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What Does Freedom Mean To You?

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Money Freedom: Some people think that having lots of money equals freedom. Do you have lots of money, but no extra time to do what you really, truly want to do because you’re spending your whole life at your job? If your answer is yes, you still don’t have true freedom!

Time Freedom: Some people think that having plenty of time to do what they want is freedom. Do you have plenty of free time on your hands, but no extra money to spend on recreation or the things that would make your life really great? If your answer is yes, you still don’t have true freedom!

financial freedom

Either way, you’re not really free are you? True freedom happens when you have plenty of money at your disposal, and plenty of time to do what you want to do. Most people are never fortunate enough to experience that perfect combination. Most people don’t have a clue how to create that perfect combination in their life.

But, there is a way to have true freedom in your life. It’s called network marketing and it can bring you the right combination of both money and time! Remember, MONEY + TIME = TRUE FREEDOM. As a different way of living, working and earning, you’re put in charge of creating the circumstances that lead to true freedom.

Are you wondering if you have what it takes to achieve the true freedom that so few people ever manage to achieve? The barrier most people come up against is that they truly don’t have a willingness to work and a drive to succeed. They think true freedom is something they want, but really they are just happy being comfortable.

Sure, it’s going to take some energy and hard work. Nothing worth doing is ever really a ‘walk in the park’. It will be worth it when you find yourself in a position to decide what you want to do, and you also have the money to do it. No one to tell you that you can’t afford it or that you can’t fit it into your too busy schedule. You’ll be making the choices.

Sound good? It is good – it’s not only good, it’s a great way to live! But you’ll never know unless you make the commitment to yourself to fulfill your dreams of true freedom.

You can get started on your new Network Marketing career as early as tomorrow. You can get everything sorted out today, and start working towards true time and money freedom. You can wake up tomorrow, look at your alarm clock, and know that it won’t be long until you can smash that alarm into tiny pieces – because you will be living to your own tune! What you say goes. You will be your own boss.

You will have broken free of the restraints most people have hanging over them their whole entire lives: no time to do the things they love, and no money to do them with.

Network Marketing is your ticket to true freedom. Click here to get to your true freedom!

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How to Use the Magnetic Sponsoring Techniques Effectively?

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So you’ve got an Network Marketing business. Great stuff. How is it going? Great? OK? Not so hot? Even if you think it’s going great, I bet you can improve on that greatness! And if it’s not going well, I know for certain that you can improve your business performance.

Simply put, you can improve your business with Magnetic Sponsoring. There is no doubt about this. If you learn the Magnetic Sponsoring system, and if you’re willing to put the effort into making some very positive changes, you’ll see positive results.

Your existing Network Marketing business can benefit from the addition of the Magnetic Sponsoring system because you’ll learn how to use attraction marketing to grow your list of prospects. You’ll also learn about funded proposals, which helps you increase your list of qualified prospects.

Cold calling, pestering your friends and family, and doing other things, like printing and posting flyers will be a thing of the past, and this is good, because those methods aren’t very effective and certainly aren’t enjoyable.

With Magnetic Sponsoring you’ll learn methods of getting leads that are effective and a lot more pleasant to use than bugging your friends and neighbors only to discover that you’ve alienated everyone who lives on your block!

Let’s look at what Magnetic Sponsoring offers:

  • Funded Proposals – The funded proposal is a way of creating an ongoing cash flow, even before you bring the first person on board for your downline, and from people who may never join your downline! Funded proposals create not only cash flow, and thus, momentum, but a list of prequalified prospects. These are people who have already shown genuine interest in your business. And they’ve already given you some of their hard-earned cash by making a purchase. So with funded proposals, you’ve got an opportunity to build an excellent list, that keeps building itself, and to earn money from those on your list regardless of whether or not they join your downline! Funded proposals are extremely effective.
  • You will learn how to brand yourself as someone worth following, turning yourself into someone who is viewed as an expert. Having expert status automatically gives you an edge with customers and prospects. They want to buy from and go into business with someone that they view as being a real expert. With Magnetic Sponsoring, you’ll learn exactly how to gain expert status on the Internet.
  • You’ll learn how to educate, train, support and encourage your downline. Without a strong leader, an Network Marketing business won’t go anywhere. When you learn how to help your downline be the best they can possibly be, everyone will benefit, including you!
  • You’ll have access to tools that will help you strengthen your business like you wouldn’t believe.

Want to learn how to build your business on a shoe-string budget?
Or about recruiting a downline of top performers?
Do you want to have a better understanding of how you can use and leverage all the tools that are offered to everyone on the web?

If you’re wondering if Magnetic Sponsoring might have some negative effects on your existing business, the answer is a great big NO! The beauty of Magnetic Sponsoring is that it can be bolted on to the side of your business and used as an additional set of very useful tools and ideas for ramping up your recruiting efforts and your cash flow.

It’s not designed to take away from your existing business, only to add value to it. It’s like giving your business a vitamin shot in the arm!

And while some of the ideas in Magnetic Sponsoring might seem a little different, they are all built around using the Internet to your best advantage.

The old days of traditional Network Marketing are gone and with them are the old ways. It’s of the utmost importance to learn how to use the Internet to help you with your business.

There is a fee online course that you can start with. It will give you the education you need to start moving your Network Marketing business into the age of The Internet. This is a fantastic starting point for using Magnetic Sponsoring to give your business an advantage and to help you create the network marketing success you desire.

Put the NET back in Network Marketing, get paid to prospect even if nobody joins your business, turn yourself into an expert and a leader, and finally achieve your Network Marketing dreams.

All with Magnetic Sponsoring.

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How To Balance Your Job and Your Network Marketing Business

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Here’s a topic that has the potential for driving some people crazy!

Balancing your Network Marketing business and your “day” job.

Once you start with Network Marketing, you just want to dump that job and put every ounce of energy you have into your new business, don’t you?

But, don’t be too quick to quit your job. You need that while you’re building up your business. It’s very important to keep that flow of income from your job coming in until your Network Marketing business income overtakes your job income.

time management

For some, this happens relatively quickly, and for others it takes more time. Right now, that job is keeping you and your family afloat while you grow your business, and remember, you need to keep things balanced.

Since you’ve chosen to start your own network marketing business, you’re obviously aware that it involves a lot of work. And you’ve probably already seen that there is huge potential for making money with Network Marketing and you’re very excited and energized to get going! You want to do everything you can to transform your growing downline into an established, profit-filled business. Great, but hold on to your hat!

It’s wise to grow your Network Marketing business to the point where it is well-established and a VERY strong money-maker before you let go of that old job. If you can be patient and work hard to get your reputation built up while growing a solid downline, you’ll be in a much better position when you finally do fire your boss. Try to think very logically and take all the necessary steps, so that when you quit things will go smoothly. Your Network Marketing career is about making your life more comfortable and successful, it’s not about making your family worry about where their next meal is coming from!

In the meantime, when you’re at your regular job, you need to be fully there. Right now, that’s your main source of income. Don’t spend your time on the job obsessing over your business. Spend your time on the job focusing on doing your best at it. Why? Because as a professional in any area, one thing you always  must do is treat any job or other aspect of your life with respect by putting your best effort into it.

Likewise, when you’re working on your new business, put yourself fully into it. Don’t worry about the things you have to do when you return to your job. Don’t give your job a thought. You’re running your business. Now is the time to do the things you’ve learned to grow your business – building lists, gathering leads, writing articles, communicating with downline members, furthering your own training and helping others learn.

It’s a balancing act, just like everything else in life. I know that the desire and temptation to quit your job is there. We all experience it and everyone is eager to be able to spend all their time working their business.

While you’re moving through this transition period, do your best to schedule time in every day to work on your Network Marketing business – a couple hours each day and then more on the weekend if possible. Yes, this is a lot of work, but if you don’t grow your business you’ll never be able to quit your job.

Consider this too: you may want to save up some extra money to help you move through the actual time that you quit your job and start spending your time solely on your business. This is an especially good idea if you have a family to help support.

This is a tough period, I understand that. You’re anxious to make the move. You’re essentially working two jobs and you’re also trying to spend time with family and friends. Do all that you can to prioritize and organize your life. Use good time management practices.

Take this time to prepare thoroughly for when you’re working for yourself so that you can make the experience a completely rewarding one. This involves being a good planner and being patient. Focus on doing your very best at what you’re doing right now. And plan ahead. Learn all the ins and outs of Network Marketing right now and brand yourself as an expert. That way, when the time comes to quit your job, you’ll be ready for running your business!

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Collect Stories, Share Stories

share story
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People like stories, instead of keep sharing or pitching your products or business opportunity, you should collect stories and share the stories. I find that this is very powerful tool especially through the collection of stories, not only we learn something from others, gain knowledge and gain insights, but we can share the stories to our prospects. By listening to other people’s story on the WHY, we should keep them in our mind. When we talk to our prospects, we may quickly search from our mind whose story is the most similar. Share with them the story and let them feel that they are not alone but people similar like them already in the boat.

Why a Senior Sales Manager join Vemma and Vemma Team Alpha?

Why a Fresh Graduate join Vemma and Vemma Team Alpha?

Why a University Student join Vemma and Vemma Team Alpha?

Why a Home Business Owner join Vemma and Vemma Team Alpha?

And this is my own story why after 2 years in Internet Marketing, I finally work with a team in Vemma and Vemma Team Alpha.

I always say HAVE FUN in using Social Media to do Network Marketing. You must know how to have fun before you can attract people to your business opportunity. Share with you a video I like most.. This video always make my day! This is one of the reason why I like my business, why I like my team and why I like Social Media. Enjoy! :)

I truly hope you get some ideas on how to expand your business and have lots of fun in your Network Marketing business.

To find out how to join us in Vemma Team Alpha, fill in the form at http://team.myvemmaonline.com and I will keep in touch with you.


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How To Balance Your Family & Network Marketing Business

work life balance
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Think about this for a moment: what are the two most important things for your future happiness? I hope you didn’t say your collection of 80′s music and your car! No! The two most important things for your future happiness are your family (which includes friends) and your business! Without these things you will be unlikely to achieve great financial success, and if you did you wouldn’t have anyone to share it with.

Because these two things are both so important to living a happy and fulfilling life, you want to make certain to give as much attention possible to each of them.

That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to properly balance your work and family life – so that you can get the most from, and give the most to, both of them.

When you think about balance, you might think about trying to keep everything perfect. 50-50. Equal. That’s good, but try to think of this instead (because it will make things easier for you) – balance is a process, and things don’t get into balance and then just stay that way. It’s something you have to work at and be willing to make adjustments to.

So I’m NOT going to tell you how to create balance and give you the idea that once you’ve done that you can forget about it. I’m going to tell you how to create balance between your family and business and then how to continually keep that balance maintained, knowing that some days might seem a bit out of whack one way or the other. It’s the overall effect of balance you’re striving for, along with making sure that the important things aren’t being forgotten.

While your Network Marketing business is critical to your future, your happiness and your financial well-being, you’re in business for the benefit of you and your family – you’re doing this so that you can achieve financial freedom, and the freedom to choose how to spend your time.

The two concepts of time management and prioritizing come into play when working to achieve business/family balance. Take time to list your priorities. Which business activities are must-do things? Which ones are things that would be nice to do and certainly helpful, but not vital to your ultimate success? Which can you outsource?

What about your family and friends – your personal life? What things don’t you want to miss out on? Going to you child’s soccer games? Taking your spouse out for a date once a week? Spending an evening with friends? Is it a priority to attend regular religious services, or to participate regularly in a hobby or club with friends. What can safely be set aside? TV watching? Can you go out one night less per week?

Take a good look at what your priorities are remembering that both business and personal life will suffer without enough attention. There will be places where you’re simply wasting time and energy. Let your family and friends know that this business is something that you must pay close attention to – help them understand what your long term goals are. But keep in mind that without family and friends, your success won’t be worth it. They need your attention to.

Now look at the time you have available to spend on both your personal and Network Marketing life. See how you can schedule your time in order to accommodate both aspects. Yes, you may have to cut some things out. You may need to consider outsourcing certain tasks, or getting up an hour early to get some work done.

Remember that balance is like walking a tight rope; you have to constantly be paying attention and making adjustments so that you don’t fall to one side.

Place proper value on both your family and your Network Marketing business and let go of the things that just aren’t important. That’s how you’ll achieve balance.

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I Want To Win Lottery!

win lottery
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What do the following things all have in common:

* Winning the lottery
* Earning millions of dollars through your career
* Inheriting a family fortune
* Recording a hit song
* Writing a bestselling book
* Creating residual income through network marketing

There may be a few similarities, but the one we’re looking at is that they can all provide you with ongoing income that you won’t have to continuously work for, day after day. You could take the money an run, so to speak!

You can use any of these methods to create the financial stability and lifestyle you want, and also to create more time for yourself and your family and the things you love to do in your spare time.

win lottery

But there is one glaring difference between creating residual income from your own network marketing business and all the other things on the list: winning the lottery isn’t easy to do, and neither is making millions at a conventional business venture, and being an heir to an immense family fortune is quite unlikely. Also, when was the last time you tried writing a hit book or song? These things aren’t easy. But creating healthy residual income through network marketing is a simple process.

Residual Income is money you get paid month after month for work you have already done. Think of how a singer gets paid royalties on their songs, or authors get money from book sales. They continue to get paid long after they did the initial work of singing the song or writing the book.

Residual Income can work for you too.

Network Marketing is a very realistic way to change your financial outlook for the better and to make your  financial future much brighter.

Think of this: If you were to go out into the big wide world and try to earn a million dollars you would probably take decades. You would work tirelessly year after year to earn as much as you could, and to save as much money as you could.

And perhaps maybe one day you would make it, and get to a $1,000,000 bank balance. The beauty of that would be the fact that you could live off the interest alone, which would amount to perhaps $50,000 a year. Could you live on $50,000 a year of free money? So all you need is the initial million in the bank right? Wrong.

Think of this: to create $50,000 per year of residual income through network marketing you would probably have to spend 3 – 5 years working part time.

You can see why so many people choose Network Marketing as their wealth strategy!

When you build a solid network marketing business and you put in the effort and energy required to get it moving, you’re doing exactly what a millionaire would do with his or her millions, or a smart lottery winner would do with their winnings. These people would take that money, invest it, and live off the earnings from the investments. But instead of investing millions of dollars you are simply investing your time.

With Residual Income you are giving yourself the gift of freedom to choose and freedom to do what works for you – business-wise, energy-wise and time-wise.

Residual income is the best kind of income you will ever earn.

Network Marketing can change your life.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big!

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Big dreamers are the ones who get big results.

Look, I know that it’s not always easy to picture yourself in the house of your dreams or your dream car (how about a Ferrari). It might seem weird to think about shopping at the best stores and never having to bother with clipping coupons or buying cheap.

But, part of winning the game and becoming the success that you want to become is allowing yourself to dream big and believing whole-heartedly in those dreams. It’s a matter of fact that people who dream big get better results than people who dream little, or don’t even allow themselves to dream. It’s a tragedy that some people really don’t think it’s worth it to imagine and think about a happier life for themselves.

dream big

Dreaming big is an important part of success for anyone. Another part of winning the game is being willing to work to make those big dreams a reality. For people who dare to dream and are willing to work a bit, success can become a reality.

We’ve all been in situations where we have to pinch pennies just to get by. That’s no fun. And it’s stressful. Wouldn’t you love to find a workable plan for getting yourself out of the penny-pinching world and into the world of financial freedom?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to have those things that you want, whether they are cars and boats or vacations or a killer wardrobe? Don’t be afraid to set your sights high – you can achieve these goals!

Just think: A life that offers you independence, the ability to make your own goals and decisions, and all that you want both materially and in terms of having the time and freedom to do what you want!

So many people feel trapped in the life of tiny dreams, coupon clipping and buying second hand. Is that you? Is that what you want for yourself? Open your mind, your imagination, your drive for success and let’s get to work. Dream big and make those dreams happen!

There is a famous saying that fits perfectly here.

“If you don’t have dreams and goals then you are probably working for someone who does”

If this rings true with you then it’s time you did something about it. You can set down your goals in stone, start working on your fortune in your spare time, and achieve them.

Fill the form to contact me today I’ll help you get set up working from home, building up a part time income that will soon overtake your full time job-income. It’s THEN that your dreams start materializing right before your eyes…

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Why Apply Magnetic Sponsoring In Your Business

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Magnetic Sponsoring is a pretty common term in the world of network marketing. Most people have heard of it. As a network marketing system that was developed by Mike Dillard, Magnetic Sponsoring has gotten a lot of press over the years since its introduction to marketers everywhere. Let’s take a look at what this program is about, what it does and why it’s different.

Magnetic Sponsoring is a solution to a problem. The problem of recruiting. That’s probably the best thing I can tell you about it. The system shows you how to create the type of life you desire through multi-level marketing by finding and recruiting great people into your business.

Magnetic Sponsoring teaches you to develop your reputation as a trusted expert in your field. This means that instead of having to chase people for the sake of telling them about your opportunity and risking irritating and alienating them, you become attractive to them as a business associate. People come to you. This solves the common problem of prospecting. You become a farmer instead of a hunter.

Think about this for a moment. One of the biggest pains for most network marketers is chasing down prospects. And cold-calling? Forget about it! The number of people on the whole planet who actually enjoy cold-calling is… well, almost non-existent! Most of us can’t stand it. So why do it?!

The basic premise of Magnetic Sponsoring is this:

  • You learn about attraction marketing, including how to effectively create an online presence that leads prospects and customers to you – you don’t have to do any chasing.
  • You learn about the funded proposal system. Funded proposals let you earn money from the beginning. This helps you sustain growth in your business from the first moment and helps you keep the momentum going during critical growing stages.
  • You learn how to use all the tools (there are a lot of them!) the Internet offers for creating your business and building your system.
  • You learn how to continue to grow your downline and business with advanced techniques.

All these things are important. But my favorites to talk about are attraction marketing and funded proposals.

Attraction marketing is such a great concept, and it works. This is not some sort of mumbo-jumbo either, it’s a specific system that can be learned and put into action for getting people to notice you and your products and opportunity. Once you have that set up people will be asking you if they can join your business!

It’s so much better doing business this way because the people who come to you are primed and ready to get started!

The other thing that I really love is the idea of funded proposals. A funded proposal is this: You offer a great quality, but fairly inexpensive product to your target market. When a customer buys this product, a couple good things happen. First you’ve gained a pre-qualified prospect – they’ve shown a genuine interest in what you’re offering and will likely also be interested in your products and opportunity. Second, you’ve made a bit of money to help pay for advertising and continuing to grow your business. For these reasons, funded proposals are very, very effective!

Add in some killer knowledge about how to use the Internet and all it’s tools to your advantage, and how to keep growing your business, and you’ve got a winner of a system. That’s why Magnetic Sponsoring is different! And that’s why you should apply it to your business!

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Why Buying Leads for Your Network Marketing Business Doesn’t Work

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The most daunting task facing anyone who has started a Network Marketing business is generating leads and then finding a way to turn those leads into customers and downline members.  Many people think that the best way to get leads, customers and downline members is to buy contact information from outside sources.  To these people, the paid lists serve as a time saver.  Instead of generating their own leads, they simply have to contact the leads they’ve bought and begin their sales pitch.  What these people don’t know is that buying sign ups, even “guaranteed” sign ups for your Network Marketing business doesn’t work in the long term.  Here’s why:

1. Often the “guaranteed” lists are full of information that is old and outdated.  Most lead generation companies simply buy leads from other companies and then re-sell them to you at a profit without taking the time to verify the information contained within the list.

2. The “guaranteed” lists aren’t always gathered in the most ethical of ways.  Likening paid lead generation companies to spammers wouldn’t be too far off base.

3. The leads you generate yourself are always better than the leads you buy.  Always.

If you want your Network Marketing business to have long term success you need to generate your own leads and sign ups.  Here’s why:

1. When you generate your own sign ups, you are putting your own reputation behind the reputation of your business.  People are more likely to trust you than the business you are running no matter how reputable the mother company for the  Network Marketing may be.  There is a reason Avon has lasted as long as it has.

2. You know what you are getting when you do your own sign ups.  By dealing with each sign up on a personal level you will be able to gauge whether or not your prospective client/employee is merely curious or is ready to be a profitable member of your team.

3. Doing your own sign ups and lead generation will save you time and money.  The relationships you build while gathering your leads are far more important and beneficial than those you buy for this simple reason: even if your original lead decides not to opt in to your business, they might be able to refer you to someone who will!

Don’t waste your money to buy sign ups for your Network Marketing business, even if they are supposed to be “guaranteed.”  Remember, just because somebody is “guaranteed” to sign up to be part of your business doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed to be an active participant!  Generating your own Network Marketing leads and sign ups is the best way to determine who is best suited to be a member of your team.

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The Secret of Passive Income

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“Do you love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s what life is made of” - Benjamin Franklin

It’s something they never teach you in school. They don’t devote even 1 single minute to it.

It’s the secret of Passive Income.

Authors understand it. Pop Stars know it. Business owners aim for it. Investors live by it. Property owners love it.

So what is Passive income? The concept is simple. Get paid even if you stop working. Earn money month after month for work you did one time! It’s the secret of the rich.

If you can earn an income that doesn’t depend on you putting in a certain number of hours at work you can have time off whenever you feel like it. You will have achieved what most people never ever get to a achieve in their lifetime: time and money freedom.

Most people either have lots of money and no free time, or lots of free time and no money. In fact, the biggest problem most people have is called “Time Poverty”. Author and Speaker Brian Tracey says “We are short of time in almost every area of our lives.”

The ideal situation you want to achieve is to have plenty of free time, and plenty of money to do with as you wish. This gives you not only the wealth but the lifestyle. Some people think it’s impossible to achieve this kind of lifestyle without a big expensive business or thousands of hours to devote, but this turns out not to be true at all!

You can build a home business with COMPANY XYZ in your spare time, and after just a few years earn enough to quit your job and go full-time (with your business) or even retire. Thousands of people have already done it!

With passive income, also known as residual income, you don’t have to earn $1,000,000 or  win the Lotto in order to live off the proceeds. Just like a property owner gets rent payments, or investors get dividends, or business owners have businesses that run themselves, and authors and musicians have royalties, your business will pay you while you sleep too. You can start building your fortune today.

There is nothing like the feeling of checking your bank balance and noticing it has gone up by THOUSANDS of dollars… which you didn’t have to work for at all that month!

This is the smart way to work. Do the necessary work one time, and get paid for it over and over again…

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