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Sharing on SmartsBlueprint Workshop

I’ve attended SmartsBlueprint Workshop – a Free Internet Marketing workshop with some friends last Saturday. It was organized by Teddy Wu, an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur. This is definitely one of the great workshop and through his sharing, I recall what I’ve learnt in the past and also learn new things at the same time.

The workshop started with Frank Kern video and through this video alone, I have gained great knowledge.

Frank Kern has very good sharing but here are some good points I would like to highlight and share with you:

  • If you help enough people, make them happy and get what they want, you will get what you want.
  • Always deliver value to prospect and customers
  • Deliver more value than the others in the community
  • Do Today What Others Don’t, Enjoy Tomorrow What Others Won’t!

Another important notes that I would like to share with you is:

6 Important Factors For a Successful Internet Marketer

  • Burning Desire To Success!
  • Specialized Knowledge – Either spend time to learn or spend money to outsource
  • Time Management
  • Be Decisive in Nature – Make Decision Quickly & Don’t Change It. You are going to be the Decision Maker for your Business
  • Be Goal Oriented – Begin with an end in mind
  • Mastermind Group & Mentoring – Be accountable to others

Now let’s share the photos taken during the workshop.

SmartBluePrint Workshop - Teddy Wu

Teddy is sharing about Web 2.0 and Internet Marketing Overview

Smarts Traffic Blueprint - Teddy Wu

Smarts Traffic Blueprint Overview

Moon Loh's Internet Marketing Experience Sharing

Sharing of my Internet Marketing experience

Moon Loh sharing on Internet Business

My Sharing on Internet Business

Moon Loh (Mompreneur Asia) and Elaine Lau (Todays Motherhood)

Photo taking with my good friend, Elaine Lau (Founder of Todays Motherhood)

Moon Loh and Vemma Team Members

Me and my dearest business partners!

Look at the Financial Times Special Report dated 28 Jan 2009:

Digital Business - Financial Times Special Report


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