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How To Balance Your Family & Network Marketing Business

Think about this for a moment: what are the two most important things for your future happiness? I hope you didn’t say your collection of 80′s music and your car! No! The two most important things for your future happiness are your family (which includes friends) and your business! Without these things you will be unlikely to achieve great financial success, and if you did you wouldn’t have anyone to share it with.

Because these two things are both so important to living a happy and fulfilling life, you want to make certain to give as much attention possible to each of them.

That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to properly balance your work and family life – so that you can get the most from, and give the most to, both of them.

When you think about balance, you might think about trying to keep everything perfect. 50-50. Equal. That’s good, but try to think of this instead (because it will make things easier for you) – balance is a process, and things don’t get into balance and then just stay that way. It’s something you have to work at and be willing to make adjustments to.

So I’m NOT going to tell you how to create balance and give you the idea that once you’ve done that you can forget about it. I’m going to tell you how to create balance between your family and business and then how to continually keep that balance maintained, knowing that some days might seem a bit out of whack one way or the other. It’s the overall effect of balance you’re striving for, along with making sure that the important things aren’t being forgotten.

While your Network Marketing business is critical to your future, your happiness and your financial well-being, you’re in business for the benefit of you and your family – you’re doing this so that you can achieve financial freedom, and the freedom to choose how to spend your time.

The two concepts of time management and prioritizing come into play when working to achieve business/family balance. Take time to list your priorities. Which business activities are must-do things? Which ones are things that would be nice to do and certainly helpful, but not vital to your ultimate success? Which can you outsource?

What about your family and friends – your personal life? What things don’t you want to miss out on? Going to you child’s soccer games? Taking your spouse out for a date once a week? Spending an evening with friends? Is it a priority to attend regular religious services, or to participate regularly in a hobby or club with friends. What can safely be set aside? TV watching? Can you go out one night less per week?

Take a good look at what your priorities are remembering that both business and personal life will suffer without enough attention. There will be places where you’re simply wasting time and energy. Let your family and friends know that this business is something that you must pay close attention to – help them understand what your long term goals are. But keep in mind that without family and friends, your success won’t be worth it. They need your attention to.

Now look at the time you have available to spend on both your personal and Network Marketing life. See how you can schedule your time in order to accommodate both aspects. Yes, you may have to cut some things out. You may need to consider outsourcing certain tasks, or getting up an hour early to get some work done.

Remember that balance is like walking a tight rope; you have to constantly be paying attention and making adjustments so that you don’t fall to one side.

Place proper value on both your family and your Network Marketing business and let go of the things that just aren’t important. That’s how you’ll achieve balance.