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Happy Chinese New Year! 2010!

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It’s another brand new year for Chinese. If you have missed the good start for year 2010, here’s another chance for you to start again, it’s Lunar Chinese New Year 2010! :)

Some of my friends share their New Year Resolution at their blog and after read theirs, I think I should have mine. But, I always have mine from time to time. I normally focus doing one thing at one time and once achieve, will move towards another level. This year, I have more targets to achieve and higher mission for myself. It’s not only my goals, but also my team members’ goals.

Well, Here’s wishing this New Year brings You
Lots of Luck..
Wealth in Abundance..
Never Ending Hapiness..
And Plenty of Smiles..
To last Forever..

Gong Xi Fatt Choy!
Happy Chinese New Year! :)

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Rank First Page of Google in 6 Minutes

Good and best page rank

Just a very quick sharing here. After the earlier post, I simply done a googling online and quite surprise to find that my new post “New Home Business-The Million Dollar Mom” was indexed so fast and get rank #6 in first page of Google.

The screenshot is not so clear but if see carefully still can see the wording of “6 minutes ago”. :)

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New Home Business-The Million Dollar Mom

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It’s time to update my blog! I should do a update early this month but drag until end of Jan 2010.

Real busy with my new home biz – The Million Dollar Mom!

This year, I will focus more on The Million Dollar Mom which I believe this is a great business especially for moms.

For moms who want to work from home and spend more time with family and kids, I invite you to come and join us.

If you love stories, you should read our stories and we share with you our BIG dreams!

Click here to read our stories

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TWI Group Is Having Webinars Soon

work from home

TWI Group is a internet work at home opportunity in Singapore and soon expand to Malaysia in early Year 2010. The latest news I get  from theTWIgroup is that they are having webinars very soon and all the presentation and trainings are going to be live!

This is a good news for me as I’m always looking into the opportunity of working from home and if the presentation is done through webinars, I believe this is a good news for most of us especially moms who needs to take care of kids at home. Also, there is another good news which is they are going to open a new store in Malaysia and this is definitely a “big thing” in Year 2010.

To let you have an idea about what TWI Group is doing, here is some information:

Turn shopping for eco-friendly daily essentials into a profitable work-from-home business!

* A virtually risk-free business, a revolutionary American 24/7 online & in-store ‘go green’ supermarket and online shopping concept (3 stores in Singapore as of March 2009 and 1st store opening in Malaysia ,KL early 2010)
* 24 years of positive growth every single year
* customers shop direct either by phone, online or at our stores
* no inventory, no selling products required
* no taking orders
* no doing personal deliveries
* no billing or collecting money
* Exceptional products at reasonable prices that are affordable to the average family, unlike those marketed by specialty shops, MLMs or direct selling companies.

Another important point I want to add in is: This business is in recurring income!

If you are looking for an opportunity to work from home with the following:
• No Employees!
• No Bills!
• No Debts!
• No Legal Cost!
• No Licensing!
• No Accounting!
• No Stress!
• No Overhead!
• No Inventory!
• No Storage!
• No Liabilities!
• No Accounts Receivable!
• No Shipping!

Joining a good program is easy but how to promote it to earn the residual income you desire is more important. If you want to find out how top marketers promote their business online effectively, simply login to the Training Center below.

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My Experience of Internet Work At Home Opportunity – theTWIgroup Presentation

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If you are always look for internet work at home opportunity, you must have seen the website of theTWIgroup. I see this website more than once and most of the time from Google Adwords. Of course I didn’t go to click on it after I know what is the content (you know what I mean if you are in internet marketing ;)). My purpose of blogging today is to share with you my experience with their presentation I went yesterday.

See, I didn’t attend any presentation for internet business or MLM business opportunity before. The reason I attended their presentation is because I wanted to find out more about their “insider secret”. In case you still don’t know what is theTWIgroup, here is the screenshot of their website.

Few months ago, my facebook friend asked me about this website and I told her I have no idea what they are doing and I asked her to find out more if she really interested. I didn’t fill in the form at the website because they request for phone no which I’m not comfortable with. I have the chance to come across theTWIgroup again is because one of my network friend invited me to join him for the company’s presentation. Since he is the member of theTWIgroup, I tried to find out from him more information about this company. So sorry, I didn’t get much information because he said would share with me more only when we meet up during presentation. That’s fine with me because I know with some simple googling, I would get the answer. Yah, very fast I know their product is from Melaleuca. I wondered why this is so secretive that cannot tell me before I went for the presentation.

Since you can see from their site that the headline is “Internet Work at Home Opportunity”, I went to theTWIgroup presentation and expected them to share more with me the business opportunity. But.. I actually didn’t get much information that I wanted. They share about products and some simple info about work from home. The simple info means they tell us we can use internet marketing to promote this product and the internet marketing is their brouchure, unique business cards and some training they have. Members who want to work from home will have a duplicate website of theTWIgroup. This is all the info I get for the business opportunity part. I have no way to find out more about the marketing plan and any other internet marketing techniques they have because first, they didn’t have Q&A section and secondly, maybe I have asked the wrong person.

See, when we are looking for business opportunity, there are few aspects to look into. Company, products and marketing plan are my 3 main concern. I know about Melaleuca but I don’t know TWI Group Pte Ltd (no introduction about company). I agree that their products are safer, economical and environmentally friendly, but I’m not to the level that to commit myself to spend certain amount on the products monthly. Thirdly is the marketing plan and quite disappointed I came home with the questions in my mind. You want to know what questions I have and why I so eager to find out? Sure, here I list some in my mind.

1) What is the difference between Career and Value pack and how it affects the commission I earn?

2) What is the earning plan that I can adopt if I want to earn asap?

*For 1 & 2, the answer I get is to sign up as member and then attend their training to get more info. Just wonder why I can’t get to know how I can earn before I sign up?

3) This is internet work at home opportunity and they said about internet marketing. However, I didn’t see much internet marketing elements and what is their internet work from home training to the members?

4) I’ve read from their website that they have some terms and conditions on lead generating, website and email. What it means? I must use their duplicate website only?

I hope someone can enlighten me and share with me more about your own experiences at theTWIgroup.

*Pls don’t tell me how good the products are because I have no questions about the products itself. ;)

*Pls don’t tell me to be member first, use the products then intro to friends, I know this already. What I want to know is  “Internet Work at Home” Part. How you work from home to intro your friends effectively? Is the company teaches about this?

Update on 17.12.09 – After I’ve meet up with top leader from theTWIgroup

This is my update for the post after I’ve meep up with the top leader from theTWIgroup today. I appreciate the top leader from the group actually spend his valuable time for hours to sit down with me and clear my doubts. See, my intention of the blogging above is just to ask questions, without any special intention. I’m just glad that he takes his effort to go through with me all the questions I have and also explain with me more about the internet home business part. Since I have all the valuable information, I shall share with you too.

For your easy reference, let me post again the questions and then by answers.

Question 1: What is the difference between Career and Value pack and how it affects the commission I earn?
Answer: Both career and value pack have different commission rate and the commission for career pack is higher.

**I’m not convenient to disclose the rate to you here due to the company’s policy. Like many others companies, they have their own policy & terms and conditions.

Question 2: What is the earning plan that I can adopt if I want to earn asap?
Answer: This is really based on your own decision whether you want to take this business seriously. Some people just work part time while some put their full effort and work full time. The most important is to share more with them your target, your background and the team will work together with you to achieve it.

**I agree with this because different people have different background and to know how to put your strength into the business is very important. Find the leaders to talk to and get them to work out a good plan for you. I actually share with him my background and my knowledge in internet marketing. I would like to know how my knowledge can help me in this home business and with the answer he provides, I know he is a good leader that lead by example.

Question 3: This is internet work at home opportunity and they said about internet marketing. However, I didn’t see much internet marketing elements and what is their internet work from home training to the members?
Answer: The internet marketing training is provided and you can join the group to learn how to generate leads from their duplicate website.

**For this question, actually we have a deeper discussion about internet marketing. I hope I share with you more but I’m not able to post the hours sharing with a simple blog post. The reason of why I said I didn’t see much internet marketing elements is simply because I already have the knowledge of internet marketing and I know there are more advance techniques I can use to promote this business. See, if you also have the IM knowledge, you know the better ways to generate free traffic to the website and how to do list building. However, not all the people know about this and majority of them don’t know. So, the IM training for them is from the very basic.

Question 4: I’ve read from their website that they have some terms and conditions on lead generating, website and email. What it means? I must use their duplicate website only?
Answer: Like many other affiliate programs, they have the list building website for the members and the company actually invested tons of money to really go and test the effectiveness of the website. Like us, we are doing the split test for the sales page, take the best and let go the second best. This is exactly the same for them. Therefore it is advisable not to create own website. And the main company itself have the restrictions on posting about the company name and products.

Basically I get answers for all my questions.

I actually do hours of research about this company and products before the meet up. Majority of the review I read is towards the positive side and even there are cases of negative feedback, the problem lies on the person who promoting but not the company or the products itself. I also spend time to analyse this niche market and the seo part, the result is.. You can simply get free targeted traffic with few IM techniques you know.


P/S: The above sharing is based on my own experience, research and finding. If you want to find out more, I suggest you do your own research. The comment for this particular blog post is closed.

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How To Upload PDF File to Blogspot


After I have shared my collection of 126 MRR Ebooks, I get thank you emails from friends and some of them tell me that they would like to share with their readers, but they are using blogger blog and don’t know how to upload the pdf file to blogspot. I didn’t use blogspot and I didn’t have any idea why blogspot doesn’t have the upload file function. With the curiosity and also hope to find a solution for my friends, I “borrow” a blogspot account from friend and start to try the ways to upload a PDF file. Finally~~ I get the solutions. :)

2 Ways:
1) Use Google Group
2) Upload to Ziddu.com

1) Use Google Group

It is not difficult, I capture some screenshots so that you can follow well. All you need to do is to create a “Google Group” account – http://groups.google.com

2) Upload to Ziddu.com

Ziddu is easy to use. All you need to do is to register an account with them and upload the PDF file using the function provided. Every time people download from your link, you get paid. Click here to go Ziddu.com

See, it’s pretty easy right?! :)

Get my 126 Master Resell Rights (MRR) Ebooks and share with your readers.

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My New Product – WAHM Home Business Kit

1 Comment

Finally I find time to blog about my latest product – WAHM Home Business Kit. I’ve been too busy for last 2 months. Well, I gave birth to a baby girl end of September and she is my No. 2 Baby Moon. :) You can see more of her photos at Baby Moon’s blog – http://coolestbabymoon.com

WAHM Home Business Kit is my latest new product launched 2 weeks right after my one month confinement. Out of curiosity, my friends asked me how I did that in such a short time? There is no secret at all, during the month of confinement, I have more time to think on how to help moms who are interested in online business but yet to know how to get started. I receive many enquiries particularly in this topic and I believe this is the good time for me to really come out something for moms who have no idea on how to start and where to start.

Some moms share with me that they don’t have idea what online business to do and they don’t have much knowledge in this field. So, I come out a FREE “Online Business Ideas for Moms Ecourse” and hope they get ideas about online business. Let’s watch this short video.

Click here to get the FREE “Online Business Ideas for Moms Ecourse”

Let me do a quick sharing on what is the WAHM Home Business Kit and what is inside the whole package. Basically this Home Business Kit is my special designed package for moms and inside the package you will get:

1)    Home Business Guide – that you must read before you start any internet / online business.

2)    Home Business Recipes – my exact ways in automated my online business and all the resources and tools are provided. I’m personally using the resources and tools, thus I’m 100% confident on the recommendation. You won’t find another duplicate copy online because this is my “secret recipe”.

3)    Home Business Step by Step Guide – not only the resources and tools provided, this guide is especially for newbie with the step 1, step 2 etc.

4)    3 Success Elements – why I included this just because this is important for you to have the success elements in mind. These elements help me a lot and I share with you without hesitation.

5)    Time management – Oh, moms just too busy and don’t really have much time juggle family, kids, career etc.  at one time. This is also a must read so you can arrange your time effectively.

6)    Blogging For Traffic – moms have blogs nowadays, why not optimize your blog and earn some extra from there? You need to know how to get traffic so to start earning, a simple guide with all the tips.

Bonus! Bonus and Bonus!

1)    Online Business Ideas for Moms – This is not the ecourse but a Ebook to give you more detail ideas. It’s FREE!

2)    Internet Marketing Ebooks – There are total of 10 Ebooks for you FREE. I paid to get them and now I get with you simply because I find them useful and definitely help in your internet business. Make sure you read them, just one or two techniques applied will boost your sales to double.

3)    1 to 1 Email Support – Feel free to drop me email if you have enquiries or difficulties after get the package. I will do my best to answer your questions and help you wherever you needed.

One of my friends who get the package and send me this email:

What I really LOVE though is your sincerity. I feel you truly want to help people and are not all out to earn money only. I really appreciate all the guidance you have given me thus far. It has been invaluable. Your work attitude is highly commendable as you reply all my emails fast and accurately. You treat all potential customers and past customers as friends! Hopefully one day I’ll be as successful as you!”
Charissa Lim

I hereby invite you to find out more about WAHM Home Business Kit. Enjoy and Wish you success! :)

Click Here to Read More About WAHM Home Business Kit

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LinkedTube – A Powerful Clickable Video Marketing Tool

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LinkedTube is finally here for you and me! If you ever hope that video should have a live, clickable link back to your website or to the affiliate sites you are promoting, LinkedTube make it possible for you now! The cool thing about LinkedTube is you could use LinkedTube to embed your affiliate link into the video, and then promote the video on your website or blog or invite your friends to watch at LinkedTube. Of course, not only the affiliate links, you may link to anywhere you like. ;)

Oh.. you don’t have your own video at YouTube? This is not a problem at all. The fact is, you can use any videos at YouTube. :) This is cool right? What you need to do is to search for the video you want to use at YouTube and get the video’s URL.

See the live clickable videos:

Video links to Mompreneur Internet Marketing Hub

So, now you have no excuse to wait anymore! Make use of this useful FREE viral promotion tool and embed a clickable link to your favourite sites today! ;)

Click here to LinkedTube.com

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5 Keys to Creating Websites that Sell


Your business website is essentially your storefront, business card and most significant marketing piece all rolled into one.  How it affects your visitors and customers is then essential to your success.  Provide a memorable experience and customers are sure to return time and time again.  Let’s take a look at five keys to creating a website that sells.

Key #1  Make your website interactive.

As the internet continues to grow and evolve it’s becoming more important to create a community around your business. To accomplish this you want to engage your visitors and customers.  This can be accomplished a number of ways.  You can:

* Provide a forum
* Post surveys or polls
* Enable visitors and customers to review or rank items.  For example a “How valuable was this article?” question and a scale of 1 to 5 stars or a ranking from 1-10.
* Offer a blog and inspire comments and feedback
* Host contests and sweepstakes
* Publish video and audio content as well as written content.  This gives users another way to access you and your personality.

Key #2  Make sure your website provides value.

People go online for a number of reasons.  They go online to research a potential purchase, to seek solutions for a problem they’re having and to be entertained.  If your website provides all three; products, information, and entertainment then you’re in tip top shape.  The good news is your content can provide both the information and the entertainment and when written well, can also inspire purchases.  Here are a few ideas to provide value for your customers and prospects:

* How to articles, videos, and audio
* Tips articles, videos, and audio
* Case studies
* Workbooks and reports
* Interviews with experts
* Product reviews

Key #3  Make sure your website is easy to navigate.

It takes a visitor about 20 seconds to make a decision about whether they’re going to stay on your website or click away. If your site is laid out nicely, with products and services, information, prices, FAQs, and content easy to find then people are more likely to hang out – the longer they stay on your site the more likely they are to make a purchase or to return again.

To make your site easy to navigate consider:
* Keeping your site simple.
* Keep your pages uniform with the same options and appearance.
* If you have a lot of content, great!  Use drop down menus and organize your content by topic for easier access.
* Offer a search function where users can search for products, services, or content topics quickly and easily.
* Provide a way for users to easily go back to previous pages.  A back key is an option however if every page has the same options and drop down menus, including the ability to quickly return to the home page, a visitor will always be able to find what they need.
* Test your website’s appearance on different browsers to make sure every visitor has a good experience.

Key #4  Make your website easy on the eyes.

Ever visit a website and the text was so small or the colors so incompatible that you couldn’t read a word?  Readability is critical to a selling website.  Make sure:

* Your colors are easy on the eyes,
* Your graphics aren’t distracting
* And keep formatting like underlining, bold and italics to a minimum.
* Spacing between sentences and paragraphs is adequate
* Font size is large enough for people to read and font is easy to read

Key #5  Give them a soft sell.

People expect to be sold to and they’re looking for it – they’re wary.  Instead of hitting website visitors with a hard sell, provide information, solve their problems and show them the benefits of your products or services.  They’ll be much more receptive and appreciative.

Creating a website that sells requires a structured approach and a desire to create the best experience possible for your visitors.  Once you’ve created your website, consider testing it and asking associates, friends and family for their opinion.

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Build Your List and Make Money

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Does your business enterprise need a boost? Consider using special reports to add revenue and build a business contact list for future use.

What are special reports?

Special reports are short reports that contain helpful information on a subject. The reports are anywhere from a few to 30 or so pages in length. If you have the know-how, you can write them yourself or hire a writing service to do it for you. There is very little work involved in creating them but they are versatile tools for building an online business.

One popular subject for special reports is how-tos. They direct a reader, step by step, how to do something. If you are knowledgeable with computer software and hardware, that is a perfect niche for special reports on your website. People are always having trouble figuring out their computers and you could help.

Marketing special reports

There are options for marketing your special reports. If you are trying to build a business list of customers, use these special reports as a freebie when any visitor signs up to be a part of your email mailing list. For this type of promotion, use a shorter report like a five page report on how to navigate problems with Windows Vista (if your website has a computer niche).

You can create a five-part course and use the first part as the free promotion. It is your hook. Once they sign up for the mailing list, you can grant them access to the other installments through emails that also advertise your website products. Signing up for a business newsletter subscription can also be the reason to gift a free special report.

Making money

All of your special reports don’t have to go towards list building. Besides your other products or services, you can sell special reports on your website. Many reports sell for between $5 and $20 a piece, but if you offer very valuable information, you can command a higher price. Sell single reports or create various courses to interest your customers.

People love to learn about money-making opportunities. They will pay the money for any information that is a how-to guide to making money on and offline in various ways. How have you made money? Begin there with the subject of your special reports.

As your business grows, create an affiliate program. This gives customers a way to help you make more money and also make some for them. Offer certain special reports as additional compensation for reaching a certain selling level in the affiliate program.

There are a number of ways to use special reports. As you build your library and your lists, alternate the free promotional reports and continue to sell your entire library, creating combination offers such as Buy Two, Get One Free.

While your special reports are building your contact list, they are also making you money. With such a low cost to create them, your profit margin will rise.

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