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Free Video Ecourse-What Is Internet Business & Internet Marketing

Watch this before you spend money in any Internet Marketing courses!

I’ve done a Free Video Ecourse – “What is Internet Business & What is Internet Marketing”. Most internet marketers only do this as an offline preview so that to upsell to their coaching packages. For me, I don’t do any upsell and this is purely an information sharing. And you can watch the Ecourse at your comfort of home anytime at your convenient.

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My purpose of doing this?

Many friends actually share with me that they have spent lots of money in courses and yet to see any results. And when I ask further, I notice they actually don’t really understand what is Internet Business and not sure what kind of Internet Business is suitable for them.

I believe they are upset when don’t have good results and the worse is to leave this industry with angry face. Therefore I’ve made up my mind to have this Free Ecourse (Presentation) to let more people to  have an overview and better understanding of Internet Business and the importance of Internet Marketing before go into any Internet Business venture.

I’ll cover 5 main topics in the Ecourse:

1. Internet Marketing vs Make Money Online
2. Traditional Business vs Internet Business
3. Types of Internet Business
4. What is Internet Marketing
5. How to Start Internet Business

Watch “What Is Internet Business & Internet Marketing” Ecourse Now!

I hope you gain knowledge from the Ecourse and success in your Internet Business!

2 Responses

  1. Hi Moon,
    I read this topic in your FB wall and came to find out what you were trying to share.
    I salute for creating this wonderful ecourse to share what is Internet Business expecially for those who are “lost” along the journey of IM
    Great work

  2. Moon says:

    Hi Foong,

    Just some sharing and great you find it useful. We keep in touch :)