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This Is How They Do Multi Level Marketing (MLM) In Singapore


After so many times I heard my friends told me about how some people do network marketing in Singapore, I finally decided to share with you a very real experience from a very close friend. I hereby invite her to write me her own experience on how a MLM company’s representatives approached her at the underpass of a MRT station.

Go ahead to read her story and if you think to laugh, don’t control but just go ahead to laugh! However, let me tell you first, this is not a joke but her real experience.

“That was a time that I have realized that underpass is no longer a passage full with come-and-go people but also a tiny stage for street performers and also promoters.

I was caught by people standing in the underpass for the whole afternoon. This is indeed a great experience that I can share in different aspects. Should I think of why I am targeted or should they given opportunity from us to listen to them.

One afternoon, after running here and there dealing with bank problems, finally I came to the last stop. As I walked quickly pass through the underpass, 2 people stops me in front. My rushing mind became blank in a second. I have forgotten how we start the conversation but I could remember that we began with usual greeting. This seems that they were trying to minimize our gaps. Until this point, I still do not have an idea on what are they trying to tell me.

However, I continue to stay there, they have something to promote. I was not only surrounded by 2 people but a group of their colleagues. It is a kind of I at least need to know what they are blocking me for before I ask for leave.

Upon my request to give them 5 minutes time, they quickly unload my heavy bag and ask me to remove sport shoe, followed by most important, fundamental and crucial step – stand on a weigh machine. This all things were done in a short time that I have no time to ignore. Actually it is not a big deal to get more people to know my weigh as this is the usual topic with my girl friends.

From their interpretations based on my weight, I was suggested to lose weight. I was told that they have high success rate for those taking their products in cut off weigh plan. The intention to lose weight is not strong enough from the beginning until the promoter strongly emphasize on my flabby arm by touching on it. Arch, this is indeed point out my scandal.

They showed me the so-called valuable package which is approximately 3 dollars per drink that can replace actual meal that worth for the same price. From the time they keep grounding how flabby I am into my little mind, lose weigh really pass through my mind. Unfortunately, that was the last week of the month which means that I not even have enough money for my fundamental consumption. Rejection has come out from my mouth and they turn into agitate and want me to think twice. Subsequently, I really followed their request to think deeper and decide not even give the 5 dollar deposit for the 75 dollar promotion price products. Finally, I left with the promise that I will phone them if I feel regretted after leaving me by not buying the product on spot.

It sounds like the whole process would exceed 5 minutes…”

So friends, what say you? :)

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You Will Fail If You Still Using Traditional Marketing

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Your friend just introduces you a very good business opportunity, with great products and wonderful compensation plan. You can “see” the money is going to bank in into your account if you can get some people to join you. You are just so excited to share with everyone you know BUT very soon, you are not longer excited but doubt about your decision because no one want to join you. Not only they don’t want to join you but they also tell you that “this is not working, this is scam, blah blah blah…”

Sound familiar? Well, let’s assume that the opportunity is a real and genuine opportunity and not a scam. So, do you know what happened? Why you fail to get people to join you?

Let me just tell you the truth, traditional prospecting or recruiting approaches is no longer effective for trying to build your downline or organization.

Normally your company or your uplines teach you to make a list of warm market (eg. your family and friends), approach everyone you know or you meet and immediately upload your business opportunity on them. Maybe they also teach you on get the leads off the internet, call them and pitch your business.

Let’s think further about the above approaches, there are some major components that are missing from the equation.

1.    Are the people in your list including friends, relatives and strangers qualified or targeted people?
2.    Have you built any type of formal business relationship or made any connections?
3.    Are they really interested in your business and products?
4.    Are they individuals that are self motivated money makers?
5.    Do you need to convince them they need to create outside streams of income for their financial security?

The above reasons are some of the very foundational reasons why 97% of Network Marketers do not succeed. Very simple, you are targeting the wrong people and you are leading with your business opportunity before you create the connection.

Now, let’s talk about how you should be marketing and the method using by the top 3% of network marketers are using – Attracting Marketing.

Attraction marketing is where you first provide value and create relationship with your prospects. Find out what their needs are and become a problem solver, not someone trying to pitch their business at every corner. In real, people join people and they don’t join any companies. If you market yourself as a leader, your team is always looking to you for direction. If your company goes out of business tomorrow, your team will still look for you and you all would move to another money source.

However, someone following a company’s blueprint will sink with that ship if it goes down. Your MLM company as great as they are, They don’t show you how to market your business. That’s why they enrolled you! So this is even more of a reason that you must take on a leadership role.

Show your authority, expertise and reputation first, then only will people follow you in what you are doing. They’ll be wanting to join you in your business opportunity when they see that you are a person of excellence. Remember, your prospects don’t need another business pitch, they need you! If you can deliver that, you have not only targeted prospects, but individuals that now trust you and you have created the relationship or connection. Doesn’t that just make sense?

Attracting marketing is not that difficult if you have someone to show you how to do or a system that teaches you how to brand yourself while delivering 1st class value to your prospects. Top earners in Network Marketing are using My Lead System Pro to build 6 figures monthly income online and I myself am using this system too. If you are not using attraction marketing, especially on the internet, in this new age, your prospects are not going to take you seriously as a leader, nor will you attract the high quality leaders you need to grow your organizations.

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A Must Read Ebook – Network Marketing Pitfalls

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This is a wonderful ebook about Network Marketing and I must share this ebook with you with NO cost!

Network Marketing Pitfalls

I would say this is a must read if you are in Network Marketing. Just like the headline “Discover the Pitfalls & Traps in Network Marketing that You Can Avoid – Saving You TONS of Time, Money & Mistakes”. It is so true! And I can assure that after you have read the ebook, you would agree with what I said. ;)

For quick glance, you will find the following topics inside Network Marketing Pitfalls:

  • You Need to Read THIS!
  • What Network Marketing is Not
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid For Newbies
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid For Non-newbies
  • Other Common Mistakes To Avoid
  • People To Avoid At All Costs
  • Conclusion

Just grab your copy here ==> Network Marketing Pitfalls

If you want to find out more on how to correctly do your network marketing business, simply login to my Training Center below.

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Robert Kiyosaki and Network Marketing

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Do you know who is Robert Kiyosaki? He is the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and he is an American investor, businessman, self help author and motivational speaker. His three books – Rich Dad Poor Dad, Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant and Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing, have been on the top 10 best seller lists simultaneously on the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the New York Times.

Today I’m not going to discuss about Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and the other of his books but I’m going to share with you about Robert Kiyosaki and Network Marketing. Network Marketing also known as Multi Level Marketing (MLM) which I believe most of the people will try to run away when heard about “MLM”. My advice is, be more open minded and let’s see what Robert Kiyosaki says about Network Marketing.

You are going to see E/S/B/I inside the video and for your info,
E - Employee
S – Self Employed
B – Business Owner
I - Investor

Now, let’s see Why Robert Kiyosaki recommends Network Marketing especially he is not in Network Marketing Business.

I highly recommend you to watch this video if you want to switch from “poor dad” to “rich dad”. I benefit a lot from this video and I hope you enjoy too!

If you want to find out more about Robert Kiyosaki on Network Marketing – New York Times best selling author explains why everyone should own a Network Marketing business, simply get a copy by by clicking here.

Network marketing is good business, however, how to build your network marketing business correctly?

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