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LinkedTube – A Powerful Clickable Video Marketing Tool

LinkedTube is finally here for you and me! If you ever hope that video should have a live, clickable link back to your website or to the affiliate sites you are promoting, LinkedTube make it possible for you now! The cool thing about LinkedTube is you could use LinkedTube to embed your affiliate link into the video, and then promote the video on your website or blog or invite your friends to watch at LinkedTube. Of course, not only the affiliate links, you may link to anywhere you like. ;)

Oh.. you don’t have your own video at YouTube? This is not a problem at all. The fact is, you can use any videos at YouTube. :) This is cool right? What you need to do is to search for the video you want to use at YouTube and get the video’s URL.

See the live clickable videos:

Video links to Mompreneur Internet Marketing Hub

So, now you have no excuse to wait anymore! Make use of this useful FREE viral promotion tool and embed a clickable link to your favourite sites today! ;)

Click here to LinkedTube.com