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Google Adwords – About Google Network

I’m thinking how to share about my learning of Google Adwords because after I’ve studied all the topics I really found that “All the topics are important”. You really cannot skip any sentence in the lesson, don’t mention a topic. =)

I will choose those topics that I feel we should pay more attention into it or normally people tend to ignore. One of the reason I do my own notes is I always like to have a glance of the things I learn and I always highlighted the points I feel I should pay more attention (key points for me).

I’ve decided to share on Google Network today.

Why I feel that it’s important?

We must know what google network is before we start any campaign. The consequences of ignore this will end up with losing extra money on Adwords.

Let’s see my notes about Google Network:

*Note 1-click to enlarge

*Note 2-click to enlarge

From my notes, you can see that Google Network can be classified into two:

  1. Search Network – Text Ads
  2. Content Network – Text Ads, Image Ads, video Ads etc

The key points I’ve highlighted in my Note 1 are:

  • Contextual targeting matches keyword-targeted ads to pages in the Google Content Network
  • If you want an ad to run on the Search Network & Content Network, it is best to create 2 separate campaigns – 1 structured for search and 1 structured for the contextually targeted advertising.

Why 2 separate campaigns?
Please refer to my Note 2 – 4 criterias

  1. Places where ad can appear are different.
  2. Acceptable Ad Formats are different.
  3. Basis (Keywords issues) of ad being shown are different.
  4. The bidding options are different and we would like to set CPC for Search Network while CPM for Content Network.

If you have a campaign that combine search network and content network but work well, kindly share with me.

You can also give me comments so that I can improve my sharing with you.

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9 Responses

  1. eunice says:

    U thinking of going into Adwords campaign? Very chim for me, no confidence liao cos kana “burnt” before heheh. So kind of you to share what you have learnt in class.

    Btw I went to that site you showed me about backlinks. Will Google penalise those members who do try this way to get backlinks?

  2. Moon says:

    Ok, you are saying this site http://moonloh.qassia.com/
    Qassia is not a link farm or link exchange site. It combines two popular trends of Web 2.0 — social networking and user-submitted content. You will only get quality backlinks from there. =)

  3. James says:

    wow, u are really learning alot about adwords, hope u can post more stuff about adwords

  4. Moon says:

    Will do more testing about Qassia and try the StumbleUpon. Thanks for your opinion. =)

    Ok, no problem. =)

  5. eunice says:

    It’s ok, girl girl doesn’t like my comments =(

    StumbleUpon is good. It gives me the most traffic as compared to any social networking sites. U know that Problogger recommended SU and he got alot of traffic from there too.

    Btw, what do you need to fulfill, like any “task”, requirements for Qassia?
    U heard of LinkReferral? I tried LinkReferral before. Got some traffic from it but it’s tiring as it requires me to visit 30 sites from it’s network, give 5 site reviews and the other 2 “tasks” I forgotten, in order to stay on top of their ranking chart. I simply opened many windows to log on to as many sites as possible, that’s means, I don’t read them actually. In return, I also got people visiting me as they also want to stay on top, thus, also visit 30 sites n give reviews. In the end, I got many reviews too, but it’s like those kind of cut-n-paste reviews. =P And yes, got traffic, but I believe those visitors are just like me, loaded my first page n left without reading.

    I don’t know, but so far I find that the best way to get traffic is still to spend more time writing good content, build a nice community for your blog and good keywords to get search engine result. But do always share with me your strategies!

    Btw this comment is like email, so long! U can delete it if you want.

  6. Moon says:

    Always appreciate your comments and will not delete it of course! =)
    Since you recommend StumbleUpon and have good traffic from there, I will definitely look into it.
    And I agree with you about writing the good and valuable content for our blogs, build nice community and do the SEO. I’m sure you are doing in this way and I can see your good result.
    I’m testing and doing more research for Qassia and will share my findings. Give me some time ok. =)

  7. Wei Liang says:

    Hi moon,

    Great research on the Google network. I am very bad at using PPC and have lose a few hundreds on it. A good experience for me on adwords and I’ll love to see how you will tackle it.

    I thought I will share my experience with stumbleupon (SU) since it is mention here. My only source of traffic for my new blog is from SU. Did a 1 month experiment on purely SU and gotten pretty decent results from it.

    However, the traffic that arrived from SU might not be targeted towards your blog niche and thus it gave me quite a high bounce rate. There are certainly some techniques to use in SU to get better results which I am still experimenting. Do share with me if you have any new findings.

    Wei Liang

  8. Moon says:

    Hi Wei Liang,
    Thanks for your valuable comments here. I really don’t have any comment on SU because I didn’t participate myself there. Since you all have traffics from there I think it’s good to join.
    My opinion is whether the website is a “money making site”. For money making site we need to use strategies to promote the site and attract as many visitors as we can. Social bookmarking sites are the one of the strategies and SU is one of them for sure. However, there are “correct” way to do the social bookmarking to prevent “slap” by google.
    I myself invest minimum time in social bookmarking sites for this moment. I have allocated more time to build the quality links for this blog and learning the ways to generate online income.

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