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What Is Learn And Earn Business?

Learn & Earn
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The one thing that anyone who knows much about network marketing will tell you is that there truly is unlimited earning potential. Some people make a little extra money, and others make a lot. Just like anything worth doing, it all depends on what you put in.

Another thing that people in the know will tell you is that you can start to earn money in network marketing from the very beginning, and that as you learn more and more, you’ll earn more and more. You don’t need to start out with “an education”. You get that as you go.

This concept is in contrast to the idea of going off to college, sometimes for several years and to the tune of thousands upon thousands of dollars. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to college or that a college education isn’t good. What I’m saying is that with network marketing, you’re learning the business at the same time that you’re earning from the business. With college, you learn your field, and then try to break into it with your diploma in hand.

Author and Speaker Jim Rohn said something very wise: “Formal education will earn you a living. Self education will earn you a fortune”. Jim Rohn, as usual, is making complete sense.

A formal education is fine – it will get you a job and you’ll be able to work at that job and make a living, pay your bills, and hopefully get along steadily in your life.

But self education can be even more valuable because it’s the kind of education that comes from experience – from being in the thick of things – in the trenches, so to speak. Self education is the kind that forces you to learn by doing, and that kind of education is what sticks with you and molds you into a stronger business person, a stronger leader and a strong example for others.

With network marketing, as you’re learning the business, you’re earning. This is excellent because you can see right from the start that you’re doing something worthwhile and making progress, on top of the extra money! You learn more about perfecting your methods and yourself, and you’ll learn business skills and marketing skills. The money is nice, the skills are worth far more…

With Network Marketing there is also no limit to the amount you can earn. Really, your potential is limitless.  There are no salary caps in network marketing. You don’t have to slug away for years, getting deeper and deeper in debt, before you see the fruits of your labor.

You can start learning the ropes from day one, and you can start earning an income from day one. That’s the beauty of Network Marketing.

beauty of network <a href=

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Attraction Marketing Vs Old School Network Marketing

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In society, both farmers and hunters are necessary. Farmers grow things, they cultivate, they bring things to life and then they allow others to benefit from their hard work. Hunters, on the other hand, go out and chase after things until they can catch them and bring them home. Both put energy into their work. And both are able to provide a service to their families and society.

Network  Marketing is something like this. There are a couple ways to get leads, and grow a downline. One is the “old school” method, which is a lot like how the hunter operates. If you’re an old school marketer, you’re hunting down every possible prospect – your family and friends, the people you work with, your neighbors, people from your church or temple, the parents of your children’s friends – the list could go on and on…

The people you hunt are often like the animals that the hunter hunts. They don’t want you to catch them! Old school marketers often find that people don’t want to talk to them any more for fear they will be pressured to listen to yet another pitch about your the hunter’s opportunity. Is this any way to run a business or get people to join you? Even if you have a great opportunity to share, you might never get the chance to tell anyone about it because everyone is avoiding you like the plague!

There is another way to conduct your marketing efforts, though. It’s called attraction marketing and it’s much more like farming. It’s much less aggressive than hunting, at least for the people you’re working to attract, so your prospects are not likely to run from you – in fact, they’re much more likely to run to you!

With attraction marketing (farming), you work to make conditions right for your business to grow and for relationships with prospects and business associates to sprout. Attraction marketing makes it easy for you to naturally share your products and opportunity with them because by the time people get to you, they’re already interested. The seeds are already planted – you only need to give them some care, water and sunlight and watch them grow.

I guess you can probably see where this is all leading. Truly, it’s much easier to conduct business using attraction marketing than old school marketing. Aggression is old hat, and it doesn’t work – it only makes you unpopular.

On the other hand, you can be aggressive with building your business behind the scenes, but not when it comes to gaining leads and prospects. For that, you want to make yourself attractive as a brand, and your products and your opportunity as attractive as possible so that people want to talk to you about your business and so that they come to you willingly, not by being dragged kicking and screaming.

So if you’ve ever wondered if there’s a better way to get prospects on your side, now you know.

Farm them, don’t hunt them!

Nurture your business relationships; don’t beat them over the head!

Grow it, don’t kill it!

Practice attraction marketing, not old school Network Marketing. Fill in the form below, access to Online Business Strategy Training Center to learn how to use attraction marketing to attract quality leads to your Network Marketing business.

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How To Achieve Financial Freedom In 5 Years?

financial freedom
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“Of all the entrepreneurial opportunities available today, one of the most important is direct selling, also called network marketing.” - Paul Zane Pilzer, Nobel Prize Winning Economist and Author

Your boss does not want you reading this.

The truth is, if you truly took this message to heart, you could fire your boss. Not immediately, but it would happen.

Like most people you probably expect to retire one day, maybe in a few years, maybe in a few decades, but you hope to be able to one day have the retirement income coming in reliably every month as you finally relax and enjoy it.

But something is very wrong with this picture. You’ll be elderly by then! You’ll have the free time, but who wants free time when they’re 65?

What your boss doesn’t want you to know is that your financial freedom is less than 5 years away. You can make it without a boss. It’s more fun too. The traditional plan for an employee is to work for 40+ years, giving away most of their life to completing someone else’s tasks, then relaxing when you’re too old to live the life you dreamed of.

For Network Marketers the plan looks a little different. Set up a business in your spare time that will pay you even when you stop working… then stop working!

Just imagine… where would you be now if you had read this message 5 years ago?

A network marketing business gives you the freedom most people never even glimpse. As your business grows (and you’re helped every step of the way by other people just like you) your income increases. This is income on top of your regular job income, because you don’t have to quit your job to do this. Most network marketers won’t quit their jobs until their business-income overtakes their job-income. Then they fire their boss, walk out, and never look back.

If it takes you 5 years – heck, even 10 years – to eliminate the need for a job, what would you do with your time? Most people would travel more, get serious about their hobbies, volunteer their time to the charities they’re passionate about, learn new skills, visit friends and family…

And yet these same people, with their same wishes, spend their time working for a boss, worrying if they’ll get fired, arriving home late, then flopping down in front of the TV in sheer exhaustion.

Be different. Make your plan. It’s 5 years away. Click here to explore a Network Marketing opportunity that may allow you to retire in 5 years time.

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My Great Achievement In Year 2010!

year 2010

It’s the end of Year 2010 and I must say I really feel time flies! I just checked back what I was doing last year December. Wow… that was a campaign by Paypal in facebook called Paypal Wishlist (This program ended at Dec 2009, so it’s not valid to earn now). That was a great application and I have earned U$100 (this is the maximum per person). I have introduced this opportunity to all of my friends. Unfortunately, not all believe they are real and even some believe, they don’t grab the chance to earn the max. Most of them just earned a few dollars. Until the campaign ended at Dec 2009 and they see the real money in their Paypal account in Jan 2010, they finally see to believe and regret not participate actively to earn the maximum.

From the Paypal Wishlist program, I get the summary below:

1) People don’t join the program because they don’t believe that is a real program that will pay
2) They don’t believe what I say
3) They joined but don’t earn much because they just try try and give up after few tries
4) They don’t have the strong will to earn the U$100, maybe just too little money?!

If we talk about the skills needed to earn, then I can share with you my sister who doesn’t have any skill but with a strong will to earn the U$100 finish her task and earn even faster than me before the due date. So, again, it’s about “There is a will, there is a way!” I’ve learnt a lot from this program and understand more how people think and what’s their attitude and response about referral / affiliate marketing. This is a great help to me especially when I explore and go into Internet Network Marketing in Jan 2010.

Early this year, I joined a Network Marketing company and I was thinking to use my Internet Marketing knowledge to do it online. Unfortunately the company does not support in terms of online marketing. I agree with the statement “everyone can success in network marketing opportunity”. But for me, I must find an opportunity that suit me, which allows me to work from home online and able to generate results by just using internet. The most important is, not only me alone can earn but the friends / team members can do the same too.

No matter how much I like their quality products, business is still business. We can join a lot of MLM companies and enjoy their quality products but when come to business, I still need to take into consideration many other aspects.  From my experience in the first Network Marketing company I joined in Jan 2010, I become very cautious when choosing to join Network Marketing company again, because I’m not joining to enjoy their products or services but I’m joining for the business opportunity.

Not many people know I’ve actually joined a second Network Marketing company this year. What happened was right after few days I joined, the company changed their structure from multi-level payout to affiliate payout. Well, not too bad because I get the full refund. But, the main point is, I don’t see these as a failure in my Network Marketing journey. On the other hand, these are the priceless experience and from there  I get to know some real leaders and mentors.

You probably know my primary business now is Vemma. You may read my experience with Vemma and why I finally choose to partner up with real leaders to work together in Vemma Online Business. Before I joined Vemma, these are the few questions I asked myself:

1) Is the company & product ok? They may not need to be the Top 1 company, but the Mission of the company and the quality of the products are important.

2) Does the company support business distributors to do online marketing? Can I really blog about their products, business opportunity and share with others using Social Media platform? This is really really important to me as I don’t like to do it using traditional ways like attend meeting, home party etc.

3) I want to join a team that have same belief and have good support online. From my past experience, team work is very important in Network Marketing business.

I finally joined Vemma when I experience the power of the Vemmabuilder system! If you are in Internet Marketing, I believe you understand how people earn while they sleep, spend time with family and kids etc. Yes, it is the SYSTEM that doing the work for them! So, Vemma actually fulfills my requirement and here I am in Vemma Online Business.

One great thing  I want to share is, I’m very happy during my days working with awesome partners in Vemma. Other than get paid weekly, I gain a lot of knowledge and experience and also glad to see team members who are serious in the business growing in term of recruitment skills,  internet marketing knowledge, self improvement and etc.

I have never forget my own Mission – to help more moms start their Online Home Business. This is the reason of the born of Mompreneur Asia and Mompreneur Asia Magazine. Work from home online is definitely possible if we don’t give up to look for the good opportunity and don’t give up when face any difficulties. There are lots of small or big stones in the path but we just need to pick it up and throw it away to continue the journey.

First Free Internet Marketing Training to Vemma Team Members

Second Free Internet Marketing Training to Vemma Team Members

vemma internet marketing training

Photos with awesome team members in KL Malaysia

vemma team alpha

My new Chinese website

Moon Loh-Internet Network Marketing Pro

My Vemma Online Business Blog

Vemma Online Business blog

My Mompreneur Asia E-Magazine

Mompreneur Asia E Magazine

My life – Shopping with my daughters anytime we like during weekday

Play with my baby at home

Most important is – Get paid every week!

The trend in Year 2011 is definitely Internet Network Marketing which is to do Network Marketing using Internet. Again, my advice to you if you want to join Network Marketing industry:

1) You must be very clear whether you want to do offline or online. If you want to do online, choose an opportunity that allows you to do so.

2) Network Marketing business opportunity is not Investment program. You cannot expect to earn the income you want by just joining the opportunity, sit back and relax.

3) Don’t join the “Try Try group”. Otherwise your results will be like the Paypal Wishlist, only earn the few dollars in the end.

4) Treat your Network Marketing business seriously like you are the owner of the company and products. I’ve asked this question to many people: What will you do if this is your own company and product? Surprisingly, they tell me they will have different ways of doing, do this and that… Seems like they have lots of ideas and all working fine. So, you just need to ask yourself this question and you know how serious you are now.

Wish you have a Great Year 2011 and talk to you again! Cheers~~~

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Internet Network Marketing NOT Internet Network Selling

no sell
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Why we say Network Marketing but not Network Selling? And when come to using Internet to do Network Marketing, the concept is the same. We are doing Internet Network Marketing but NOT Internet Network Selling. Let’s watch the 3 Singapore Leaders – Moon Loh (Mompreneur Coach), Ding Neng (InterNetwork Marketing Specialist) and Jeffrey Chew (Internet Network Marketing Coach) opinions.

When come to Internet Network Marketing, there are some very important factors we need to take into consideration. The 3 main factors are System, Team, Training. Let’s watch what we say about the 3 important factors.

System is particularly important when we want to use Internet to do Network Marketing. We share our experience on how SYSTEM helps to turbocharge our Internet Network Marketing business.

Click here to find out our Internet Network Marketing business and work with us.


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Traditional Network Marketing vs Internet Network Marketing

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This is a series of video discussing about Network Marketing by 3 Singapore Leaders in the industry – Moon Loh (Mompreneur Coach), Jeffrey Chew (Internet Network Marketing Coach) and Ding Neng (InterNetwork Marketing Specialist).

In the first video we are discussing about Traditional Network Marketing vs Internet Network Marketing.

If you want to know what is the trend in Year 2011, don’t miss our discussion in Video 2 below and understand more about Internet Network Marketing.

Using internet to do Network Marketing? Is it viable? Watch our discussion to find out more how to effectively use Internet to do Network Marketing.

Click here to find out our Internet Network Marketing business and work with us.


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You Stay Long Enough In Network Marketing?


This is a story that I feel is really meaningful to share – Poking the Iron Ball

poking the iron ballA very powerful motivational speaker is going to retire. Therefore, when he said he’s going to give his last seminar, everyone thronged the box office and snatched all the seats.

On that very day of the seminar, the whole auditorium was packed with his readers, loyal fans, reporters and people who came to just learn from this powerful motivational speaker.

There was a huge and heavy Iron Ball on the stage. Arriving 15 minutes late, the speaker took his time to stroll down the aisle while the audience cheered on.

It was unusual in that the speaker did not have any microphone with him. He didn’t greet the audience too. Instead he took out his pen from his pocket and began to poke the Iron Ball softly with the pen.

At the start, everyone was amazed. Everyone tried to predict what he wanted to show. However, after 30 min, 1 hour, 1 hour and 30 min, people started to leave their seats. Some had even thrown their program brochures at the speaker for wasting their time. But the speaker continued to perform the same activity. Only a handful of people was still engrossed in the act.

At the 2nd hour, something happened. The 1-tonne Iron Ball began to turn and roll. No backstage crew could stop the ball from rolling.

The speaker then said, “The few of you here that see this happen had learnt the most. In life, you just need to keep doing and persist on, and you will achieve greatly!”


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How To Hide or Remove Blogger Navigation Bar

blogger navigation bar

If you are using blogger blogspot platform, you will notice that there is a navigation bar at the top of the blog. And your blog will look like this:

remove blogspot navigation bar

This is not nice and not look pro at all. So, to remove or hide the blogger navigation bar, simply follow the steps below:

1) Login to the Dashboard and Choose Design – Edit HTML – Download Full Template (for backup purposes in case you make any mistake)

remove blogger navbar

2) Insert the following code as shown below and save template:

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

remove or hide blogspot navbar

3) Done

hide blogspot navbar

Happy blogging!

I like blogging

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Vemma and Vemmabuilder A Big Scam

VB is No_Scam

It is always good to do some own researches about the background of the company, product and compensation plan before involving yourself in any Network Marketing opportunity. So, if you are “investigate” about Vemma and Vemmabuilder, let me share with you my experience. And the answer of “Is Vemma and Vemmabuilder a big scam?”“No! They are 100% legitimate Network Marketing opportunity”.

Now, you may want me to show you some proof or why I say so. You probably read from some other websites or forum discussing about vemma or vemmabuilder a big scam. Well, it is totally up to you whether you want to listen and make final decision just based on some comments by those who totally don’t understand what is the power of “system” or who don’t understand what is “network marketing”. If you are open minded to find out more, below are some important information for you.

First, I’m not going to discuss about company, product and compensation plan or Vemma here. I’ve done a quite detail sharing in my earlier post – My Experience with Vemma.  You can proceed to read the post there.

So, what I’m going to share here?


Do you know in total how many countries in the world? Answer: 195
Do you know how many countries Vemma in? Answer: 56
Do you think if Vemma is a scam the company can operate in 1/3 of the world?

The founder of Vemma, BK Boreyko has created 40 millionaire. One of the Millionaire in Vemma is in Malaysia – Norsalehin. Do you think a scam company would create so many millionaire to show that they are scam?

vemma malaysia millionaire - norsalehin

Moon Loh and Norsalehin in Vemma

Me & my hubby with Norsalehin

Thousands of Products and Business Testimonials are received and if all the testimonials are lies, do you think we still receiving the testimonials everyday after so many years?

Uncle Sng and Aunty Siew Sahi – They are health and happy now!


You want to work from home online? How? Do you know you can do it if you have a system to help you?

If you don’t know how powerful is Vemmabuilder system, see below:

vemma builder

Again, do you think without a good system, these leaders can enroll 48 new members within a month and consistently get it every month?

Residual Income

I’m not sure you really understand what is Passive Income (Residual Income), but here is the definition:

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

With the combination of Vemma and Vemmabuilder, you are going to earn Passive Income (Residual Income) working from home Online.

vemma team alpha

Leaders in Vemma Team Alpha – Committed to your success

If your answers for the questions above are positive, you may fill in the form below to experience the power of the vemmabuilder system. By filling the form below, you are my team member who I’ve committed myself to give my full support and personal coaching to work with you in Vemma.

First Name:
Last Name:
Confirm E-Mail:
I would like to generate an extra:

By taking the free tour of this incredible system you will lock in your spot to secure an online income. We will email you every time we place another person in your SuccessLine. Details on next page…
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Search Engine Optimization For Online Business

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There are no secrets on how to rank high with the major search engines because effective search engine optimizations are now immense. What is search engine optimization? Before we discuss that thing, you have to understand first how search engines work and a bit of know-how.

search engine optimization for online business

Search engines are into providing their users with the most relevant and up-to-date information to match the search term that was used.  They are sophisticated pieces of technology which allow users to quickly find relevant websites by searching for a word or a phrase. Search engine results are useless to users if the information doesn’t relate to the search term, or if the results are old. People expect the most up-to-date and fresh information that is useful to them.

Updating your website everyday and adding some materials will help you get noticed by the search engines. So, if you are going to sell any type of product or service online, you have to optimize your website for the search engines, in order to boost traffic and sales. It is because over 90% of your business will likely come directly from search engine results. And for that reason, it is absolutely important to optimize your site for search engines for you to have the greatest deals in the entire world.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which webmasters or online business owners utilize strategic copy to augment their website’s status. It is certain that the internet has grown so fast over the years and the competition for the best search engine position has created an enormous market. Therefore, better understanding the fundamental elements of Search Engine Optimization is vital for an online business’ success.

Making use of effective search engine optimization techniques will improve the page rank of your website. There are many tricks that can be used to increase page rank; the most effective method is to provide high quality content consistently. This seems like a simple concept but there are many websites that fails to provide content that visitors find interesting. Sites which provide content that are interesting, well-written and regularly updated create highly engaged visitors who are more likely to return to the website in the coming days. So, if you can set your website apart from those boring, lifeless sites then do it. You’ll surely have a step closer to achieving high page rank through search engine optimization.

The next significant factor for an effective search engine optimization is to include keywords and phrases within your content. To make sure that you are properly targeting your market, you have to make sure that the keywords and phrases you have on your site are the keywords and phrase that your site is actually optimized for. The more keywords you use in your content, the more likely it is that online visitors will find your site when they do some research with those words. If you are unfailing with these techniques, then your overall search engine optimization will increase, boosting your page rank.

You should also have to develop a linking strategy as a part of your search engine optimization. Not only does this provide free advertising for your site, but it makes the impression that your site is imperative because of its affiliated links. For each link that you have pointing back to you, that is another chance for your potential customer to find you. The more inbound links that you have pointing to your site, the higher you will be ranked in the search engines.

Always keep in mind that search engine optimization methods are important in developing your site’s status. With that thing in mind, make sure that you write high-quality, keyword rich content and link your site to and from a deliberate family of other sites. These things will help improve your site’s popularity and increased business through your online business.

first page of google

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