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What Is The Difference Between A Successful Business And A Failure?

Throughout the history of making money we can see many many businesses that have had wild success and many many businesses that have failed miserably. The difference between the successes and failures depends upon a number of factors, but in many cases we can see certain successful businesses that have created a “formula” that works time after time, allowing for expansion across entire countries and even the world.

Think about McDonald’s – this American business that started out decades ago selling hamburgers, French fries and milkshakes has blossomed into one of the strongest businesses in the world. What is the McDonald’s Secret To Success? You got it – a system!

Each and every McDonald’s restaurant is a franchise – which means a McDonald’s restaurant owner has paid McDonald’s corporation for the rights to run that restaurant. The owner is provided with a giant golden M to hang above the door, and a system – the same system that every McDonald’s restaurant must follow. The system is completely plug and play, and includes everything from what tables to use and how often to sweep the floor to how many seconds the fries should be cooked for and how many pieces of tomato are in every burger.

This is why a completely inexperienced teenager, with a squeaky voice and a case of acne, can get a job at McDonald’s and fill your order for a Big Mac, a side salad, a baked apple pie and a soft drink with the expertise of a brain surgeon. They follow the preplanned and ever-so-thoroughly spelled out instructions provided to them by the McDonald’s system.

Systems are powerful. Systems turn simple actions and combination of actions into profitable ventures. If you are considering starting your own business then a solid working system should be at the top of your list.

If it is true that 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years then it is also probably true that a large proportion of the remaining 10% have got their system in place. Businesses fail because they were either not proven to work in the first place, or they were not following a good enough system.

Having a system to follow is one of the main reasons that people choose network marketing as their business method of choice. Network marketing is an industry that is based on having systems and plans to follow, and this makes doing business much easier and makes success a lot easier to achieve.

Many people decide to start a home business for lots of different reasons. Some keep their “day jobs” until the home business really takes off, and work at the home business during their spare time. Some people don’t have a regular job and decide to take on a network marketing business full time. It might even begin as a hobby.

Regardless, network marketing has become the business of choice for many people because of this: there are established systems to follow – systems that work well no matter who is pushing the necessary buttons.

There has never before in history been a better time to start a business than right now, and there are no business options better for a person starting out than Network Marketing.

Find a system, work the system, reap the rewards. That’s what Network Marketing is all about.

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