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Archive for the ‘ SEO-Search Engine Optimization ’ Category

Findings about SEO-Search Engine Optimization


Today I am going to share with you all my small findings about SEO-Search Engine Optimization. I believe most of the people know the definition of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the general idea of SEO is to get our website rank as high as possible in search results of a search engine.

I myself study about SEO from internet and I get lots of definition and information there. After some times, I decided to do some tests and tried to get my website rank top 20 of google search results. Below is the screenshots of my keywords “whenyouhost” and “affsphere article marketing”. Kindly take a look before I continue on how I did it.

“Whenyouhost” – My website lists in the first page of search results.

“Affsphere Article Marketing” – My website lists in the second page of search results.

*search results on 22.08.08 (pls click to enlarge)

Many people actually do not share how they get their website rank top 20 in google search results. Now maybe you wonder why I want to share this. Firstly, from my experience of self learning about SEO, I hardly understand the actual way of doing it with only general ideas and definitions. Secondly, I couldn’t find teaching materials about SEO via internet search results. Maybe I can only get it through courses or SEO companies. Thirdly, since I have found some ideas on how to do it, I hope my posting here could help others to get a clearer picture about SEO.

This is the steps I did for SEO keywords targeting: -

  1. Look for some relevant topics I want to write about. Here I choose one of my affiliate program “Whenyouhost” and one of the article marketing strategy “Affsphere Article Marketing”
  2. Check the search results of these two keywords in google. I found that the total search results  for  these two keywords are below 12,000. It means it’s easier for my website to rank in front page compare to those keywords with millions search results.
  3. Write articles based on these two keywords and use keywords in Title Tag, Meta Description Tag and Meta Keywords Tag.

I just used the above three steps and I am quite happy it actually gives me positive results. I hope you all can try to do it in this way and get the results you want. However, I would like to emphasize that the website ranking of search results might vary from time to time and other search engine factors are needed to take into consideration.

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Effect of Link Exchange on Page Rank


The websites with high page rank have great chances of being crawled by search engine and receive more web visitors from search engines or other directories online. High page rank is thus important for a website and all the webmasters eagerly find the ways to increase their website’s page rank. One of the popular ways to increase the page rank is through the link exchange.
First, it is important to understand what is page rank and how search engine like google, yahoo and msn rate and rank the website. Generally, search engine will rate and rank the website by the link popularity. Link popularity is determined by the quantity and quality of relevant links to other websites. Google search engine especially measures the “quality” of the sites providing the links.
There are two types of links to a website, “Backlink” or “inlink” is the incoming links to a website while “outlink” is the outgoing links from a website to other websites. Some websites achieve good page rank through link exchange activities and it is not easy to find that their websites have many backlinks and outlinks. However, not all links are created equal. Webmasters have forgotten the relevancy of the content for their neighboring webpages.
In short term, the websites would get a good page rank, but google does not like link farm. Google to ensure the users get the most relevant search results by analyze the page content of the website and also analyze the content of neighboring websites. Google will penalize the website if they discover the website links to unrelated sites with irrelevant information. They will also label the links they generate as spam. As a result, the page rank of the website would fall or even banned by search engine.
Webmasters are advisable to use good linking strategies to increase the page rank and link popularity score of a website. They should be more careful when practice link exchange and avoid automated link generators. By maintain coherent theme, include the links in page content and have quality inlinks and outlinks will increase the link popularity score in the long run.

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What is SEO?


By looking on the word of SEO itself always difficult for a newbie to understand what is SEO means. SEO is the process where website builders emphasize on the designing on the web pages to improve the volumn of traffic. Designing on the webpages does not mean the design of the theme but it mainly focus on the content of the website. The website must be in good structure and content so that the chance of it will be picked up by search engines tend to be higher. In other word, the search engine would give rank based on the website which have good content and structure well with related keywords.

When someone searches for specific phrases on search engines like google, yahoo, msn etc, the chance of click the first few websites tend to be high and almost 100%. These websites are so called high ranking website. Their websites always structure well, have relevant content and informative. As the website is rank high in the search engine, the chance of generate traffic is very high.

SEO is definitely a technical part of web marketing. It sounds easy but in fact even you follow all the rules, you are not guaranteed to have the top ranking. Search engine works in the ways that they crawl your website to see what is your content. After pages are crawled, they index its content. Search engine then store the indexed page in a giant database. When people search for a certain keyword, the search engine starts to processes it. They calculating the relevancy and retrieving the results. The end, people will find the most relevant to the least relevant sites. In summary, search engine performs the activities of crawling, indexing, processing, calculating relevancy and retrieving.

There are many consultants and agencies provide services for website owners. However if you are the owner of the website and do not wish to spend money on SEO, Google Webmaster Help Center is a good place for you.

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