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Is Avon Legitimate MLM Company?

In making a sincere attempt to write a review on MLM companies, Avon is the first name that strikes the mind. Avon is one of the giants in MLM business and has an experience for more than a century.

History of the company

Started way back in 1886 by David H McConnell, with the name California Perfume Company, the headquarters is located in New York which has a turn over of 9.9 billion dollars, annually. The senior executive unit leader earns around 1, 34,000 dollars per year. Avon is a company dealing with cosmetic and make up products and MLM is based on home business marketing, which has proved to be a popular choice for many people around the globe.

Avon is synonymous with great values like trust, integrity and belief and is totally committed to economic empowerment and full responsibility towards their product. There are many branded products with the trademark of Avon such as skin care, hair care, fragrance, bath and body. For men too, there are colognes, shaving creams, deodorant and NFL watch. Their products have remained in top spot for more than a century and have stood the test of time. Therefore, it is not surprising that Avon is the leader in MLM business and remains a good opportunity to make some extra money, as well as new friends.

Starting as a salesman, a person has to meet a minimum allotment of sales to acquire commissions and obviously, when more products are sold, the commissions received will be higher. The supervisor hires the salesperson, who offers the orders and supplies as also the guidance. Apart from cosmetics, Avon deals with sunshades, jewelry, cards, bags and many more and it needs a lot of commitment to emerge successful.

Prospects of Avon MLM business

The MLM opportunity has improved many folds with the internet, as many entrepreneurial women are able to make decent income, out of this opportunity. It is easier to reach a lot of people through the net and make 500 dollars per month in Avon MLM business. You need to be positioned as a leader online and make your presence well known on the internet gaining leads. There are training camps that help you in becoming a successful leader and generate leads, by just leaving your information on the net.

Avon is a legitimate MLM business opportunity which offers great scope to make money, only if there is a commitment to it. It is not easy if you just try to make friends by talking to them or buying leads. Therefore, it needs better marketing tool like the internet to explode into the real world of business and enhance the sales volume to thrive successfully. If this is achieved, Avon MLM can turn out to be a great business opportunity.

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