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Join Me At Facebook

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Facebook is not a new term to you all and in case you have heard about Facebook but have not joined in as a member, now come join us. If you are already a member but inactive and seldom log in to your facebook, I invite you to come back and actively participate in this social networking site.

Why I want you to join Facebook but not other social networking site? Yes, you should join other social networking sites but you should not ignore Facebook and underestimate the power of Facebook. Here let’s see some data about Facebook.

*click to enlarge

From here, we can see that in June 2008, web search volume for Facebook has exceeded google.

*click to enlarge

Rising searches are searches that have experienced significant growth in given time period, with respect to the preceding time period. Data shows that Facebook has a rising searches of +220%.

Why people are on Social Networks?
Looking for friendship
Improved communications
Exchange ideas with like-minded people
Meeting new people

So, I think you have no reason not to join Facebook. Come join me there and add me as your friend! See you there!

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How To Do Social Bookmarking


My mind always have questions about how to do social bookmarking. I don’t know how social bookmarking helps in internet marketing and don’t know how social bookmarking brings traffic to my website.

Questions in my mind

  • The purpose of social bookmarking sites are for people to bookmark their favourites, what and how should I do to promote my own site?
  • Can I bookmark all of my posts?
  • What is the correct ways if I want to bookmark my posts?
  • How many social bookmarking sites should I have? Can I register as many accounts as I like?
  • How to allocate my time at social bookmarking sites?
  • Will I become a social bookmarking spammer if I bookmark too much?
  • etc

I then tried to find from Youtube how people do social bookmarking and I really watched it for several times because I hope I can get any ideas how to do social bookmarking.

After I watched the video, I know how to social bookmark my favourites but those questions in my mind still have not been solved.

Until recently, I finally know what is the best practices of social bookmarking.

Best Practice of Social Bookmarking
Always bookmark good stuff – Good stuff like useful information or good websites that other people are interested in.
Bookmark frequently – Don’t just pharmacy open the accounts and post few things and then nothing else. Try to bookmark several times a day.
Bookmark new stuff – When discover new stuff, try to be the first to bookmark and share with others.
Don’t focus on one topic only - Bookmark on several topics because normal people are multi interested.
Comments on other people’s bookmark – Don’t just bookmark your own stuff, do comments on other people’s bookmark. However, it takes time.

And there are something we must remember

  • Too active in social bookmarking is dangerous! Don’t be a social bookmarking spammer.
  • Dangerous if you have multiple accounts from same IP address.
  • Always use pen name for social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking is a powerful tool but we must be very becareful and not to become a social bookmarking spammer. Social bookmarking spammer will get penalise by Social Bookmarking sites and also by Search Engine.

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Google Adwords – Keyword Matching And Traffic


Generally, there are four types of keyword matching in Google Adwords. You probaby know this if you have read the notes from Google Adwords Learning Center. However, I guess still have people who didn’t read from the Learning Center or they have read but sooner they forgot about the keyword match. Here, I just show you my handwriting notes like I always did. I hope you can see the whole picture instead of reading sentence by sentence or watch the video from start till end.

Why keyword match is important?
Keywords are the most important “key” to determine how much you pay for the ad to display. Since it involves money, we better put full attention on it. otherwise the money we invest will turn into a cost instead of investment.

Basically, there are four types of Keyword Match:

  • Broad
  • Phrase
  • Exact
  • Negative

I advise you to use all four types of keyword match and see which one work best for you. The keywords you use also closely relate to the traffic your ad could generate.

Traffic = Clicks On An Advertiser’s Ad(s)

Methods for Increasing Traffic

  • Add new or unused keywords
  • Create keywords for unadvertised products
  • Include more general keywords
  • Separate high-traffic keywords into Ad Groups
  • Increasing daily budgets
  • Increasing maximum CPC or Quality Score
  • Ensure your distribution preferences are set to maximise traffic
  • Broaden your Geo targeting settings

You can also try to increase your ad ranking because a higher rank will result in more click traffic for your ads.

Two ways to increase ad ranking

  • Increase your maximum CPC
  • Optimizing your ad, keywords or campaign to improve your Quality Score


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Google Adwords – Contextually Targeted Campaign


In my previous blog post, I’ve share about the Google Network and talked about the Search Network and Content Network. For the Content Network, we focus on Contextual Targeting and today I want to show you my notes about Contextually Targeted Campaign.

Best Practices of Contextually Targeted Campaign

  • Create separate campaigns for contextually targeted ads
  • Use Site Exclusion tool to focus on sites matching campaign goals
  • Set bids at the ad group level
  • Base each ad group around a single theme
  • Test different ad formats (text, image, video and gadget)
  • Point all ads in a particular ad group to the same destination URL
  • Create short keyword lists
  • Use negative keywords
  • Write compelling, specific ads

Contextually Targeted Campaign Items to Avoid

  • Don’t create different destination URLs per ad group
  • Avoid bidding at the keyword level
  • Never use keyword matching options
  • Refrain from including both singular and plural keywords
  • Try to have short keyword lists, less than 50 keywords per ad group
  • Don’t create just one ad group per campaign
  • Don’t choose generic landing pages for each ad group

These are the points that I think we should take note and every points are equally important.

If you have any points to add in, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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Google Adwords – About Google Network


I’m thinking how to share about my learning of Google Adwords because after I’ve studied all the topics I really found that “All the topics are important”. You really cannot skip any sentence in the lesson, don’t mention a topic. =)

I will choose those topics that I feel we should pay more attention into it or normally people tend to ignore. One of the reason I do my own notes is I always like to have a glance of the things I learn and I always highlighted the points I feel I should pay more attention (key points for me).

I’ve decided to share on Google Network today.

Why I feel that it’s important?

We must know what google network is before we start any campaign. The consequences of ignore this will end up with losing extra money on Adwords.

Let’s see my notes about Google Network:

*Note 1-click to enlarge

*Note 2-click to enlarge

From my notes, you can see that Google Network can be classified into two:

  1. Search Network – Text Ads
  2. Content Network – Text Ads, Image Ads, video Ads etc

The key points I’ve highlighted in my Note 1 are:

  • Contextual targeting matches keyword-targeted ads to pages in the Google Content Network
  • If you want an ad to run on the Search Network & Content Network, it is best to create 2 separate campaigns – 1 structured for search and 1 structured for the contextually targeted advertising.

Why 2 separate campaigns?
Please refer to my Note 2 – 4 criterias

  1. Places where ad can appear are different.
  2. Acceptable Ad Formats are different.
  3. Basis (Keywords issues) of ad being shown are different.
  4. The bidding options are different and we would like to set CPC for Search Network while CPM for Content Network.

If you have a campaign that combine search network and content network but work well, kindly share with me.

You can also give me comments so that I can improve my sharing with you.

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Book Review – Wink And Grow Rich by Roger Hamilton


Today I would like to share with you about this book – Wink And Grow Rich.

health mart pharmacy justify;”>Last evening, when my sis came back she suddenly asked me how’s my progress in Internet Marketing. I was surprised about her question but I shared with her in a very simple way because the SEO or LSI term is too technical for her. She then asked me whether want to read this book by Roger Hamilton – Wink And Grow Rich. The book is not thick, only 128 pages and she said I can finish it within two hours time.

Frankly, I don’t know who is Roger Hamilton. I just felt that since the book is not too thick and the title sounds good, I decided to read it before I went to bed. Guess what, I really appreciate for the recommendation. The book just too wonderful.

It’s a story about a young man who looks for the Well of Wealth. It’s really nothing to do with Internet Marketing but when I read that I just surprise that the book answered my questions about Internet Marketing in my mind.

The book just answered me and it summarized in 28 key points. I must share with you these key points:

  1. Think it, ink it, do it, review it
  2. Choose the level you want to play at
  3. What you see is always what you get
  4. Ask and you shall receive
  5. Learning is a game
  6. Invest more of your time, spend less of it
  • etc
  • up to No.28 – You are the result of your choices
  • What came after No.29?

The most inspired me are the hand drawing pictures, full of meanings and easy to understand yet stay long in my mind. I really hope to show you one or two but due to the copyright I can’t do that.

I was looking around for the book when it disappeared from my table. Just so surprised to see my Baby Moon was holding the book and I quickly recorded her reading. But a bit late, because she almost finished reading. =)

I’m sure I’ll read it again just like other people who read it for 3 times, 5 times or even 7 times. I will also let my Baby Moon read again in the near future since she has read it for her first time. =)

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My Handwriting Notes About Google Adwords


This is not the first time I mentioned about my learning of Google Adwords. I have lots of interest about Google Adwords and I’ve spent time at the learning center to sharpen my Adwords knowledge.

For the first time I read from the learning center, I actually choose those topics that I “feel” is important to me, examples the campaign and ad group management and the keyword targeting. I don’t really read all the topics or even I read some, I didn’t “see” the importance of the topics.

I started my Adwords campaigns and I was panic when I get a very poor CTR. The performance of the campaigns and ad group were really not good. That time my friend – Teddy (he is now my mentor)  asked me to read from the learning center. I listened to him but I still focus on the keyword targeting and ignore the other parts. I started to use different types of keywords and brainstormed a lot. This time the result improved but I still feel that it still can be improved.

After I’ve taken up IM course, I asked Teddy AGAIN about how to improve the result of adwords, he gives me lots of advice and AGAIN he asks me to read from the learning center and he mentioned that “All topics in the learning center are important”.

Guess what, I feel that I just like those children who need the parents to nag for few times before seriously do the homeworks.

So, this time I really spent my time to seriously read it and also do my notes. I write down notes for easy referring and better revision when needed. And, this is the first time I agree that “All topics in the learning center are important”!

Here’s are some pages of my notes. You are welcome to comment on it and I will share more about my learning in future posts.

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Build A Theme Site with LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)


I have discussed about LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing in my previous blog post “What is LSI” but not go into detail. Today let’s see some history of LSI.

Applied Semantics is a company whose use the software tecnology (creator of CIRCA) to extract and organize information from websites in a manner similar to the way that humans might act. The software technology arose from the shortage of finding the valuable content for the advertising of Adsense ads. As you may know, Adsense ads matched the keywords on the pages to keywords in the ads and a webmaster earned money for every click he received from an ad shown on his website. Google soon found the problems of those webpages simply contain relevant keywords phrases to capture traffic for the Adsense ads without valuable content. The software technology of Applied Semantics thus plays an important role in solving this problem. In year 2003, Google purchased Applied Semantics.

The exact mathematical formula used for LSI is complicated and it analyzes pages not only for keywords, but for processing documents based on keyword themes. So its real function is to determine if the content of a site is of value to the visitor or not. Since Google found LSI technology useful and has been implementing it into its ranking algorithm, we should understand and deploy on our websites.

We have some basic knowledge about LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), here we see how some words have other meanings to Google under the LSI.

When we perform search for the word “laptop” using Google, the returns results on the search pages are as follow:

Google BOLDS the search word “laptop”

If we run a query using the LSI commands which is a ~ sign in front of the search word “~laptop”, Google will show the search results as follow:

With LSI, you can see that to Google, “laptop” also means: Dell, VAIO, Toshiba, Computers.

LSI has changed the way Google looks at sites – shift from “keyword” to “themes”. It based on the concept that humans are not looking for pages that contain specific keywords but for sites build around a theme.

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What Is LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)?


When most of us focus on the word SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to achive page ranking success, there is another key to page ranking success – LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).

People always say “Content is King” and we always focus on the great content and wanted our articles to be found on search engines and therefore those articles were written with SEO in mind. Now, Let’s find out what is LSI and why it is the key to page ranking success.

LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing. It is a way for search engines to view and rank web pages in a more natural, or human manner. In other word, LSI helps search engines to find out what a web page is all about and it basically means that you shouldn’t just focus on a single keyword when optimizing our web pages and when getting links. LSI not only takes into account a keyword or phrase but also other words and phrases that are similar.

Let’s look at this example. When we want to write an article with the keyword of “buy dress”, we would include this keyword in the article about 3% for SEO purposes. However, with LSI we need to include “buy dress” a few times and also want to include other phrases like “buy clothes”, “buy long dress”, “get dress” and “purchase dress”. The article will then ranked higher in the search results because according to LSI, this article will have more value compare to only target the keyword of “buy dress”. Instead of one keyword or keyword phrase being used as anchor text, a variety of anchor text is favoured.

With the introduction of LSI, sites that previously were ranked high because of extensive inbound links based on a single keyword have now found their ranking have dropped.

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