If There's a will, There's a way!    is my motto.
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Things I Have Learnt For The Last Three Month

I have joined Internet Marketing for three months. Can you imagine three months ago I’m totally inactive in internet?! I just use internet for office works and seldom check emails. Although I have MSN and Friendster accounts, I seldom participate in it.

I came across some ads about Make Money Online when I surf net one day. I started to wonder What is happening in this world? Why there are people earning money through internet but I’m totally don’t know about it? I tried to look for more information about this and slowly I came to the word of “Internet Marketing”.

Without much thinking, I decided to get myself in internet marketing. The first thing I learn is “Mindset” and the right mindset is the main key of success. There are three secrets of success in IM: -

  • Right Mindset
  • Right Attitude
  • Right System

I spent time to adjust my mindset and attitude towards IM and I get a mentor because modeling is a good and fastest way to success. If you read my blog post, you should know that my mentor is Teddy Wu and I’ve joined his Apprentice Program recently.

For the last three months, I have learnt about: -

  • Internet Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google – Adwords, Adsense etc
  • Article Marketing

I also never think of I could have my own domain website and get one for my lovely Baby Moon.  I must admit that the power and will of learn is so strong that I set up the blog by myself doing step by step without any IT background.

I’m not the legend of get quick rich in three months time but I always believe in “There is a Will, There is a Way!”. I believe I can succeed one day if I don’t give up. And now I think I already have some achievements in term of my life because of my willingness to change. The achievements just couldn’t be measured by money. =)

6 Responses

  1. Cheow says:

    Hey moon,

    welcome to the internet marketing industry. Yes, you are right, the following 3 are very important:

    * Right Mindset
    * Right Attitude
    * Right System

    I encourage you to join WarriorForum.. there are tons of free and valuable tips and information to get you going in IM.



  2. Arie Wijaya says:

    Hello moon , we meet again, today i learn from you, ” there is a will, there is way” ……..

    you are good thinker, keep up a good post, i will comeback again see you

  3. Moon says:

    Hi Cheow,
    Thanks for being here. I’ve joined WarriorForum but not very active now.:P I agree that there are lots of information and tips of IM. I think I should find myself some time back to WarriorForum again. =)

    Hi Arie,
    Welcome back! “There is a will, there is a way!” is my quotation and I always believe that nothing is impossible. We should do our best and don’t give up easily. =)

  4. Felix Makmur says:

    Great advices here, Moon. I agree with you completely. If we focus on our goal and do everything that we can to achieve that, we will eventually achieve what we desire. Especially in internet marketing where huge efforts and preseverance are really improtant. This is zenmagic btw from Warrior Forum if you still remember :-)

  5. Moon says:

    Hi Felix, thanks for dropping by.. Of course I still remember “zenmagic” and feel so sorry I’m not appear at Warrior Forum for quite a while. I’m quite busy with other projects and… Haa.. Better don’t get myself excuses and should back to WF visit you old friends.. =)
    You are right and no goals are not achievable, the only thing is we shouldn’t not give up easily. My motto “There is a will, there is a way!” =)

  6. NIX74 says:

    Hi. you have good post about IM and AM. I too are learning in this area but yet to archive any results. My biggest problem is still traffic. !!
    As you say, There is a will, there is a way.
    Hope that I’ll find my way before my will dies