sure I follow the right way in the lessons. There is no right or wrong but the results might determine how good your work is.
I think for the few following days I will still hang around the learning center!
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