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SkyQuestCom Review – Read Before You Join

Skyquestcom is a pioneer in the field of launching e-learning systems that provides learning resources and training programs. Based on MLM business platform, SkyQuestCom has grown in leaps and bounds, since its inception in 2002. In 2007, a pre enroller marketing system was launched, thus introducing to the internet marketing and thence, thousands of potential members have joined in this system.

SkyQuestCom is a Singapore based company with multi-million dollar turn over and has spread its tentacles in more than 54 countries around the globe. It now has offices all over the world, including Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, Taiwan, India and Indonesia.

SkyQuestCom makes a positive impact by making a sincere attempt to improve the quality of education through leading internet technology and professional entrepreneurship. It provides leading self improvement products through online video seminars, live seminars through online, interactive online video seminars and so on.

It offers more than 200 online video seminars from world wide famous gurus and speakers in all aspects like writers, business entrepreneurs, best salesman in the world in the Guinness book of world records , world no 1 marketing giant and many more

The various categories that appear in the video are personal development, corporate learning, to develop meaningful relationship in the family and enhance the lifestyle and so on and thus, penetrating into every home and business.

It has won major awards in all areas of business including, the golden brand award at the 2006 international brand summit, international company of the year by multilevel marketing international association in 2005, and also ranked as one of the top auditors of the world by Deloitte and the 7th fastest growing it company in Asia pacific.

The range of products by SkyQuestCom includes:

  • Live seminars
  • Language mastery
  • Kids and youth programs
  • Entertainment
  • Resource library
  • A shopping mail
  • Online video seminars
  • 66000 videos on computer learning

Compensation plan

As for the compensation plan is concerned, sky quest com is a business program that enables a great earning potential. Once you register as an independent distributor, you will be a given a self replicating business website, to act as your business center.

All the commissions calculated under the compensation plan will be based on bonus value (BV) for a period of one year. The commission is purely based on sales of products and members of the sales team.

Each member under you will be placed on the right or left side of your business center. This will grow as legs or down lines, with no limitation. When more subscription sales accumulate, you get more commissions. It is applicable to the first 1 phase, every phase consists of a pair of sales in the 1:1 ratio, and for every phase achieved, there will be bonus . There are no commission caps and direct sales, and qualify for commissions as long as the subscription is renewed.

Leverage bonuses are calculated when there are 3 sales on the left and 5 sales on the right or vice versa. Direct sales qualify for leverage bonuses for lifetime. Cycle bonuses reward IDs with 5 % of sky quest com’s total monthly sales divided among qualifying IDs. A cycle bonus is calculated per calendar month.. An ID has to complete 1 cycle to qualify for a cycle bonus.

The various testimonials offered by learned and successful entrepreneurs and the various awards received are the clear testimony for the genuine and sincere attempts of SkyQuestCom. The compensation plans are lucrative and are attractive enough to offer a huge earning potential that is behind the success of this MLM Company.

Skyquestcom is definitely a good company with great products. However, you should know how to promote this program effectively so that to maximize your earning. Simply get more information via the Training Center below to find out how top producers in this industry promote programs like Skyquestcom online.