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Rank First Page of Google in 6 Minutes

Just a very quick sharing here. After the earlier post, I simply done a googling online and quite surprise to find that my new post “New Home Business-The Million Dollar Mom” was indexed so fast and get rank #6 in first page of Google.

The screenshot is not so clear but if see carefully still can see the wording of “6 minutes ago”. :)

3 Responses

  1. Kian Ann says:

    wow well done! next, try blogging for trending topics and you will see spikes in your traffic! :)

  2. Moon says:

    Hi Kian Ann,

    Haa.. Tried blog for trending topics before but need to find topics in IM. Recently seldom have time and difficult to blog also.
    How about you? Busy as usual? :)

  3. 6 minutes…WELL DONE! Looks like you’ve found a strategy that works well for you! Blogging for trending topics works GREAT. Did that on one of my blogs once as a test and the traffic, with NO marketing, was insane!