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No.1 in Apprentice Program by Teddy Wu

I just joined the Apprentice Program by Teddy Wu and yesterday was my first  lesson. I have introduced my friend Teddy Wu in my previous blog post, if you missed out my post about him, here I just have a simple intro about Teddy again.

Teddy Wu – A Internet Entrepreneur, a Google Adwords Qualified Professional, Advance Search Engine Marketing Skills Certified and Social Marketing Strategies Qualified.

This Apprenticeship program is an awesome program that the selected apprentices will be trained to be a Google Adwords Qualified Professional, a Search Engine Marketing Professional and a Social Media Marketing Qualified Professional. And the best part of this program is the apprentice has the chance to join him or his organization in projects or business. HOWEVER, THIS PROGRAM IS YET TO LAUNCH!

So, now you may wonder why I claimed that I have joined the program since the program is yet to launch?! Yes, I have the honour to be his first selected apprentice and I’m proud I’m the No. 1. Being the first who join the program means I must not fail myself and my mentor. I have to work hard to achieve the target and clear all the artificial barriers I have created in my own mind.

I would say that Teddy is a great mentor and he believes in “by sharing and giving, I will gain more”. In the first lesson, he shares with me his experience in the Internet Marketing, guides me the correct way of Internet Marketing and the most important, he is willing to share the tips or “unreveal secrets” that we totally could not get by self learning. As time is a factor, a correct system and guidance actually save lots of my time and by doing the correct things all the time is one of the shortcut towards success.

I wish I can share more with you all and perhaps I can also share some tips in my blog so  that all can benefits. Just for your info, my new blog is coming soon, this time I would blog about my “little baby moon”. =)

2 Responses

  1. James says:

    Way to go moon! I always believed that people who take action will become successful. Can’t wait to see your little baby moon blog

  2. Moon says:

    Hi James,
    Glad to see you here again! Yah, will let you know once my baby moon blog is ready! =)