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My Handwriting Notes About Google Adwords

This is not the first time I mentioned about my learning of Google Adwords. I have lots of interest about Google Adwords and I’ve spent time at the learning center to sharpen my Adwords knowledge.

For the first time I read from the learning center, I actually choose those topics that I “feel” is important to me, examples the campaign and ad group management and the keyword targeting. I don’t really read all the topics or even I read some, I didn’t “see” the importance of the topics.

I started my Adwords campaigns and I was panic when I get a very poor CTR. The performance of the campaigns and ad group were really not good. That time my friend – Teddy (he is now my mentor)  asked me to read from the learning center. I listened to him but I still focus on the keyword targeting and ignore the other parts. I started to use different types of keywords and brainstormed a lot. This time the result improved but I still feel that it still can be improved.

After I’ve taken up IM course, I asked Teddy AGAIN about how to improve the result of adwords, he gives me lots of advice and AGAIN he asks me to read from the learning center and he mentioned that “All topics in the learning center are important”.

Guess what, I feel that I just like those children who need the parents to nag for few times before seriously do the homeworks.

So, this time I really spent my time to seriously read it and also do my notes. I write down notes for easy referring and better revision when needed. And, this is the first time I agree that “All topics in the learning center are important”!

Here’s are some pages of my notes. You are welcome to comment on it and I will share more about my learning in future posts.

15 Responses

  1. donald says:

    hi moon
    you are very hardworking.. it’s a good trait to have.. i believe you will achieve your desirable online income soon!

    btw are you an engineer or technically trained?

    you do not seem to have a phobia with technical or internet stuff..


  2. Moon says:

    Donald, glad to see you here and thanks for the word “hardworking”.. haha..
    I’m not intelligent at all and what I can do is study harder to get what I want.
    You are totally wrong! I’m not engineer and totally no technical background. I totally “offline” 3 mths ago and I set up this blog step by step. Still learning btw.. =)

  3. Alvin Ou says:

    Hi Moon,

    I have ran my Adswords for 9 days now and have received 78 clicks to my site in total.
    I have targeted all the countries with 23 keywords and 3 ads variations. I have placed some targeted placement site but my ads does not seems be displayed often. I think that my Adswords setting can be tuned and refined a lot. So i guess i will be following your site often.

    By the way, the notes seems a bit too small …

  4. Wei Liang says:

    Hi moon,

    I am happy for you that you are actively learning on IM. Do share more of your learning curve with us on the blog. Will be glad to pick up a tip or 2 from you.

    Wei Liang

  5. Moon says:

    For the images of notes or screenshots I’ve posted in my blog, I really feel sorry because I always find my images blur and not look good. I will try to improve and perhaps you can give me some advises how to make my images look sharp.
    Thanks for telling me about your Adwords Campaign. Have you used different types of keywords? don’t just focus on broad keywords, try phrase, exact and negative keywords too.. especially negative keywords like -info, -free, -how to.. etc..

  6. Moon says:

    Wei Liang,
    Thanks for dropping by.. We learn from each other actually.. As I said, you always give valuable info in your blog which I do not hesitate to recommend to others. =)

  7. Alvin Ou says:

    For the notes images did you shrink the original images ?

    As for the images in your LSI post, if i am not wrong, you have save it using the Microsoft paint. I noticed that microsoft paint always blur my image when i save in jpg. So i changed to using photoshop to save my images instead.
    If you intend to continue using microsoft paint, you can try saving the image in TIF format. That should be the better format to use than gif or jpg.

  8. Moon says:

    Thanks.. I will try your method and I hope the next post I can have better images for you all. =)

  9. lai says:

    hi moon , what a good article you share with us, how about , bolded your keyword will be more easy to attract people eyesight when they surf your site? and the search engine ranking? how do you think?

  10. Moon says:

    Hi Lai,
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    Normally I will bold the subtitles or the sentences I think it’s more important or for the readers to take note.
    I won’t highlight the keywords for SEO because search engine performs the activities of crawling, indexing, processing, calculating relevancy and retrieving. So it really doesn’t matter you bold the keywords.
    Welcome for more comments and suggestion. =)

  11. cosmos-blog says:

    Thanks for your suggestion?study a lot.

    but I have a question?

    in the site mybloglog.com there have My Sites and Services.
    I have submit my blog ,that is the first one,the blog screenshot is not display.
    who can tell me??why?

  12. Moon says:

    Hi Cosmos,
    Have you checked your website setting? There is a function requests you to upload your screenshot. Once you press “upload” it will take some times for it to display. Go try?!

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  14. I wish I could read the notes but somehow the images are too small for me. Otherwise, thanks for the gentle reminder on the need to pay attention to learning center of which I’ve been ignoring.


  15. Moon says:

    Hi Yan,
    Thanks for dropping by. Yes, the images are too small and I’ve tried to improve it in my later blog posts about google adwords. You are welcome to give comments and we share our experience for google adwords. =)