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My Great Achievement In Year 2010!

It’s the end of Year 2010 and I must say I really feel time flies! I just checked back what I was doing last year December. Wow… that was a campaign by Paypal in facebook called Paypal Wishlist (This program ended at Dec 2009, so it’s not valid to earn now). That was a great application and I have earned U$100 (this is the maximum per person). I have introduced this opportunity to all of my friends. Unfortunately, not all believe they are real and even some believe, they don’t grab the chance to earn the max. Most of them just earned a few dollars. Until the campaign ended at Dec 2009 and they see the real money in their Paypal account in Jan 2010, they finally see to believe and regret not participate actively to earn the maximum.

From the Paypal Wishlist program, I get the summary below:

1) People don’t join the program because they don’t believe that is a real program that will pay
2) They don’t believe what I say
3) They joined but don’t earn much because they just try try and give up after few tries
4) They don’t have the strong will to earn the U$100, maybe just too little money?!

If we talk about the skills needed to earn, then I can share with you my sister who doesn’t have any skill but with a strong will to earn the U$100 finish her task and earn even faster than me before the due date. So, again, it’s about “There is a will, there is a way!” I’ve learnt a lot from this program and understand more how people think and what’s their attitude and response about referral / affiliate marketing. This is a great help to me especially when I explore and go into Internet Network Marketing in Jan 2010.

Early this year, I joined a Network Marketing company and I was thinking to use my Internet Marketing knowledge to do it online. Unfortunately the company does not support in terms of online marketing. I agree with the statement “everyone can success in network marketing opportunity”. But for me, I must find an opportunity that suit me, which allows me to work from home online and able to generate results by just using internet. The most important is, not only me alone can earn but the friends / team members can do the same too.

No matter how much I like their quality products, business is still business. We can join a lot of MLM companies and enjoy their quality products but when come to business, I still need to take into consideration many other aspects.  From my experience in the first Network Marketing company I joined in Jan 2010, I become very cautious when choosing to join Network Marketing company again, because I’m not joining to enjoy their products or services but I’m joining for the business opportunity.

Not many people know I’ve actually joined a second Network Marketing company this year. What happened was right after few days I joined, the company changed their structure from multi-level payout to affiliate payout. Well, not too bad because I get the full refund. But, the main point is, I don’t see these as a failure in my Network Marketing journey. On the other hand, these are the priceless experience and from there  I get to know some real leaders and mentors.

You probably know my primary business now is Vemma. You may read my experience with Vemma and why I finally choose to partner up with real leaders to work together in Vemma Online Business. Before I joined Vemma, these are the few questions I asked myself:

1) Is the company & product ok? They may not need to be the Top 1 company, but the Mission of the company and the quality of the products are important.

2) Does the company support business distributors to do online marketing? Can I really blog about their products, business opportunity and share with others using Social Media platform? This is really really important to me as I don’t like to do it using traditional ways like attend meeting, home party etc.

3) I want to join a team that have same belief and have good support online. From my past experience, team work is very important in Network Marketing business.

I finally joined Vemma when I experience the power of the Vemmabuilder system! If you are in Internet Marketing, I believe you understand how people earn while they sleep, spend time with family and kids etc. Yes, it is the SYSTEM that doing the work for them! So, Vemma actually fulfills my requirement and here I am in Vemma Online Business.

One great thing  I want to share is, I’m very happy during my days working with awesome partners in Vemma. Other than get paid weekly, I gain a lot of knowledge and experience and also glad to see team members who are serious in the business growing in term of recruitment skills,  internet marketing knowledge, self improvement and etc.

I have never forget my own Mission – to help more moms start their Online Home Business. This is the reason of the born of Mompreneur Asia and Mompreneur Asia Magazine. Work from home online is definitely possible if we don’t give up to look for the good opportunity and don’t give up when face any difficulties. There are lots of small or big stones in the path but we just need to pick it up and throw it away to continue the journey.

First Free Internet Marketing Training to Vemma Team Members

Second Free Internet Marketing Training to Vemma Team Members

vemma internet marketing training

Photos with awesome team members in KL Malaysia

vemma team alpha

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Moon Loh-Internet Network Marketing Pro

My Vemma Online Business Blog

Vemma Online Business blog

My Mompreneur Asia E-Magazine

Mompreneur Asia E Magazine

My life – Shopping with my daughters anytime we like during weekday

Play with my baby at home

Most important is – Get paid every week!

The trend in Year 2011 is definitely Internet Network Marketing which is to do Network Marketing using Internet. Again, my advice to you if you want to join Network Marketing industry:

1) You must be very clear whether you want to do offline or online. If you want to do online, choose an opportunity that allows you to do so.

2) Network Marketing business opportunity is not Investment program. You cannot expect to earn the income you want by just joining the opportunity, sit back and relax.

3) Don’t join the “Try Try group”. Otherwise your results will be like the Paypal Wishlist, only earn the few dollars in the end.

4) Treat your Network Marketing business seriously like you are the owner of the company and products. I’ve asked this question to many people: What will you do if this is your own company and product? Surprisingly, they tell me they will have different ways of doing, do this and that… Seems like they have lots of ideas and all working fine. So, you just need to ask yourself this question and you know how serious you are now.

Wish you have a Great Year 2011 and talk to you again! Cheers~~~

8 Responses

  1. Ding Neng says:

    Hello Moon! Wow!
    I also join the Paypal Wishlist!! I send all my friends, but i only get $5! I didn’t know can hit $100 :) Yea. From tat Paypal thing, I also learn many things :)

    2010 is the time i get to find you online, and work with you too (even thou I’m not a mom…haha!)

    2011 will be the year where we are going to create more results! :) Yay!

  2. jeffrey chew says:

    Hi Moon,

    It’s my pleasure to know you as a marketer and a friend. You have indeed come a long way and the way you put across to other “What will you do if this is your own company and product?” is perfect, nonetheless.

    With that, I wish you and your family members a happy and prosperous new year!!!

  3. Elaine says:

    Hi Moon, Happy New Year! Having being friends for more than 2 years I think.

    Having seen your never dying spirit to explore different business opportunities, I am very happy for you that you found what you want to do.

    Cheers to a wonderful year ahead and our friendship! All the Best!!! :)

  4. Alief says:

    Hi Moon,

    I remembered when I heard about the Paypal Wishlist program in the last few months of 2009 and I “tried” my best to get the USD100.00.

    I didn’t get $100.00 but I got $8.00 !

    Ha ha ha ha….

    Keep up the GREAT work, Moon and I’ll “try” to catch up with you by the end of 2011.

    See ya real soon!

  5. Moon says:

    Ding, great to know you in Year 2010 and have the chance to work with you. I see your potential, I know you can achieve more and I always believe so. Yes, Year 2011 is our year and we strike for our best! Cheers! :)

  6. Moon says:

    Thanks for drop by Elaine! Wow.. 2 years! Yes, I’ve found what I want to focus in Year 2011.. One of the great things in my online journey is to have lots of good friends including you who support and encourage me all the while. Cheers for our friendship! :)

  7. Moon says:

    Alief, remember you share with me about “Focusing”? Don’t give up easily, set your goals and focus on achieve the results you want. That’s it! Wish you have a great year of 2011! All the best to you! :)

  8. Moon says:

    Jeff, it’s my pleasure to know you and work with you in the same business too. Thanks a lot for the sharing when I was so new in Network Marketing. That’s help me lot in my further NM journey. Wish you have a great year of 2011 too! Cheers~~