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Google Adwords – Contextually Targeted Campaign

In my previous blog post, I’ve share about the Google Network and talked about the Search Network and Content Network. For the Content Network, we focus on Contextual Targeting and today I want to show you my notes about Contextually Targeted Campaign.

Best Practices of Contextually Targeted Campaign

  • Create separate campaigns for contextually targeted ads
  • Use Site Exclusion tool to focus on sites matching campaign goals
  • Set bids at the ad group level
  • Base each ad group around a single theme
  • Test different ad formats (text, image, video and gadget)
  • Point all ads in a particular ad group to the same destination URL
  • Create short keyword lists
  • Use negative keywords
  • Write compelling, specific ads

Contextually Targeted Campaign Items to Avoid

  • Don’t create different destination URLs per ad group
  • Avoid bidding at the keyword level
  • Never use keyword matching options
  • Refrain from including both singular and plural keywords
  • Try to have short keyword lists, less than 50 keywords per ad group
  • Don’t create just one ad group per campaign
  • Don’t choose generic landing pages for each ad group

These are the points that I think we should take note and every points are equally important.

If you have any points to add in, don’t hesitate to let me know.

8 Responses

  1. eunice says:

    Hi Moon! So now u r into Adwords ah?

  2. Moon says:

    Hi Eunice,
    Yah.. I’m learning and doing Adwords. =)

  3. Asher says:

    Hi Moon,

    I see you’re doing a lot of PPC now ;D
    Good stuff! How’s your rate of success with Adwords thus far? Have you made any sales using it yet?


  4. Moon says:

    Hi Asher,
    The conversion rate is quite good. My CTR is doing good, I’m trying to bring down my CPC slowly and trying to target more new keywords. There need lots of practice and brainstorming for the keywords. And also need to monitor the result from time to time.
    Recently been very busy with my social media course and almost every night I spend few hours for the study. Think you are doing good too, visited your blog and can sense your confident and you have something great going on. =)

  5. Asher says:

    Excellent ;D

    I’m not doing PPC because it requires capital to use. It definitely works and the great thing that you’re doing is learning about it.

    I know of some people who have told me that PPC doesn’t work and I ask them what they did. They tell me stuff that tells me they obviously have no idea what they’re doing. They then say that Internet Marketing cannot be done and it’s a waste of time + money.

    You’re doing great! I’m sure your PPC efforts will start bringing you more sales and more income by the looks of how you’re going at it.


  6. Moon says:

    This is the learning curve before we can turn our “expenses” to “investment”. We must be very firm what we are doing and cannot give up so easily. I have very poor result at the beginning for PPC, but I tried to find out the reason and improve it. I have confident that if we can master the Google Adwords, the money we put in is an “investment” which bring us high profit margin.
    I’m also using social media to generate free traffic and it also requires lots of effort before we can really get what we want.
    Sure you are not agree with those said “IM cannot be done and it’s a waste of time + money” right?! Haa.. I think I don’t need to comment on it because we are at the same boat and I’m sure you know how I think.
    Let’s make the things happen! =)

  7. Jacnette says:

    I have been using Adwords for the last 2 years and i can only say that it increased my online sales by about 20%. The pay per click cost of Adwords is even cheaper than Adbrite. I love Adwords.

  8. Adwords is really good for promoting a product that you want to sell online. It is very important that you geoatarget your intended audience so as to avoid wasting your advertising funds.