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Is Affiliate Junktion Free or …?

I have some frens asking me that “is Affiliate Junktion really free or need to pay after join?” well, I need to tell you all that for joining Affiliate Junktion, they require you to register with IPowerPro Hosting Plan, BUT DUN WORRY! DUN WORRY!


So, actually you are COMPLETELY FREE TO JOIN and get all FREE things from Affiliate Junktion. One other good thing of AJ is they provide you with all campaigns and tools.

And I hope all my frens to remember this: -
Affiliate Marketing is a widespread method of promoting a website/business, in which an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber and/or customer provided through his efforts. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a high income online. =)

8 Responses

  1. eNNy says:

    is it?
    then…..need to wait how long to get approval?

  2. Ivoiremoon says:

    AJ normally will respond within 24 hrs..

  3. eNNy says:

    i’ve signed up.
    so, i tried to forward email from ipower to affiliate junktion.
    but, my email was rejected by their system.

  4. Ivoiremoon says:

    hi enny.. u can try to fwd email to ipower thru AJ support centre.. i did that and they get my email.. =)

  5. HBJ says:

    Do I have to pay $8.75 by credit card upon registering for the hosting plan and AJ will pay back $75?

  6. Moon says:

    They will pay you back $75 upon your account is successfully set up. But be reminded that their commission is in NZD (New Zealand Dollars) and they will only pay the commission after 30 days and when your commission hit NZD200. :)

  7. HBJ says:

    Hi Moon,

    Is there any other alternative way other than credit cards to pay the $8.75 in order to proceed creating the account?

  8. Moon says:

    Hi HBJ,
    I think they also accept debit cards. You can always contact them through their support center if you have any enquiry about the program. :)