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Review – Ewen Chia’s ebook

Today I read about Ewen Chia’s “How to make your first $1000 online in just 30 days”.. That’s really a good ebook and provide me some useful resources and ideas. I must take note of some of the important things he mentioned. 

First, he mentioned about 9 Money Making Models and it included Affiliate Marketing, Blogging for Profit, Paid Survey Profits etc.

Two Profitable Affiliate Marketing Models: -
1) Pay Per Sales
2) Pay Per Lead

It is very important that having the right mindset because the right mindset can make you, orelse it can break you.

It is also very important to treat your online business like a real business and success is about getting things done.

From here, I know that Affiliate Marketing is a Profitable Online Business, however how to choose a good affiliate program is all depends on your own choice.

For my friends who would like to read about his ebook pls let me know. I would give you a copy for FREE.

4 Responses

  1. Lily says:

    Hi Moon, I just signed up for Million Dollar Moms Network under Viviana..now in the process of setting up my MLSP system. I stumbled upon your blog during google search in office. Your blog is a good read! I would most appreciate if you could share a copy of this book with me. I better start to read and read and read…thanks!

  2. Moon says:

    Hi Lily,

    Just email you the copy. Pls check.
    Hope you enjoy! :)

  3. vipin says:

    Hi, Moon,
    thanks for review and offering, I would like to read that book.
    would you please send me a copy on my mail,
    i will be thank full to you,

  4. Moon says:

    Hi Vipin,

    Have email you the ebook. Check your email and enjoy!
    ** You have a great site! :)