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Sharing on SmartsBlueprint Workshop

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I’ve attended SmartsBlueprint Workshop – a Free Internet Marketing workshop with some friends last Saturday. It was organized by Teddy Wu, an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur. This is definitely one of the great workshop and through his sharing, I recall what I’ve learnt in the past and also learn new things at the same time.

The workshop started with Frank Kern video and through this video alone, I have gained great knowledge.

Frank Kern has very good sharing but here are some good points I would like to highlight and share with you:

  • If you help enough people, make them happy and get what they want, you will get what you want.
  • Always deliver value to prospect and customers
  • Deliver more value than the others in the community
  • Do Today What Others Don’t, Enjoy Tomorrow What Others Won’t!

Another important notes that I would like to share with you is:

6 Important Factors For a Successful Internet Marketer

  • Burning Desire To Success!
  • Specialized Knowledge – Either spend time to learn or spend money to outsource
  • Time Management
  • Be Decisive in Nature – Make Decision Quickly & Don’t Change It. You are going to be the Decision Maker for your Business
  • Be Goal Oriented – Begin with an end in mind
  • Mastermind Group & Mentoring – Be accountable to others

Now let’s share the photos taken during the workshop.

SmartBluePrint Workshop - Teddy Wu

Teddy is sharing about Web 2.0 and Internet Marketing Overview

Smarts Traffic Blueprint - Teddy Wu

Smarts Traffic Blueprint Overview

Moon Loh's Internet Marketing Experience Sharing

Sharing of my Internet Marketing experience

Moon Loh sharing on Internet Business

My Sharing on Internet Business

Moon Loh (Mompreneur Asia) and Elaine Lau (Todays Motherhood)

Photo taking with my good friend, Elaine Lau (Founder of Todays Motherhood)

Moon Loh and Vemma Team Members

Me and my dearest business partners!

Look at the Financial Times Special Report dated 28 Jan 2009:

Digital Business - Financial Times Special Report


So, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about the Online Business I’m In!

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I’m Network Marketing Mom!


Many of you have probably heard my story before, today I want to share with you why I choose Network Marketing instead of just doing Internet Marketing. Yes, I’m now a Network Marketing Mom – Mompreneur in Vemma Online Business. Actually I would prefer to call myself Internet Network Marketing Mompreneur! Haa..

It is exactly 2 years I’m in Internet Marketing. I started my journey in June 2008 and now is June 2010. During these 2 years, I learn a lot and gain a lot too. I have some results simply because I always believe “make money online is real and possible” and I never have any doubt with this statement. That’s why I can earn working from home just in front of computer. Very simple believing!

Many friends not understand why I choose Network Marketing instead of Internet Marketing. I’ve explained few times and I think it’s better for me to share here so I no need to repeat again and again.

See, Internet Marketing depends a lot on working alone and get Joint Venture (JV) to work on a project or launching new programs/products. For newbie friends, I really have limitation to share. See the graph below:

Internet Marketing

These are the marketing behind and this is what I mean of the limitation to share. Every people in different niche market and hence it is different cases and different approaches to use.

Now, Network Marketing. Network Marketing is more on sharing business. It is not so “complicated” like the graph above. Since we are in a same business, and working as a team, we are able to share on specific techniques and improve on it to get better results. In many cases, free training is provided to the team members. This is always win-win situation in Network Marketing for those who are willing to learn and work together in same business.

This is the very simple reason why I’m in Network Marketing industry. I’m sharing my experience and knowledge with partners in the same business and from there, we all benefited from the sharing. I also be more happy working with more like-minded friends online. I feel that I’m not alone now. We all have same This is the very simple reason why I’m in Network Marketing industry. I’m sharing my experience and knowledge with partners in the same business and from there, we all benefited from the sharing. I also be more happy working with more like-minded friends online. I feel that I’m not alone now. We all have same target and goals! And I’m proud to be Singapore Internet Network Marketing Mom!

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Why List Building Is So Important To Your Internet & Network Marketing Success


If you really understand how top marketers in the internet network marketing industry work, you should know the importance of list building. However, many still don’t know the importance and yet refuse to accept this is one of the most important element to the online business success.

My friends ask me, “How you can create a product or join a program and earn money overnight?” I never share this publicly but when my friends ask me, I do share with them privately. The answer is “build your own list”. Do you think all the ads you see from the website about make money overnight are just scam? I don’t think so. I mean yes, they might be scam but why not stop for a while and think what if they are real and what they do to make it become real? I’m not a negative person. What I do is I go and find out their secret. Unfortunately, they have no secret and they just tell you openly they have build a huge list and this make them success to earn money overnight.

Let’s take our Super Affiliate Marketer Ewen Chia as example. Many of us have opt in to get his free gifts, free ebooks, free information and yes, we are in his list. He provides great information to us via email and one day, when he creates a brand new product and recommend to you, saying that this is going to help you in your affiliate marketing success, I let you to do the calculation how many people in his list can’t wait to take the money out from the pocket and get his product.

This is why people can make good money overnight and they simply not scam. Simple math, you have 1000 in your list, 100 buy your product at $10, you earn $1000. You don’t even need to have degree to do the simple calculation. So, the secret is List Building.

In Network Marketing, unless you still doing offline marketing, otherwise list building is just so important for your online business success. Let me share with you a third party’s experience:

My Experience With Network Marketing List Building

I’ve been in and out of network marketing for several years and have made hundreds of mistakes. One thing I’m ashamed to admit, is that I’ve spent A LOT of money buying products that I never got much use out of.

I’ve taken the opportunity to learn from my mistakes. I wanted to know what it was about those products, and the way they were advertised, that made me want to buy them (knowing why you make the purchases you make, you can better apply this in your own attraction marketing).

There was one thing I noticed in common with almost all of my purchases. The people I had purchased from, had all done a good job of getting me onto their email list (or network marketing list if your focus is mlm). They did this even before they tried to sell me anything at all.

In fact, in almost every case, I had read these people’s emails, watched their videos and come to know them through their marketing messages.

They had provided a lot of value to me and my life with their tips and training. Therefore, it was only natural for me to trust them and buy their stuff (The fact that I didn’t benefit from the products is my fault). I have come to know firsthand the power that list building can have on one’s promotional efforts.

This sharing is taken from “How Network Marketing List Building Helps Internet Attraction Marketers Build a Long Term Business”. I recommend you read his full article and you will definitely gain knowledge from the reading.

If you want to know what strategy I use and teach my team members to build the list, just put your name and email to the form below. You will gain access to my Online Biz Strategy Training Center immediately.

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Brian Tracy Video Sharing


I like these a video from Brian Tracy and just want to do a quick sharing here with you.

This is so true about what he said in the video. Try to on your speaker loud so you can hear him clearly.


Brian Tracy – Fear of Failure

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My Experience with Vemma


Vemma stands for Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen, Aloe. As the composition suggests, Vemma is a company that produces health products. You can read any Vemma review on the net and learn about Vemma. These days there is a lot of demand for health based products and millions of people are willing to purchase nutritional food products. As the demand is high, BK Boreyko founded Vemma in 2004 as an MLM company, meaning unlike other methods, Vemma is sold directly by representatives of Vemma, providing them a big opportunity to earn.

A few weeks ago, one of my friend from UK who is a medical doctor suggested Vemma to me. He’s an excellent network marketer too. He told me apart from Vemma’s health benefits, the market for nutritional drinks was big and if I put effort, I would successfully be able to do the MLM business and earn good money.  He also told me about Vemma Builder system and Vemma’s product mangosteen juice. This juice is made from natural mangosteen fruit with lots of anti-oxidants. According to a recent research, they help keeping the body healthy and slow down the effects of aging.

At first I was quite skeptical about Vemma and its MLM system as there are many similar systems that promise big money but in the end, people only lose money, waste time and energy. The biggest problem in selling a product in market is there should be a demand for that. Many people fail to see that and utterly fail. But if there is something that can never go out of demand is something that promises to improve your health. Historically, health products have always been in vogue. After a lot of research and reading Vemma review, I could see how big the demand is for health supplements all over the world.

So I thought I should join and try Vemma Builder marketing system. In the end, the system really impressed me. It saved a lot of effort, time and energy. I found Vemma Builder system is more effective and helpful in doing online business and generating more leads than any other MLMs. I’ve seen some declare Vemma a scam. The main reason for this declaration Vemma scam is that they don’t know how to market the business opportunity. They simply concentrate on selling the products to friends, family and little “marketing” in social networking sites.

No business is easy and if you are in marketing, you are going to have to meet as much people as you can, explain about your business opportunity and products. Moreover, if you want some good money, you have to enroll more people under you and that needs patience and perseverance. I was able to market Vemma opportunity to many people and I found the system saves lots of hard work in following up.

As I found Vemma is good to market, I thought I should study more products from Vemma. Other products from Vemma are Vemma Verve and Vemma Next. Verve is an excellent energy drink with lots of nutritional values. Unlike other energy shots, Vemma is actually good for your health as it contains nutrition. Vemma Next is mostly targeted at children. I really wish to get Vemma Next for my kids but unfortunately it is not available in Singapore for this moment. Vemma has a good support system and training program so that you can learn how to market their products effectively and the online marketing tools they provide help grow your business.

Compensation Plan
The most attractive aspect of Vemma is its compensation structure and other bonuses schemes. The compensation structure is what is known as “binary” or dual line compensation plan which builds two teams, your right and left team. Once you register you get full access to Vemma’s business center with two marketing websites. You get paid on a weekly basis for your team building efforts. The larger the enrollees under you, the more you get paid. Some people call Verma scam, but it is certainly not. It is only those who have not been able to build their own team and market the opportunity and products are calling it a scam. Vemma is an excellent and successful upcoming MLM company that offers attractive plans to foster growth.

Binary compensation plan provides excellent opportunity for the representatives to earn. As it’s a dual line structure, you not only earn for your members’ sales, but also for enrolling new members and their sales which ensure steady stream of monthly income. Many people are successfully able to balance these two legs in Vemma compensation plan and earn well.

The next thing I like about Vemma’s model is there is no restriction on how you do business. Many think when doing business, you have to follow certain principles and practices. Though it’s applicable for most of the businesses, Vemma lets you work anytime and anywhere. There is no physical boundary where you can market products and make your team. You can do Vemma business at your desired time from home. You might know that most of the MLM don’t provide you the option to advertise your product or share online. I truly believe that if you want to do a business, there should be no boundaries and restrictions. Vemma doesn’t restrict you in any way so that you can follow your own business model and be convenient with that.

For anybody’s success, there would be a person, a leader behind. Vemma facilitates just that. Once you register, you have access to lots of marketing tools and resources which enable efficient business from your part. Even if you are not very good at marketing, you are going to have a good team leader from whom you can learn many things. The training and guidance provided by Vemma is enough for you to learn marketing.

If you want to experience how Vemma Builder works, simply follow this link: Free Tour @ Vemma

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Must Watch 3 Minutes Robert Kiyosaki’s Video

must watch

Just a quick sharing about Robert Kiyosaki’s – The Business of the 21st Century.

You will definitely gain some knowledge from this 3 mins video. On your speaker hear what he says about Network Marketing. :)


Making a Positive Difference Starts With People Helping People

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