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Finally Get Paid What You’re Worth

You’ve heard it all before. Your friends have probably complained that they aren’t getting paid what they are really worth, that their boss doesn’t truly appreciate them, and that they deserve a whole lot more. You’ve probably said it yourself, “I’m worth more than what they’re paying me for this job!”

The trouble is that when you take a job your boss or the company guidelines set your wage. You have no control whatsoever over what you get paid for your time and effort. Sure, you’ll hopefully get raises if you’re well behaved, and maybe you have a union that helps to get better pay and benefits for employees, but it all just feels too much like school doesn’t it? You are told what to do, when to do it, and how much you’ll be paid. Oh, and also when you’ll be “let go” and fired. Do you really have any control?

Of course, you can be the hardest worker around and maybe get a bonus or a little extra pay for that. But still, the bottom line is that you have virtually nothing to say about how much you make for the job that you do. You accept what you are given, and that’s that.

There are many very skilled, smart and hard-working people out there who aren’t paid nearly what they are worth. Companies have costs to think about, and they want to make a profit. And don’t forget about the bonuses that the company CEOs and Board Members expect! When you factor all that in, it’s obvious that you’re not going to make as much as you should be making.

There is a saying which is true for almost every company and almost every employee: “Companies pay just enough so the workers don’t quit, and the workers do just enough work so they don’t get fired”.

This is exactly why many people make the decision to work for themselves. When you work for yourself, the profits are yours! You can keep a check on anything that gets spent, and you control how much you earn. That’s all under your control when you own your own business. You’re not at someone else’s mercy.

Owning your own business is the only real way to gain control over how much you earn.  If you want to earn more money and set your own income, not to mention your own hours and guidelines for when and how you do your work, you should look into network marketing.

You do Network Marketing every day, without even realising it. Every time you recommend a great book, or a tasty restaurant, you are promoting something. But then if your friends and family then went out and bought that book or ate in that tasty restaurant, you wouldn’t get paid a penny.

When you sign up with a Network Marketing company, such as COMPANY-NAME, you get paid every time you recommend someone to them. Signing up is easy, and you get to run your own business from your own home, earning whatever you choose.  Network Marketing is all about finding people and introducing them to a company with good value and excellent products.

Now just imagine how much you could earn if every time your friend went back to that tasty restaurant, you got paid. How many people would you recommend? This is exactly the same in Network Marketing. Every time the people you recommend re-use and re-order the products, you get paid. This is called “residual income”.

Earning residual income (money you get paid whether you work or not) is what will provide you with the ongoing funds to both run your business and live a life of more freedom, less stress and more profits for your hard work.

As long as you are willing to use your time and energy to build your network marketing business, working with the right team of people, you’re going to find that you can get paid what you’re worth – like no job you’ve ever had before in your life!

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