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How To Create Own Animated Tag

Some friends are asking me how I create my animated tag or button as I use at my Mompreneur site. Frankly, I just learnt how to do my animated tag two months ago from a friend and she told me to use a free software – MS GIF Animator.

This is a very simple and user friendly software that allow you to create your own animated button. You just need to download the sotware from MS GIF Animator and prepare yourself the photos you want to use. You need at least two photos to make your tag animated. Once you get your photos and software ready. You can now start to create your button.

Just import your photos and set the timing on how fast you want the tag to change from picture 1 to picture 2. Within few minutes you get your own animated tag ready. :)

Suggestion: Use photos with same file sizes so that to have better quality.

Tips: You can add words or website address inside the photos using Microsoft Office Picture Manager, Paint, Photoshop or other software you are familiar with before you import them into GIF Animator.

One Response

  1. Eric Su says:

    Hmm… nice. didn’t know theres a free software that I can use to create animated pictures. thanks