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How To Balance Your Job and Your Network Marketing Business

Here’s a topic that has the potential for driving some people crazy!

Balancing your Network Marketing business and your “day” job.

Once you start with Network Marketing, you just want to dump that job and put every ounce of energy you have into your new business, don’t you?

But, don’t be too quick to quit your job. You need that while you’re building up your business. It’s very important to keep that flow of income from your job coming in until your Network Marketing business income overtakes your job income.

time management

For some, this happens relatively quickly, and for others it takes more time. Right now, that job is keeping you and your family afloat while you grow your business, and remember, you need to keep things balanced.

Since you’ve chosen to start your own network marketing business, you’re obviously aware that it involves a lot of work. And you’ve probably already seen that there is huge potential for making money with Network Marketing and you’re very excited and energized to get going! You want to do everything you can to transform your growing downline into an established, profit-filled business. Great, but hold on to your hat!

It’s wise to grow your Network Marketing business to the point where it is well-established and a VERY strong money-maker before you let go of that old job. If you can be patient and work hard to get your reputation built up while growing a solid downline, you’ll be in a much better position when you finally do fire your boss. Try to think very logically and take all the necessary steps, so that when you quit things will go smoothly. Your Network Marketing career is about making your life more comfortable and successful, it’s not about making your family worry about where their next meal is coming from!

In the meantime, when you’re at your regular job, you need to be fully there. Right now, that’s your main source of income. Don’t spend your time on the job obsessing over your business. Spend your time on the job focusing on doing your best at it. Why? Because as a professional in any area, one thing you always  must do is treat any job or other aspect of your life with respect by putting your best effort into it.

Likewise, when you’re working on your new business, put yourself fully into it. Don’t worry about the things you have to do when you return to your job. Don’t give your job a thought. You’re running your business. Now is the time to do the things you’ve learned to grow your business – building lists, gathering leads, writing articles, communicating with downline members, furthering your own training and helping others learn.

It’s a balancing act, just like everything else in life. I know that the desire and temptation to quit your job is there. We all experience it and everyone is eager to be able to spend all their time working their business.

While you’re moving through this transition period, do your best to schedule time in every day to work on your Network Marketing business – a couple hours each day and then more on the weekend if possible. Yes, this is a lot of work, but if you don’t grow your business you’ll never be able to quit your job.

Consider this too: you may want to save up some extra money to help you move through the actual time that you quit your job and start spending your time solely on your business. This is an especially good idea if you have a family to help support.

This is a tough period, I understand that. You’re anxious to make the move. You’re essentially working two jobs and you’re also trying to spend time with family and friends. Do all that you can to prioritize and organize your life. Use good time management practices.

Take this time to prepare thoroughly for when you’re working for yourself so that you can make the experience a completely rewarding one. This involves being a good planner and being patient. Focus on doing your very best at what you’re doing right now. And plan ahead. Learn all the ins and outs of Network Marketing right now and brand yourself as an expert. That way, when the time comes to quit your job, you’ll be ready for running your business!