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How To Write Chinese Words At WordPress

All the while I’m doing English blogging and although I notice I couldn’t write Chinese words at my blog I didn’t really go into this topic and find the solution. However, few days ago when I want to create a new chinese blog, I have no choice but to find the solution for it. Basically I get few ways to write Chinese words at wordpress but I’m going to share with you the easiest and most effective ways which can be done within few minutes.

Solution 1 (For advance users who understand FTP)

If you know how to use FTP, then this is the fastest way to get it done.

Follow the steps below:

1) Find the wp-config.php file from your server
2) Download to your computer (desktop)
3) Open the file as notepad
4) Find and delete the following two codes:

5) Save it back to wp-config.php file
6) Upload to the server and replace the original file

Solution 2 (Without involving FTP – For normal users)

This is another way to solve the language problem without involving FTP and changing the code. Easy to follow and recommended if you are still new in blogging.

A) Login to your cpanel and go to phpMyAdmin (if you have more blogs host at same server, you will see all databases on the left).

B) Choose the database you want to change the language.

how to write chinese at wordpress
C) Go to
(1) wp_comments
(2) Structure
(3) Tick all the “Collation” shown something other than utf8_unicode_ci
(4) Click pencil icon

how to write chinese character at wordpress

D) Change all the “Collation” to utf8_unicode_ci (the last one) and “Save”

how to write chinese words at wordpress
E) Repeat the same for wp_links, wp_options, wp_postmeta, wp_posts etc at the colume (1)
F) Done! You can now post the Chinese character or other languages at your wordpress blog

This is my Chinese website done using Solution 2.

moon loh chinese website


6 Responses

  1. Hazel Zainal says:

    Hi Moon,

    This is very informative indeed. Thanks for sharing it. I might tried this method (the simple solution anyway) just to see if it works with my blog ;D

    Hazel Zainal

  2. Moon says:

    So Hazel, are you going to write in Chinese too? Haa… This is great!

  3. Hazel Zainal says:

    Thinking of using it for other languages, but then the China market is going to open soon! :D

  4. Moon says:

    Haa yes, China is a big market.

  5. snoopy says:

    thanks for this. i solved my problem. :-)

  6. Zak says:

    Hey, thank you so much for sharing this spent a few hours trying to figure this out, option 1 did not work but 2 worked great.