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Magnetic Sponsoring Change My Life In Network Marketing

If you are in Network Marketing, I believe Magnetic Sponsoring is not a new term to you. Magnetic Sponsoring is an ebook by Mike Dillard and it has changed my life in Network Marketing.

I came into Network Marketing industry without first knowing I’m in this industry, funny right? Because I was using Internet Marketing way to do it, which means I get leads online and then I invited my leads to attend business presentation and do closing. Until my friend told me I’m in Network Marketing and also when  I do researches online, they give me more information about Network Marketing. Since that, I have a brand new perception about MLM.

All the while I just thought MLM is not for me because I thought I need to call friends, do home party, and invite to business presentation like how I did 10 years ago in my direct sales company. Until I used Internet Marketing way to work on it, I realized MLM nowadays has changed. We can do it online without any cold calling, home party and business meeting. This is really interesting!

I don’t even know who is Mike Dillard until January this year. My friend, Jeff shared with me a lot about Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring concept and I found that it is quite similar with Internet Marketing, but still many things I don’t understand. I intend to find out more and finally I get a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring. Just a sentence – “I never regret for the investment!”

I’ve applied the concept and the techniques in Magnetic Sponsoring and achieved good results in my Network Marketing business. I’ve personal sponsor 20+ reps to my primary business in 3 months time just by follow what has taught inside Magnetic Sponsoring. And the greatest part is, I just did it 100% online.

Some insider info for you so that you can expect what to get from Magnetic Sponsoring. Also, if you already have the ebook, you may want to re-read again.

Magnetic Sponsoring
Page 39 – How are you going to build your business?
Page 42 – The fastest way to get rich in life is….
Page 53 – Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill, why?
Page 57 – How to position yourself as an Expert & attract leads to you?

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These are just some points I highlighted. In fact, the whole ebook is important from sentence to sentence. It will really change your thinking about Network Marketing industry. I have read it more than twice and I have different ideas and achievement every time I finish my reading.

If you still don’t have good results in your Network Marketing business, the problem probably lies on YOU, not the business. You will know what I mean if you have read Magnetic Sponsoring.

Wish you success in your Network Marketing business!