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How can I drive more traffic to my blog? -Newbie must read-


I always wonder how to increase visitors to my blog.. and today I spend some times to read and read and read.. that’s what I found useful!

  1. Learn and read more to become expert in your field
  2. Share your expertise with people so people depend on you
  3. Write something that need to be read now and will be readable in a year
  4. Always digest good ideas of other people
  5. Always read and comment on other blogs and forum
  6. Tag your posts – social bookmarking
  7. Dont’ interrupt your writing with lots of links
  8. Don’t divert reader’s attention with promoting your business or books
  9. Use Feedburner
  10. Use Trackback links
  11. Add your blog to your My Yahoo! page
  12. Add your blog to your Google’s reader
  13. Add a link to your blog in your email signature file
  14. Have an RSS feed URL that people can subscribe to
  15. Be patient

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Is Affiliate Junktion Free or …?


I have some frens asking me that “is Affiliate Junktion really free or need to pay after join?” well, I need to tell you all that for joining Affiliate Junktion, they require you to register with IPowerPro Hosting Plan, BUT DUN WORRY! DUN WORRY!


So, actually you are COMPLETELY FREE TO JOIN and get all FREE things from Affiliate Junktion. One other good thing of AJ is they provide you with all campaigns and tools.

And I hope all my frens to remember this: -
Affiliate Marketing is a widespread method of promoting a website/business, in which an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber and/or customer provided through his efforts. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a high income online. =)

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It’s Friday!


It’s friday again..
this week I’m very very busy.. busy with my work and also my part time affiliate job! I really treat my affiliate marketing program as my own business..

Many people including my friends ask me is this real about those affiliate marketing programs? are the scam?

I must clarify that I really understand what am I doing and I know about what affiliate marketing about.. maybe I’m not good enough to explain to them what is the meaning of affiliate marketing but after doing some research online I know that

“affiliate marketing is a wide spread method of promoting a website/business. in which an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber and/or customerprovided through his effort” (quote from www.affiliate-sg.com – affiliate junktion)

Of course, my friends can get more definition of affiliate marketing program and get to know more about it..

These few days affiliate junktion (this program is no longer valid) is undergoing major upgraded so I cannot view my updated earnings.. I will update again to you all yah! :)

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Get Paid $150+ per day is not a dream!

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I joined Affiliate Junktion and they give me totally FREE for Affiliate Junktion Website Package which includes: -

1) FREE Professional designed Affiliate Junktion Website
2) FREE Search engine advertising credits (Yahoo & Google)
3) FREE Search engine submission to all major search engines
4) FREE Domain name and $75 credit hosting your website
5) FREE Personal 1-on-1 support from your Affiliate Manager

Please ask yourself, which company can actually give you so many FREE things and make you get paid $150+ per day? This is the main reason I joined Affiliate Junktion and never to my disappointment, after I joined them, they always responded within 24 hours and sent me step by step instructions.

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