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Archive for the ‘ Internet Marketing ’ Category

Education – Powerful Tool

Still remember our old schooling days? We listened to our teachers and get a tutor to help us passed in the exam. We just too impatient to wait for all the tips to get a distinction in our results.
Now, what do we have? We do not have a teacher there to spoon feed us, we have to work out by ourselves. Does it means that we cannot success in our target? Nope, we still can success in our target or so called “dreams” in our life.. But how?
Back to the old days, we learned ABC, 123.. If we were to success in our field, we got to have knowledge and become expert. When we are totally new in a field and industry, we got to learn from the start from as simple as ABC, 123..
Of course, we can use trial and error method or we can get a mentor to help us. A mentor who is success in the field can always give good advise and guide us towards our path of success. Besides that, we have to do our homeworks as well. Do learn and ask stupid questions so that we fully understand the topic.
Equip ourselves with knowledge all the time and do not give up easily will make us success in our dreams..
“I lost in the jungle, I don’t know what to do?!”
“When you know you are going to a jungle, why don’t you prepare yourself a torchlight and compass?”
“I prepared, but I don’t know how to use?!”
“Why don’t you learn how to use your tools? I’ve give you the best torchlight and compass but without your willingness to learn, the best equipments will become useless.”
So.. if the person were equiped himself with torchlight and compass and know the way of using it, you guess he is successful to come out from the jungle? =)
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10 Online Advertising Tools

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1) Articles Submission to Article Directories
2) Build an Email List
3) Email Marketing
4) Email Advertising
5) Free Classifieds Ads
6) Pay Per Click Advertising
7) Participate in Forum
8 ) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
9) Social Bookmarking
10) Website Development

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All About Mindset!!!


Now I really know .. it’s all about MINDSET!!!

1) Develop A Winning Mind
2) Multiple Streams of Income is Better Than Just One
3) Knowledge is power! Education.. Education.. Education..
4) Aiming for My Own Business Instead of Being An Employee

I must remember this Famous Old Saying: -

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail!”

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How can I drive more traffic to my blog? -Newbie must read-


I always wonder how to increase visitors to my blog.. and today I spend some times to read and read and read.. that’s what I found useful!

  1. Learn and read more to become expert in your field
  2. Share your expertise with people so people depend on you
  3. Write something that need to be read now and will be readable in a year
  4. Always digest good ideas of other people
  5. Always read and comment on other blogs and forum
  6. Tag your posts – social bookmarking
  7. Dont’ interrupt your writing with lots of links
  8. Don’t divert reader’s attention with promoting your business or books
  9. Use Feedburner
  10. Use Trackback links
  11. Add your blog to your My Yahoo! page
  12. Add your blog to your Google’s reader
  13. Add a link to your blog in your email signature file
  14. Have an RSS feed URL that people can subscribe to
  15. Be patient

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