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You Dominate Your Name At Google?

If you want to be in Internet Marketing, the first thing you need to know and need to do is to Dominate Your Name at Google. What I mean here is, when people google your name, your name should appear in the first page of google so people easily find you and know who¬† are you. This is particular important. Why? It is because when your potential customers or business partners would like to find out more about you and what they would do is “Google”. So, if you can dominate your name at Google, then this is the best. Regardless which link they click, they will read about you.

Moon Loh at Google

moonloh at google

*Results as on 29th June 2010. May vary from time to time.

So, go ahead and check whether your name appears in the first page of Google.

3 Responses

  1. Ann Khee says:

    Moon, surprisingly my name appears 5 times on Google Page 1. Probably I should create my own domain – annkhee.com, it’s still available :)

  2. Ding Neng says:

    Hi Moon! I’m Ding Neng, and I’m from Singapore too. I’m quite inspired by your story, and I caught you on Staits Times too :D. I’m starting to bring my network marketing business online through blogging, and I’m happy to find you here that you provide good tips about marketing online. Thanks so much and hope to see you appear on news more often! :D

  3. Moon says:

    @Ann Khee: Haa.. Yes, you should do that if you want to have online business. :)

    @Ding Neng: Hi, you definitely my new friend and I’ve read your story at your site. Wow.. long story but I get to know you more.. That’s great to have another like minded friend. Let’s keep in touch! :)