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Google Adwords – Keyword Matching And Traffic

Generally, there are four types of keyword matching in Google Adwords. You probaby know this if you have read the notes from Google Adwords Learning Center. However, I guess still have people who didn’t read from the Learning Center or they have read but sooner they forgot about the keyword match. Here, I just show you my handwriting notes like I always did. I hope you can see the whole picture instead of reading sentence by sentence or watch the video from start till end.

Why keyword match is important?
Keywords are the most important “key” to determine how much you pay for the ad to display. Since it involves money, we better put full attention on it. otherwise the money we invest will turn into a cost instead of investment.

Basically, there are four types of Keyword Match:

  • Broad
  • Phrase
  • Exact
  • Negative

I advise you to use all four types of keyword match and see which one work best for you. The keywords you use also closely relate to the traffic your ad could generate.

Traffic = Clicks On An Advertiser’s Ad(s)

Methods for Increasing Traffic

  • Add new or unused keywords
  • Create keywords for unadvertised products
  • Include more general keywords
  • Separate high-traffic keywords into Ad Groups
  • Increasing daily budgets
  • Increasing maximum CPC or Quality Score
  • Ensure your distribution preferences are set to maximise traffic
  • Broaden your Geo targeting settings

You can also try to increase your ad ranking because a higher rank will result in more click traffic for your ads.

Two ways to increase ad ranking

  • Increase your maximum CPC
  • Optimizing your ad, keywords or campaign to improve your Quality Score


6 Responses

  1. andrew says:

    interesting way to present on your blog and that you actually wrote out everything on paper. Adwords policy is always changing but the best way is still to dip into it to learn.

  2. Moon says:

    Hi Andrew,
    My handwriting notes is easier for me to refer when I do my Adwords brainstorming. Theory always theory, we need to experience it and find out the “secret” by ourselves.

  3. Kevin says:

    hi, your blog’s awesome!! How did u learn all the techie stuff? And your created your own mindmap. Seriously if you could analyse things the way you analyse the workings of Adwords, you could do a PhD on Google Adwords.

    …it’s a compliment :)

  4. Moon says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for dropping by.. For Google Adwords I learn from the Google Learning Center and also get advise from my mentor to improve my result from time to time. =)

  5. eunice says:

    Hi Moon! Waiting for your next update!!! XD

    Btw, have you started marketing using Adwords now? Do share with me your findings ok! :)

  6. Moon says:

    Share with you about social bookmarking in my next blog post ok! =)