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DubLi Review – Is DubLi Good Business Opportunity or Just A Scam?

I’ve attended DubLi presentation in Singapore last month with a friend’s invitation. Frankly, DubLi is interesting especially the “reverse auction” concept. They are doing prelaunch in Asia and will be launching in few months time.

Let me share with you a little bit on how it works. Dubli lets people buy credits and each time you want to check on the price of a particular product, it costs you $0.80. So, for example if you want to buy a camera with the value $2000, you may check the current price by give it a click. The hidden price will definitely lower than $2000 because the price reduce $0.25 every time when a person click on it. If the current price is $1800, then you may decide whether you want to buy or check again for the next time. Let’s say you want to take the current price and buy at $1800, you save $200 for a brand new camera. In this case, you just spend $0.80 but your cost saving is $200.

How about earn money from DubLi? Take a look below:


Therefore, DubLi is an online MLM program.

I’ve done some researches about DubLi and read lots of reviews online. There are good and bad comments and you really have to make your own decision either join or not to join this business opportunity. However, one very important thing I want to remind you is, make sure you know how to effectively promote your DubLi business before you join. If you are doing in the wrong way, high percentage you will fail in the business even if this is a 100% solid genuine online business.

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2 Responses

  1. Jack Lim says:

    Hello, my friend also ask me to join. Is it legal business? Please let me know. Thanks and regards, Jack.

  2. Moon says:

    Hi Jack,

    Dubli is very new in Asia and I suggest you make your own judgement before you join. What I can share with you is, make sure you know how to promote this business or join a team that give you internet marketing training. Team and Training are two important elements in your online business success.

    If you have more questions or want to have more sharing, do contact me directly.