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Is NuSkin A Scam Or Great Opportunity?

Most of the MLM companies are faced with the question of whether they are a great opportunity to make money or just scams, which fade away rather quickly. NuSkin is one MLM company which has a great scope to make extra money with extra effort. Founded in 1984, NuSkin Company is now a very large diversified company, which has given way to other divisions as well, such as Photo Max, Big Planet and Pharmanex.

As the name suggests, NuSkin manufactures skin care products, in addition to other products in nutrition. It has made a great bounce and has achieved a one billion dollar mark of revenue, with more than 55,000 distributors.  It has also touched the Chinese market in January 2008, with a steady growth.

NuSkin International emerged in 1996 and became publicly traded, which is a clear indication that they are not scam.


NuSkin Company makes great effort in offering the necessary training to their representatives, as much as possible, to the extent that a program called NuSkin University is established for the benefit of business owners. They also have an e- learning system that focuses on the products of NuSkin and has been claimed to be one of the best in the field. But the success of marketing does not indicate the efforts put in, as only three percent of people who join this network, are really successful.

The advantage of NuSkin MLM is that the product is a well known one, especially the Galvanic Spa, which helps to remove wrinkles. Since it provides only health and wellness products, there is always a market for these products, which makes it a viable business opportunity. You can also promote business by becoming a distributor of NuSkin products and sell them and also find new distributors. The benefits of the products are guaranteed and therefore, there is a great opportunity for the business to grow.

The disadvantage of NuSkin MLM mainly lies in the methods and techniques adopted to market the product, which is used by almost every MLM company in the fray. NuSkin mainly targets the warm market, that is, talking to friends and family and close relatives and grow the business in this way.

This is the cause of the 95 percent failure in marketing for NuSkin products. They also have a great faith on the quality of their products and the distributors are told to give samples to people, so that they can try it and the product will sell itself. This is absolutely wrong, since no product will sell on its own. There should be a well planned marketing technique and method to sell even the best product. If emphasis is made on this aspect, and steps are taken to improve, NuSkin MLM can reach great heights.


Compensation plan

One type of plan in NuSkin MLM is the executive qualification, in which a specific monthly volume is required in a period of three months. Throughout this period, a level one bonus doubler of 12 percent can be earned, with one grace month, if necessary. If that grace period is used, you are liable to lose your bonus.

If you are an executive leader, it is possible to earn 9 percent to 15 percent commission on the entire executive circle group. A five percent commission on the GSV of each of the new executives down six levels will be offered to the executive builder. Again, if there is a break away, the people down line may outsell you. In order to generate a substantial income, it is essential to sell the products to hundreds of people. For online home based business, thousands of people have to be contacted, to achieve the desired results.

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