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Join Me At Facebook

Facebook is not a new term to you all and in case you have heard about Facebook but have not joined in as a member, now come join us. If you are already a member but inactive and seldom log in to your facebook, I invite you to come back and actively participate in this social networking site.

Why I want you to join Facebook but not other social networking site? Yes, you should join other social networking sites but you should not ignore Facebook and underestimate the power of Facebook. Here let’s see some data about Facebook.

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From here, we can see that in June 2008, web search volume for Facebook has exceeded google.

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Rising searches are searches that have experienced significant growth in given time period, with respect to the preceding time period. Data shows that Facebook has a rising searches of +220%.

Why people are on Social Networks?
Looking for friendship
Improved communications
Exchange ideas with like-minded people
Meeting new people

So, I think you have no reason not to join Facebook. Come join me there and add me as your friend! See you there!