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My First Article @ EzineArticles

Today is just happy when receive the email from EzineArticles inform me that my article has been accepted and added to the directory!
In fact, this is not my first try of article submission to them. My first article to EzineArticles about one month ago has been rejected based on their Editorial Guidelines. I promise myself that I would make my articles successfully submitted. And today, I really make it!
Many people do not know that actually an article writing is not easy for me. As a chinese educated, my composition is just good for my examination only. I like to read, but only like to read chinese articles, english actually make me feel asleep!
Today, I blog in english and even make articles submission. Why? Very simple! Because 10 Online Advertising Tools say so! I truly believe that I need to change if I want to hit my target. For what I don’t know I can learn. For what I’m not good in I can improve. If the first article take me half an hour to write, I improve myself to do it within 20 minutes for my next one.
I took my step and how about you?
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6 Responses

  1. ??? says:

    proud to be ur blog friend.. hehe

  2. eNNy says:

    cool…i oso wanna submit an article for it. ;)

  3. marytance says:

    good try!

  4. imDavidLee says:

    it’s good if u have initiatives to keep on improving…

  5. Nikki says:

    congrats on the new blog and congrats on the new article that has been approved! keep up the great work :)

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