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How Can I Make Money Online? Here’s The Answer

Whether you are in any country of the world – US, UK, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia etc.. You could find tons of Make Money Online websites. However, are they all real or they just scam? I’m going to share with you my real experiences..

If you want to earn some extra money online from home like what I did since 2 years ago, but don’t have any idea what program to choose, how they work and how to earn etc, then you are going to read some important information here. I will include some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) too.

Is Free to Join Programs Still Working?

Those free to join programs such as survey online, paid to read, paid to click programs, they are still working nowadays. For example, one of the famous pay to read program in Singapore – EmailCashPro, it is legitimate and 100% proven working. However, why so many people still not earning money from EmailCashPro? Let me share with you how to make money from EmailCashPro. Once you get the concept, you can apply to the other programs and they are all working in the same way.


For EmailCashPro, you could earn in 2 ways. First is by reading the emails they send you and earn the points. It is very very slow and if you expect to see the earning from just reading those emails, I’m sorry. What you need to do is, refer your friends and get more people to join EmailCashPro to expedite your earnings. Most of the sites have referral program where you are given a special link with ID. When people join the program via your link, you earn.

amoxil online style=”text-align: justify;”>“I still not earning after refer my friends to join the program.”

Well, to earn more from this program, you really need to put in extra effort for sure. You may need to consistently get more people to join under your referral link and since those are free to join programs, you shouldn’t expect high pay. However, people who get new members into the program consistency will eventually see the money.

How About Promote Products From Clickbank & Paydotcom?

Promote other people’s products or programs is a good start where you could earn high percentage of commission whenever a sales is made. However, promoting a product/program that you yourself not believing in will not have good resutls. This is very simple and easy to understand. Normally, you would recommend your friends for a good food or movie when you really experience them and know they are good to recommend. Your statement will be more convincing and they tend to follow your recommendation. So, this is common sense. Promoting online is the same. Of course, I’m not asking you to buy every product before promote them, but at least you should have the feeling that you will buy the product at the first place. Therefore, always choose to promote something you believing in and make sure they are good quality for recommendation.

Ewen Chia - Working From HomeMany people in Singapore like to promote Ewen Chia’s product. In case you don’t know who is Ewen Chia, he is Super Affiliate Marketer from Singapore. You could easily find some of his products from Clickbank. Not only you could learn from his ebooks but at the same time when you recommend to others, you earn affiliate commission. So, this is one of the good way to earn from Affiliate Marketing.

They Require Me To Pay, Should I Pay?

Before you make your payment, make sure you know what you are paying for. When you make payment, you should get either a product, program or something that provide value to you. Ebooks, membership programs and web hosting are few popular examples. If you are not sure whether the program is legal, I suggest you to check with the person who recommend you to make sure you join a legitimate program.

“The program said I can earn money online, so I paid. But nothing happen!”

This is usually happen especially for those who are very new in Internet Marketing industry. Most of the time those websites are trying to sell you information you need. In other words, they provide you their “secret recipe” on how they success to make money online and if you follow their steps, you can make it too! Normally, they are in ebooks format. Don’t expect by paying the money, you can just sit back, relax and wait for the money to credit to your bank account. It will never happen that way! The idea is, learn how to market the product online from other people’s experience by paying for the information. Remember, you are paying for valuable information, not paying anyone to make money for you.

So, How I Can Make Money Online?

Learn Internet Marketing! Internet marketing is a knowledge on how to do effective online marketing, hence make money online. With the knowledge, you are able to market any product/program online. This is the overview of Internet Marketing.


Sounds difficult and complicated? Unfortunately, there is no shortcut but you have to learn from somewhere.

“I’ve paid thousands dollars for seminar and courses but didn’t make any money!”

Again, this is very easy to understand – University provides you the best lecturers but never guarantee you to get first class degree with high pay job. So, it still depends on how much effort and time you have put in to your own internet venture. What I can suggest is, look for a good mentor who are willing to teach and share. Otherwise, Good Luck!

computer-moneyIs There Any Easier Way To Earn Online?

Yes, the answer is Yes. After so many days in Internet Marketing, I finally found an easier way to earn online – Internet Network Marketing. This is the combination of Internet Marketing and Network Marketing. It allows you to work from home online in Network Marketing industry using Internet Marketing method. This is still very new especially in Asia. Many people still using the old school way to promote their Network Marketing business. Therefore, if you decide to start Internet Network Marketing now, you are the pioneer batch.

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