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Why Buying Leads for Your Network Marketing Business Doesn’t Work

The most daunting task facing anyone who has started a Network Marketing business is generating leads and then finding a way to turn those leads into customers and downline members.  Many people think that the best way to get leads, customers and downline members is to buy contact information from outside sources.  To these people, the paid lists serve as a time saver.  Instead of generating their own leads, they simply have to contact the leads they’ve bought and begin their sales pitch.  What these people don’t know is that buying sign ups, even “guaranteed” sign ups for your Network Marketing business doesn’t work in the long term.  Here’s why:

1. Often the “guaranteed” lists are full of information that is old and outdated.  Most lead generation companies simply buy leads from other companies and then re-sell them to you at a profit without taking the time to verify the information contained within the list.

2. The “guaranteed” lists aren’t always gathered in the most ethical of ways.  Likening paid lead generation companies to spammers wouldn’t be too far off base.

3. The leads you generate yourself are always better than the leads you buy.  Always.

If you want your Network Marketing business to have long term success you need to generate your own leads and sign ups.  Here’s why:

1. When you generate your own sign ups, you are putting your own reputation behind the reputation of your business.  People are more likely to trust you than the business you are running no matter how reputable the mother company for the  Network Marketing may be.  There is a reason Avon has lasted as long as it has.

2. You know what you are getting when you do your own sign ups.  By dealing with each sign up on a personal level you will be able to gauge whether or not your prospective client/employee is merely curious or is ready to be a profitable member of your team.

3. Doing your own sign ups and lead generation will save you time and money.  The relationships you build while gathering your leads are far more important and beneficial than those you buy for this simple reason: even if your original lead decides not to opt in to your business, they might be able to refer you to someone who will!

Don’t waste your money to buy sign ups for your Network Marketing business, even if they are supposed to be “guaranteed.”  Remember, just because somebody is “guaranteed” to sign up to be part of your business doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed to be an active participant!  Generating your own Network Marketing leads and sign ups is the best way to determine who is best suited to be a member of your team.