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Paypal WishList – Good Pay Per Lead Example

I first heard about Paypal Wishlist when my friend sent me an invitation to join “Paypal Wishlist Application” at facebook. Immediately, I thought that is another new “game” at facebook and not really pay much attention to it. But after few days, I get another invitation again, this time I follow the link and want to find out more about this application. Since the name connected to Paypal, it actually draws some attention of mine.

After I go to the page, I see a very big sentence “Share your paypal wishlist and earn up to US$100.” Is this real or scam? Are they from real paypal? Few questions pop into my mind and without much delay, I do some research about Paypal WishList and not wasting too much of my time, I get the answer.

paypal wishlist

Yes, Paypal WishList is real and this is not a scam or spam. In fact, I get this from their official website too. See the screenshot above. This is the screenshot I capture from Paypal.com and I try to click the link, it actually links to facebook application. From there, I very confirm that they will really pay for the reference.

==> Claim your U$100 here.

P/S: Please read their Terms and Conditions. The earning only applicable for certain countries.

I get many questions from my friends at facebook about this program and the earning. Actually, this is not something new for paypal. All the while, paypal has its own reference program but not everyone know about it. This time, I believe they want to promote paypal to certain countries and thus come out with the pay per lead program. Facebook is really a good place for promoting and get more potential new customers. They really come out an awesome way to attract more users for paypal. :)

For friends who don’t understand about pay per lead, let me have a quick sharing with you about this term. Affiliate marketing can be divided to 3:

Pay per click – you get paid when people click on your link
Pay per lead – you get paid when people join under you (most of the time is free to join)
Pay per sale – you get paid for every sales you generate

For program like Paypal Wishlist, you earn U$1 for every friend you refer and this is a good example of pay per lead program. You just need to use their “Invite Friends” function and the “Share your wishlist” function to earn. It sounds very easy? It is not difficult!

Click this link and immediately you get your U$1 for own joining.

You may not really interested in the earning, but how about your friends? They may need the extra U$100 for the Christmas and New Year. Get some extra to buy for the family and kids. They will thank you for this valuable information. So, share with your friends and earn at the same time. Again, this is from Paypal official site and not a scam. :)

Last update: This earning program ended on 31st Dec 2009. I get my U$100 Paypal Wishlist payment via Paypal one month later.

If you have your own blog and want to earn more after Paypal WishList, I suggest you join ShareAsale Affiliates, ShareAsale has many pay per lead programs and ShareAsale itself is a pay per lead program. Some pay per lead programs inside ShareAsale offer up to $10 per lead.

Check out ShareAsale yourself ==> http://www.shareasale.com

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