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Archive for the ‘ Learning Curve ’ Category

5 Important Components of a Money Making Blog

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Recently I found a blogger friend who has few money making blogs that earns him few hundred dollars per month. I treat these blogs as money making blogs because the blogs really make him money and he is enjoying earning money through blogging.

From there, I realised that there are 5 important components that we need to take note when start to make money through blogging.

1. Choose Right Topic or Own Interest
It is important to choose a topic that you interested in. If you are interested in planting, then share with public your experience of planting, tips for planting and other information about planting. Since this is about your own interest, you will have the passion to write about it and share with others.

2. Right Niche Market
After choose the right topic based on your on interest, you will get the niche market. Niche market is the market you are marketing to and by knowing your niche market, it’s easier to do the marketing and to determine where the marketing energy and dollars should be spent.

3. Keyword Targeting
Keyword targeting is a good way to drive free traffic to a website. It is one of the search engine optimization (SEO) elements that a webmaster should pay attention to. Webmaster could always benefit from right keyword targeting.

4. Good Layout
The layout for a website is important. For example, if you want to make money from the pay per click advertisement, you should place your advertisement at the obvious place that the readers can easily be attracted to click on it. If the advertisements are placed at the corner and the chances of readers click on the ads will be lower.

5. Multiple Source of Income
Multiple income is always better than one source of income. Always look for more advertisers and the chances of earning will be higher.

If you are interested to take a look at my blogger friend’s website, you can go to http://makemoney.jayceooi.com

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The Youngest Blogger in Singapore


Who is the youngest blogger in Singapore? My baby moon is the youngest 2 years old baby blogger in Singapore. Of course she is not able to write the blog by herself and I’m helping her to update until she is able to do it by herself. Hmm… It needs to take few more years. However, I think it is a good idea because she can make friends there and when the time she grows she can post her feelings there.

It’s a good channel to communicate with the children when I tell her who are the visitors and who has post comments on her blog and what are the messages for her. By writing the blog on her view of points, I have actually gain more because I try to look things in different angle and understand her better.

Here’s is my baby moon and hope you can take a look at her website @ http://coolestbabymoon.com and leave a message to her. I will definitely read for her all the messages.

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No.1 in Apprentice Program by Teddy Wu


I just joined the Apprentice Program by Teddy Wu and yesterday was my first  lesson. I have introduced my friend Teddy Wu in my previous blog post, if you missed out my post about him, here I just have a simple intro about Teddy again.

Teddy Wu – A Internet Entrepreneur, a Google Adwords Qualified Professional, Advance Search Engine Marketing Skills Certified and Social Marketing Strategies Qualified.

This Apprenticeship program is an awesome program that the selected apprentices will be trained to be a Google Adwords Qualified Professional, a Search Engine Marketing Professional and a Social Media Marketing Qualified Professional. And the best part of this program is the apprentice has the chance to join him or his organization in projects or business. HOWEVER, THIS PROGRAM IS YET TO LAUNCH!

So, now you may wonder why I claimed that I have joined the program since the program is yet to launch?! Yes, I have the honour to be his first selected apprentice and I’m proud I’m the No. 1. Being the first who join the program means I must not fail myself and my mentor. I have to work hard to achieve the target and clear all the artificial barriers I have created in my own mind.

I would say that Teddy is a great mentor and he believes in “by sharing and giving, I will gain more”. In the first lesson, he shares with me his experience in the Internet Marketing, guides me the correct way of Internet Marketing and the most important, he is willing to share the tips or “unreveal secrets” that we totally could not get by self learning. As time is a factor, a correct system and guidance actually save lots of my time and by doing the correct things all the time is one of the shortcut towards success.

I wish I can share more with you all and perhaps I can also share some tips in my blog so  that all can benefits. Just for your info, my new blog is coming soon, this time I would blog about my “little baby moon”. =)

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You see my “Moon” favicon?


I wonder you see my “Moon” favicon beside my website address? In case you didn’t, please see the icon in the title of my blog next to the URL. It just change from a “blank paper” to a “yellow moon” picture.

Favicon is from the word “favourite icon” and I always wonder how people make this icon so impressive for others to click on. Like google, yahoo, blogcatalog etc have their own favicon and it’s so obvious to attract a higher click through rate.

Until today, when I do my viewing at Warriorforum, a member asks about this question and I realised the name of the little icon is “Favicon”. I quickly google the step to install a favicon on a wordpress blog. Here’s I share with you the steps to install the favicon: -

  • Step 1 – go to Maxblogpress download the Maxblogpress Favicon WordPress Plugin
  • Step 2 – Upload the Plugin to your WordPress wp-content/plugin
  • Step 3 – go WordPress Plugin to activate the plugin
  • Step 4 – go WordPress Settings click on the MBP Favicon

From there, you can easily choose from variety of icons inside the file or you can choose your own favourite icon from your computer. Once the file is saved, your favicon will immediately set.

Additional - If you want to use own favourite icon, you need an additional program Adsen Favicon to convert your photo to icon file.


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Review – Blog Profits Blueprint


I just finished the Blog Profits Blueprint by pro Blogger – Yaro Starak. I could only think of one word that can describe the Blueprint “Fantastic!”

Yaro Starak will share with you in his blueprint: -

  • What is blog
  • How blog make money
  • How to be successful blogging
  • How to market you blog
  • And the most important, How to monetize your blog

I just manage to highlight some of the big topics covered by his 54 pages blueprint. There are many good tips and important elements, strategies, tactics etc revealed by him.

I personally like this, and I quote it here to share with you all: -

“Blogging is not just a hobby. Blogs are one of the most powerful online marketing tools that I have ever come across. Once understand and can implement a successful blog, you have online ampicillin a unique skillset that can be leveraged in many ways to build a successful business.”

I recommend all of you to read Blog Profits Blueprint.  If you are a newbie and do not know where to start, please follow the step by step guide. If you already have your own blog and have generated traffic, please look at the next step on how to monetize your blog. If you stuck in somewhere and lost your direction, please read and your will know where are you now.

You can now download the Blog Profits Blueprint by FREE @ www.blogmastermind.com

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My New Website – MoonLoh.com


My new website blogging about my feelings, learning curve, passion, findings, ideas, recommendations, any many more.. finally been done and live now.

It’s not so easy for me to have all this done because I really do not have knowledge about computer technical stuffs and I never think about have my own domain name website. But today I make it and this is definitely not because I like it or blogging suddenly become one of my hobby. Nope! This is just because Internet Marketing requires me to do so! As simple as that.

Without questioning, I start to find the resources and get help from friend. I spend lots of time choosing theme for my website and deal with those features and functions in WordPress. WordPress is more technical compare with Blogger. But if you ask me “is it difficult?” I would tell  you frankly that “yes it is, for the first 10 minutes”.

I actually think that nothing is impossible and if other people can make it, why not me?

Pls read my new blog posts @ http://MoonLoh.com

and I no longer update my blog posts @ Blogger

For blogger friends who subscribe as a reader of my blog posts, I very much appreaciate and please continue to support me by subscribe @ http://MoonLoh.com

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It’s You! Teddy!



Welcome! You are the first visitor at MoonLoh.com

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Reading & Understand the Business Model

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These few days I am doing my reading all the time. I read articles, blogs and free eBook about affiliate marketing and how people make money online. From those reading, I found that those successful affiliate marketer have gone through a learning curve and put in a lot of effort in the business before they have such achievement.
Someone just remind me again the famous old saying “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. When come to a business, it really needs a PLAN – a business proposal. But before the plan, all I have to do is understand the business model. Yes, UNDERSTAND THE BUSINESS MODEL. That’s the reason why I’m doing the reading these few days.
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Education – Powerful Tool

Still remember our old schooling days? We listened to our teachers and get a tutor to help us passed in the exam. We just too impatient to wait for all the tips to get a distinction in our results.
Now, what do we have? We do not have a teacher there to spoon feed us, we have to work out by ourselves. Does it means that we cannot success in our target? Nope, we still can success in our target or so called “dreams” in our life.. But how?
Back to the old days, we learned ABC, 123.. If we were to success in our field, we got to have knowledge and become expert. When we are totally new in a field and industry, we got to learn from the start from as simple as ABC, 123..
Of course, we can use trial and error method or we can get a mentor to help us. A mentor who is success in the field can always give good advise and guide us towards our path of success. Besides that, we have to do our homeworks as well. Do learn and ask stupid questions so that we fully understand the topic.
Equip ourselves with knowledge all the time and do not give up easily will make us success in our dreams..
“I lost in the jungle, I don’t know what to do?!”
“When you know you are going to a jungle, why don’t you prepare yourself a torchlight and compass?”
“I prepared, but I don’t know how to use?!”
“Why don’t you learn how to use your tools? I’ve give you the best torchlight and compass but without your willingness to learn, the best equipments will become useless.”
So.. if the person were equiped himself with torchlight and compass and know the way of using it, you guess he is successful to come out from the jungle? =)
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New Friend – Teddy Wu


Last friday when I was feeling not so well and about to take MC to rest at home, I get to know this generous guy – Teddy Wu. I really feel lucky I didn’t take MC and went home. If I did so, I will miss the chance of knowing Teddy.

Teddy Wu – an Internet Entrepreneur, A Google Adwords Qualified Professional etc..

I had the chance talking with him for a few minutes and within these few minutes, he was so geneous and patient to talk to me regarding some tips about internet marketing. I really appreciated for his willingness to share.

I also read those free eBook from his website. So sorry I couldn’t share with you all but you got to request from Teddy. It’s free and it helps a lot.

Do drop him a visit and you’ll find that he is really good in internet marketing! =)

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