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How to Make Money with Google Adsense

If you are helping Google to advertise at your website, you must already know what is Google Adsense. In case you are just very new to internet, Google Adsense is the sharing of the revenue that Google earns from Adwords by placing the ads on your site. It is a make money program that give you advertising revenue with a minimal investment in time and zero sign up cost.

To start earning with google adsense, you might need to start a website for Adsense. You can choose to sign up a free hosting accounts (eg. blogger, wordpress.com) or self-hosted website. However, before you begin your site, choose a topic that you interested in so that you will not run out of content after several weeks.

It is advisable to register at Google Adsense after you generate some contents for your website. Google might evaluate your site before they approve your adsense application. Adsense has four main type of products, that are Adsense for Content, for Search, for Feeds and for Mobile Content. Choose the most relevant product to match your site content and the chance of people click on it will be higher when they need the information.

Some tips of Success with Adsense:

  • Keep your website focused on a theme
  • Write a new page every day
  • Find your keywords – increase traffic with SEO
  • Improved your keywords
  • Increase the number of ads, but not too much
  • Always preview google ads
  • Don’t do the “what not to do” things stated in Adsense Program policies
  • Read more at Google Adsense Help Center

Make money with Google Adsense is easy but you must have patience and think long term. You need time to build the traffic and to optimize it. Try to analise what your visitors need, provide value and good experience to visitors.

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  1. Blog Tips says:

    Nice tips for adsense. Thanks for post, We need to work hard to earn with adsense.

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